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By: DarkDragonFlamingIce

It was a bright and sunny day, the birds were singing and the bees were buzzing. Not only was it a nice and hot day but…

"There is absolutely nothing to do!"


Name: Akemi Tsukiko

Age: 15 going on 16

Gender: Female

Hair Dark brown with strands of light brown on the left side of bang, usually down and goes to waist. Bangs are parted on the right side and go to chest.

Eyes: Light brown with a little red.

D.O.B: July 30

Favorite Food: HAS A LOT!

Least Favorite Food: Cooked broccoli

Favorite Color: Silver

Least Favorite Color: Pink and Yellow

Family: Was an Orphan, her parents were never found.


"We all know how you feel…" said Moriko sitting on the grass.


Name: Moriko Kasumi

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Hair: Black and goes to shoulders, almost always up and in different styles.

Eyes: a slightly lighter shade of green.

D.O.B: April 19

Favorite Color: Blue and Green

Least Favorite Color: Yellow and Orange.

Favorite Food: Beef Ramen.

Least Favorite Food: Unknown

Family: Her mother is almost never home and she never knew her father. Her older siblings left home possibly the country.


"Ah! Shut up already! You two have been complaining for hours. Take some action already!", yelled Suzu who kicked grass there way.


Name: Suzu Takaru

Age: 17

Gender: Female

Hair: Black that goes past the middle of her back and is usually in a high ponytail.

Eyes: Dark blue

D.O.B.: January 16

Favorite Color: Black

Least Favorite Color: Pink, Yellow, and Green.

Favorite Food: Sushi

Least Favorite Food: Carrots

Family: A father who is a business man and an older sister that is never home.


Akemi could only frown as she sat in the cool grass. They've been taking a long walk around the town to find nothing they haven't done. The park was filled with kids flying kites and throwing Frisbees to there doggies. Moriko's green orbs looked in a distance to find a store that looked familiar.

"HEY! I know what we're going to do today guys!" Moriko pointed out the store.

They both looked at the store and smiled, "Sounds good to me!" agreed Suzu.

"Whooo Hooo let's go!" Akemi stretched her arms out getting up.

"Let's just go already." Suzu said already walking away.


Once they entered the store a disturbance was in the air. Someone was stalking them and they didn't like it.

The store was filled with comic books and manga as far as the eye could see… or at least to the end of the building. There was also action figures, this was an Otaku's paradise. They quickly entered the manga section, Akemi hurried to see if there was the volume of Naruto she needed for her collection and it was a success! While the others were looking at others Akemi quickly bought her book.

"Akemi, why do you always get Naruto books?" Moriko asked as she took the book from Akemi's hands.

Suzu whispered, "She's obsessed…"Akemi's face quickly turned red with embarrassment, "There's nothing wrong with liking a good manga! But… In some ways I feel like I have some kind of connection…""Yeah…-cough- an obsession…"

"Why YOU-"

An unknown voice entered the conversation, "Hey Ladies, I knew I'd find you girls here…."

They froze in there tracks, Oh why him dear god WHY!? they wondered. They turned around to face him… The one and only Comic Geek Guy, CG for short. (They didn't bother to learn his name.) He was a strange looking guy and that was nothing but the truth. He had thick glasses and lets just say a 'bumpy' face, a lot of people try not to "Accidentally" call him pizza face. He wasn't tall, short, fat or skinny, he was shapes… He always happened to be at the placed they were ALL THE TIME! These 'coincident' were getting annoying. He took a step forwards while they took a step back.

"AH! MY EYES ARE BURNING!" Moriko screamed before falling on the floor.

Suzu tired to catch her but ended up falling with her. They both crawled away and in another section of the store slowly while Akemi just glared.

"So Akemi, that just leaves you and me," he said with a creepy smirk.

A chill went down her spine, those traitors! "Ah, nice talk me, myself and I are going to be going, later!"

She turned around and started to walk away until a hand grabbed her wrist, CG's grip tightened.

"I don't think you want to go anywhere, it's either come with me or else…"Akemi tired not to laugh, she once beat up a guy ten times his size before, "Well let's see. I pick else!" She taunted.

A vain popped out of his head, "Brother it's time!"

A shadow suddenly over took Akemi. She turned around and squeaked. A CG look alike except less dorky cracked his knuckles, the problem was he was ELEVEN times bigger then CG and not much better looking. Sweat began to form on her forehead, "Y-your brother?"

The Comic Geek's Brother (CGB) spoke.

"So this is the girl you've been stalking?" CGB asked rubbing his chin.

"Shut up! Don't say that to loud," yelled CG.

Akemi stomped on CG's food and elbowed him in the stomach, he feel back clenching his stomach while hopping on one foot. While CGB was surprised Akemi kicked him in the stomach only to end up bounching back and falling on the floor. Note to self, always go for the lower area in desprate times. Before she could get up she was dragged out of the store without being seen and into a near by ally. CGB pushed her against the ally wall. Akemi attempted to get away and yelled for help.


"Shut it bitch!" CGB yelled. She was roughly pushed against the wall.

While she slid down to the ground CG began to argue with CGB,

"You idiot! You're not suppose to hurt her!"

"Well maybe if she wasn't-"

While they were arguing Akemi attempted to get up.

----------Akemi's thoughts-------------

Ouch… Why isn't anyone here to help me?! Does anyone even notice… Where are my friends?

It has always been like this, I'm just surprised of how weak you are even after all these years….

Akemi's eyes widen, was she hearing things or was there an unknown voice in her head.

W-who the hell are you!?

Are you stupid? I'm you… Yeah YOU!

Me? If you're me… then didn't you just call yourself stupid?

I think I hit the wall harder then I thought.

NO! I really am you… Well sort of, I'm like your split personality… Yeah…. YEAH that's it! I'm the other you. The names Dark and the other idiot is Light, YOU woke me up when you began to cry like a baby, I can't believe you can't take on these idiots.

Akemi was caught off guard, You're saying there's another personality in me other then YOU!? I must be crazy… AND I WAS JUST SO SURPRISED OKAY! I mean have you seen this huge guy's face!?

I guess you really are crazy…Don't worry little one, I'll take care of them since -cough- you can't… I'll let you sly this time now move over! The darkness is taking over.


The brotherly fighting ended when Akemi slowly stood up, a smirk formed as a shadow covered the upper part of her face. Her eyes seem to glow and almost seemed red like burning fire. She brushed her bangs back with her hand , "Hey, you assholes! Yes, I'm talking to you two. Time for a real beating…"

The larger brother laughed and that only made Akemi's eye twitch, she clentched her fist and the wind seemed to pick up. A dark aura surrounded her.

"No one, and I mean NO ONE laughs at me and lives to laugh another day!"

Before the two can say anything she jumped in the air and kicked the larger brother in the face knocking him roughly against the ground. He turned over and spit out blood while coughing. The stunned CG gasped as his mouth hung open. Akemi held CGB up by the collar, "What do you have to say for your self fool…"

CGB's eyes widen, "I-I-I'm Sorry."

A darker smirk itched her lips, "Not good enough." and with that a gust of wind threw him to the end of the ally. She turned around to see CG trying to sneak away. He turned around to see she wasn't there and ended up bumping into her. He feel to the ground and crawled back, "H-how did you do that?!"

"You shouldn't worry about that… You should worry about what I'm going to do to YOU, and it's going to be worse then what you where going to do to me…"

A loud scream echoed through out the ally.


Akemi entered the store bursting with laughter, everyone only stared at her strangely.

What was with the evil laugh?

Oh, come on… Don't tell me you never wanted to try it out.


Akemi, who was now back to normal, walked over to her friends who sighed at the sight of her. Moriko ran up to her and began to shake her, "WHERE THE HECK WHERE YOU!?"

Suzu joined them, "Yeah, we've been looking for you!"

Akemi smiled a little, I guess they were worried about me…

Suzu spotted something on Akemi's hand, "Is that blood?"

"Hu? Oh I must have got cut when I…. Fell.. Yeah fell…"

Moriko frowned, "Be more careful next time!" And with that she wacked her in the back of the head.

In the end Akemi chased Moriko around the store while Suzu chased Akemi trying to calm her down. The Store Manager threw them out shaking his head. This wasn't the first time this happened….The three were sitting at the sidewalk and were a little bruised, they were literally thrown out of there favorite store.

"Three whole weeks! Three torturous weeks!" Yelled Akemi after getting kicked out AGAIN!

"YOU shouldn't have been running around the store then!" Suzu yelled, she turned to Moriko, "And YOU shouldn't have hit her!"

Moriko only turned the other noticed something in Moriko's hands, "Where did you get that from?"

"Hu? This? Oh, I was holding it when we got thrown out. I was going to use it to fend you off."

They all examined the book, it had weird symbles on them and it was in a different language. Suzu looked at Moriko, "Well… Open it!"

"Ah… Okay if you say so."

She openned the book up and suddenly a weird swirling vortex of terror was sucking them in. They all screamed but it soon ended as they vanished without a trace.

The three began an adventure into a new world, the path of a Shinobi.


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