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Dark Thinking

Light Thinking

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The Vortex

Akemi whipped her eyes and lay on the roof flower to watch the clouds go by, her eyes were a little red from crying. Her eyes were lifeless as she watched the clouds wonder by. Suddenly, the door busted open and revealed Moriko.



Moriko blinked and noticed she's been crying, "I have good news! Suzu's an idiot!"

"That's nice…"

Moriko frowned and sat next to her, "I talked to Kakashi, and he explained to me what happened."

Akemi flinched at the name and turned over, "Oh really?"

"Yeah, he told me it was a big misunderstanding! When Suzu asked if he liked you he was going to say 'No, I'm actually in love with her!' but Suzu interrupted him of course!"

Akemi was silent for a second before sitting up, "Are you sure?"

"Sure? He told me himself! I wouldn't lie!" Moriko sad giving the thumbs up.

Akemi blinked before blushing, "He said… He said he loved me!?"


Akemi covered her blushing face before quickly standing up, "ACK, I forgot he's going on a mission! I better go find him before he leaves!"

"Ah, I don't think you need too much excitme-" but before Moriko could finish Akemi ran off.

Sigh, "What am I going to do with those two?"

Akemi was running towards his house, her limbs where heavy and the world seemed shaky but she didn't care, she had to see Kakashi! While she was running she ended up tripping and landed on the ground with a THUMP!

"Oooow that sucked…."

A few people asked if she was okay while some just stared. She quickly got up and tried to regain her balance, "Thank you but, I have to go!" and she was off again.

She soon reached his house and knocked on the door, "Kakashi! Its Akemi open up you perv!"

Silence, she looked around and found the place where the spare key was and quickly opened the door to find he wasn't there, "DAMN IT!"

I guess you're going to have to check one of the gates…

I know I know! Shut up!

She then ran off again. I'm so tired but, I can't give up!

Akemi was running towards the main gate before resting against a building, I'm so close, I can't give up!

Akemi took a couple steps before losing her balance and falling over, Ack.

I can't get up this time damn it! I have to see Kakashi! The world began to spin and slowly became blurry till she was covered in darkness.

Tsunade was out looking for the girl, I can't believe she woke up and ran off somewhere again. She couldn't have gone far that brat. From the corner of her eye she saw Akemi lying on the ground at the edge of a building. She sided and picked the girl up walking past the corner to see the gate and Kakashi.

Might as well kill two birds with one stone.

"Kakashi!" She called.

Kakashi was just about to leave till he heard a female voice, "Oh, Tsunade." He then noticed she was carrying a certain someone, "Akemi?"

"Yeah, the idiot ran off after just waking up. Saying she had to see you right away and ended up fainting. Also Sarutobi wanted me to give you this." Tsunade handed him a scroll.

"Thanks let me see her for a moment." Tsunade rolled her eyes and handed her over.

I feel nice and warm Akemi though before realizing she was sleeping. She quickly opened her eyes to find she was in someone's arms, without seeing their face she yelled, "DON'T RAPE ME YOU PERVERT!" while punching him in the face. Akemi looked up to see who she just punched and her mouth dropped.

Tsunade on the other hand tried not to hold back her laughter while Kakashi's eye twitched. "Sorry Kakashi!"


Akemi blushed and grabbed his hand, "I-I just wanted to say good luck and come back soon!" She said smiling, "And..." She looked over at Tsunade for a second, "Red Carnations."

Kakashi smiled and patted her on the head, "I'll be back soon don't worry."

After a few good byes he left and Tsunade stood behind Akemi, "Now that this is over, it's time to go back to the hospital young lady." she said in a creepy voice.

Akemi felt sweat drops going down her face, "uhhh."

"So you gave me a fake crystal?" Sarutobi asked holding the fake one and real one.

Akemi blushed, "I have no idea this was going on… One of them must have switched it while I wasn't awake. Sorry."

Tsunade sighed, "Truthfully, I think this might have saved you, there's no way you would have survived after losing so much blood and your wounds closed pretty fast too…"

"The point is, you better get those two in control before we have to do something about it," The Hokage explained.

Akemi gulped, "O-okay…"

You idiots got me in trouble AGAIN!


Pfffht, if it wasn't for us you would have died…


Akemi was walking away from the Hokage's office crystal less, this time for real! Ordered to go back to bed OR ELSE! As she was fighting in thought she lightly bumped into someone, "Oh sorry-" She cut herself up to star face to face with Natsumiku. Greaaat Crazy is here to take me in.

Natsumiku's face turned into a twisted smirk, "I heard you where in a terrible incident and lived… Tooo bad."

"What are you doing here?" Akemi hissed.

"Me? Oh, you haven't heard? I'm here to collect what rightfully belongs to my land."

"The Hokage wouldn't do that! We have no idea what it even does!"

"He has no choice, it has always belonged to the Land Hidden in the Sky, that's where it was made." Natsumiku said with her continuous smirk.

"But we found it here so it obviously didn't always belong there!"

Her smirk turned to a frown, "That's not how my people see it. Now run along kiddy before you get hurt. Your little toy Kakashi isn't here to protect you anymore."

"One: Kakashi isn't a toy! …. Unless you're talking about my stuffed puppy Kaka-Chan... Act like you didn't hear that… Two I can't believe I actually admitted that. Three: You're an idiot! And four: I don't need anyone's help to kick your butt!"

"Hum, I do not need your little squalling, this has nothing to do with you any more, thief." She finished with a frown before turning and walking away.

Akemi twitched, what am I going to do? If I pull another klepto stunt I'll be in some serious trouble.

True, you'll probably be thrown out.

Possibly killed…



Maybe… Possibly...


Akemi looked out of the window and noticed it was still early, Moriko and Suzu are busy… and Oh, I want to see Kakashi.

"Miss Tsukiko I assume?" said a familiar deep voice.

Akemi snapped out of it and gasped, "Ryou Matsumomo?" Moriko's stalker!

Ryou weakly smiled, "Yes… Natsumiku told me you were the one who stole the Crystal."

Akemi glared, "Yes, and she doesn't deserve it! She stole it from me first!"

"I know!" Akemi looked surprised, "Natsumiku ended it up with it one day and suddenly her personality changed, she has become darker…. She desperately wanted that crystal it almost drover he crazy…"

So I was right, she did lose her screws… Akemi frowned, "Why are you telling me this?"

"I cannot go against my village or Natsumiku… I will probably be killed if they found out I told to this… but, tomorrow Natsumiku and I will be leaving with the crystal and back to our village… You have to stop her before it drives her mad! I can't go against Natsumiku… That thing only brings pain…"


"… Really?" Ryou asked amazed, "You're going to help me?"

"Yeah, because it's the right thing to do," Ryou's eyes brightened, "And I also want to kick Natsumiku's butt!"

Sweatdrop, "If you where Moriko I would so kiss you right now!" Ryou said with a big grin.

Nervous sweats went down Akemi's skin as she took step back, "Please don't say things like that ever again…"

Akemi was lying in her own bed again. I have to get sleep and prepare for tomorrow… She turned in her bed. Not as comfy as Kakashi's bed… Akemi's face lit up as she thought of Kakashi and quickly hid her head. What am I going to do when I see him in a few days? How do I act in front of him again? How can I tell him how I feel? S-should I kiss him? All these thoughts ran though her mind.

You should just grab him and throw him in your bed room then rip of his cloths and then- Suddenly, Dark's images went through Akemi's mind of her and Kakashi.

EEP! NO WAY! STOP PUTTING THINGS IN MY HEAD, you pervert… Way too soon.

Not that you haven't thought of it before.


But we're in your head, we see what you see and we see what you think…


Akemi sunk more into her covers as her face brightened, Shut up! I need to sleep!

Moriko was walking in the woods again hopping for some sort of sign, she needed the sign of him. She needed to see him. She kneeled down near a tree. Where are you? Every time I feel this way you always come to save me! Itachi I need you… She looked up to see a tree leaning towards her.

"It's okay… I-I'll be okay… I will see him soon! I know I will…" was all Moriko said before she walked away.

"I have too…"

It was early in the morning, Akemi got up super early to prepare for battle! Sort of, as she stretched and walked towards the door a voice stopped her.

"Where are you going? It's way too early and you're sick!" Suzu said hitting her on the head.

Akemi rubbed her head, "I'm just going for a walk…"

Suzu sighed, "Okay… But I need to ask you something…"

Akemi blinked, "Ah okay what?"

"How do you feel about Kakashi?"

Akemi was a little taken back and she looked down embarrassed, "Well… I l-love him…"

"How do you know that?"

"Ah, you see… At first I didn't notice till we hung out but… He's actually quite nice and gentle when he can be. Calm and collective. Sometimes serious but sometimes the opposite!" She laughed, "H-he actually worried about me and out of everyone he noticed I was down and picked up my pieces..."

Suzu leaned in more closely.

"He always says the right words to me… and when he says it… It makes me feel good. The way he says my name… Soon I crave his existence even more in my life… I feel light and warm when he's around, all I hear is him out of everyone else, and I can't help see him out of everyone else… He's always on my mind… I really do love that pervert." Akemi explained blushing.

Suzu remained silent while staring at Akemi intensely before finally speaking, "Do you think I'll ever feel that way about someone."

Akemi smiled, "Of course! You're a great person but, you just pick a guy on their looks! Try getting to know someone first." Akemi laughed, "Well I have to go later!"

Suzu sighed at sat near the window looking out at the sunrise, "I guess I can try that…"

Kakashi finished his mission early, it took him all day and night but it was done… He was heading towards Konoha tried, hungry, and excited. Many things were going through his mind but only one person came up… As he jumped from tree to tree, knowing how close he was drove him to speed up.

"Red Carnations."

Akemi didn't have much to waste, as she reached a gate she saw Natsumiku and a nervous Ryou sanding near it. Ryou looked around and Natsumiku hissed at him.

"What are you so jumpy about?! We have it okay let's leave…"

"Natsumiku-san, you've changed... Are we going straight to the village?" asked Ryou.

Natsumiku held the crystal close, it shined for a second, "Village? Oh, Sure Ryou… Sure…"

"Like I'm going to that damned place again…"

"Did you say something?" Asked Ryou looking at her suspiciously.

"What are you talking about? I didn't say anything," Natsumiku said giving him the eye.

Ryou coughed, "Oh, nothing…" Where is Akemi!?

Just as they were about to reach the gate a kunai struck their path. Natsumiku glared up at a nearby tree.

"Well if it isn't the thief…"

Akemi jumped in their path, "You're not going to get away that easily."

"You already lost Akemi, there's nothing you can do. Well, without breaking the law that is."

Akemi smirked, the only thing I'm going to break is your face!"

Natsumiku hid the crystal in a pouch, "I've been waiting to do this but, let's go where no one can interrupt us…"

Akemi's eyes burned red, "Let's just get this over with."

(I'm sorry, I'm not very good at fighting scenes…)

Moriko sleepily walked into the main room and yawned, "Good morning, is Akemi awake yet?"

Suzu blinked, "No… Maybe she's just sleeping in because of the injury…"

Suddenly, a horrible feeling was at the pit of her stomach, Moriko walked over to her room and peaked in, "Oh fuck, she's not here!"

Suzu practically spit out her drink, "WHAT!?"

"Am I not speaking English!? She's. NOT. Here."

Sweatdrop, "Shut up… Anyways let's go find that idiot!"

"Ah, I'll meet you there… I have to stop at a place really quick! So I'll see you in a bit!" Moriko said running out.

"WAIT!" Suzu reached for the door, "We don't even know where she's at…"

Akemi landed on the ground hard as she gripped her side. Her face had some dirt spots and all the action began to hurt her wound. She was breathing a little heavily, she had a few cuts from kunai's and bruises and Natsumiku was the same but she had more energy, luckily Dark remembered some jutsu's and among other things to keep Akemi on top of things. Light would be the one to dispel genjutsu's and point out where Natsumiku was. Truthfully if it was Akemi alone fighting she would have been dead long time ago. Thankfully she had Dark and Light, who remembered a few things. Akemi quickly got up while still holding her side. It was starting to bleed.

Just great, not only am I not going to hear the end of this from Dark and Light I'm bleeding even more.

You owe us for keeping you alive till now…

Just focus already!

Akemi quickly dodged an overly large shuriken by rolling to the side. As all this was going on Ryou only watched and winced, he couldn't do anything without going against his village and it killed him as he watched a girl he asked for help get beaten. His eyes widen as Natsumiku began to form some hand seals. Damn it!

Akemi was amazed as Natsumiku was hovering in the air. She then remembered of how Kakashi mentioned they knew a special jutsu that made it look like they were flying like angels.

YOU IDIOT! Pay attention!

She's going to perform a Ninjutsu!

Natsumiku smirked, "Doto: Retsudo Tensho!"

Suddenly the earth under Akemi began to twist inward, Oh fuck.

Suddenly she performed a shadow clone jutsu and it threw her up in the air towards Natsumiku. She was caught off guard and didn't react fast enough as Akemi tackled her. They both landed on the ground very hard. Akemi's soar body rolled off of Natsumiku, she tried to get up but her body was still in a little shock. Not only that but her other wound was bothering her. I need to escape! She said getting up. Akemi looked over and noticed Natsumiku was actually unconscious. Yes! An opportunity! As she got up she noticed Ryou wasn't around. Her eyes quickly scanned the training ground and noticed another lifeless body near the swirling pit where Natsumiku tried to kill her.


Moriko had to look one more time. She went to where they always meet, Itachi, please be here… I need to see you, I need to talk to you! She ran the whole way and took a few deep breaths before falling to her knees, "What am I doing?" I'm not going to find him am I? She asked herself.

"Moriko…" Said a voice among the trees.

Moriko's eyes widen as she looked up and saw him, "Itachi? Itachi!" Moriko got up and grinned.

Itachi jumped down and let Moriko hug her, "Sorry it's been a while. I've been caught up in a few things."

Moriko smiled sadly, "I see…"

Itachi looked at her, he brushed the strands away from her face before bending down to place a kiss on her lips. She blushed and returned the kiss, Itachi wrapped his arms around her to put more passion in it. They finally parted and Moriko slowly forgot what she was going to tell him. You idiot! You're having his child!… Moriko snapped out of her gaze.

"I have something to tell you!"

Itachi looked a little interested, "Go on."

Moriko's face became red, how am I going to say this? "You're my baby's daddy." she unintentionally blurted out, great I made myself look like an idiot.

That sentence made Itachi chuckle and worry on the inside, "What?"

"I'm sorry, I mean… I'm going to have your kid!"

Itachi looked at her a little confused, "…What?"

Moriko palmed her forehead, "We did it and I'm pregnant now!"

The news slowly soaked into Itachi's brain, he was going to have his own little Itachi with the girl he loved. Not only that but when he dies his child will secretly be his legacy. He only wrapped his arms around Moriko before pulling her into a warm hug. Moriko was a little confused but she hugged back, does this mean its okay? Yaaay! A grin formed on Moriko's face as she hugged him. Nothing can go wrong now!

Suzu smelt the air, Akemi's blood!? What did she do now!? Suzu was about to run till she ran into a group of people. She was about to fall back till someone caught her.

"Will you watch where you're going!?" Yelled Ino rubbing her head she looked and saw Suzu, "Oh its Suzu, how are you?"

"I'm good I'm kind of in a hurry sorry…" Suzu got up and looked back to see Choji had caught her, "Oh thank you… ah… What's your name?"

"Choji Akimichi."

Suzu saluted him, "Well Choji, I owe you yet again! Later!"

The three looked at each other, "She's sure in a hurry…"


Akemi looked over at Ryou and began to shake him, "Wake up you idiot!"

Akemi… That's not how you wake an unconscious person…

SO, Moriko and Suzu do that to me all the time!

Ryou twitched and let out a painful moan.

He's alive! Now run before Crazy wakes up!

I can't just leave him here!

Ryou's eyes slowly open and he saw Akemi, his eyes widen, "Y-you idiot! R-run before she wakes up!"


Shut up!

"I'm not going to just leave you here hurt!" Akemi said wanting to smack him.

"I'll be fine! Just go, Natsumiku will hunt you down!"

Akemi was a little hesitant but she nodded and ran off. I hope he'll be okay…

If not, oh well.

That's not nice…

Akemi ran towards the village, hopefully Natsumiku won't be waking up to fast…

Damn, my body hurts…

You did just recover from a fatal stab wound.

Yeah but, why am I always the one getting wounded? (Looks at DDFI. DDFI smiles, I'm sadistic? Ignore…)

Would you be happy if anyone else got hurt?


Good, then shut up about it.

While she was thinking she didn't notice Kakashi. Kakashi was walking around as he handed the mission paper work over to the Hokage. He did it extra fast to see a certain someone. As he was walking the certain someone walked past him as if he wasn't even there but, he wasn't concerned about that, he was more concerned about how beat up she looked.


Akemi's eyes widen as she heard his voice, of all times! "Kakashi?" She looked up at his masked face.

Kakashi put his hands on her shoulders, "You look like a mess... Are you alright?"

Akemi blushed, "Ah, Yeah I just fell off a roof again! I swear those things hate me with a passion and why I was on a roof? Well… A black cat crossed my path so I had to use the roof!"

You're an idiot.

Kakashi gave her a stern look, "Yeah, now what really happened?"

Akemi nervously laughed, "Well, I'll tell you in a more private place?"

Kakashi looked around and people where everywhere, "Alright let's go."


"Is that blood?"

"Hu? Oh, it's alright it stopped bleeding now," Akemi said looking at her side.

Kakashi shook his head, "We should go to the hospital."

Akemi sighed, I knew he'd say that, "I'm really fine, I'm just a little soar… I got in a fight with Natsumiku…"

"Again?" Kakashi said raising an eyebrow.

"No, I mean we didn't argue we actually fought, one on one."

Kakashi's eyes widen a little, "Why would you do something like that?"

"Well, I wanted to… and it was requested… "Akemi said not wanting to say anymore.

"We should go to my apartment to treat your wounds and talk about this."

Akemi blushed and nodded, "O-Okay…"


Suzu ended up at a training ground, she looked out from the bushes and saw that one lady named Natsumiku. She was slowly getting up and rubbing her head.

"Damn it! I'm going to get that girl if it's the last thing I do!" Natsumiku yelled. She searched her clothing and her eyes widen, "T-the crystal!"

A boy slowly got up, Ryou? The one obsessed with Moriko? "Natsumiku-san? Are you alright?" Ryou asked limping towards the beaten up lady.

"Do you think I'm alright!? And you didn't even stop that girl!" Yelled Natsumiku.

Ryou looked down ashamed, "I-I'm sorry I was unconscious too…"

"Toughen up! Let's go find that witch!" Natsumiku hissed.

Suzu's eyes narrowed, she could smell Akemi's blood around the place and the lady was really suspicious… I'll follow her just in case she does find Akemi.


Akemi blushed as Kakashi healed her wounds with a few basic jutsu and some ointment and bandages. She got an odd pleasure out of it. He would stop the pain then would rub ointment on the wound, he would touch her gently but it made her tingle a bit. Her face lit up for she had to lift her shirt up a little for him to get to some cuts. Suddenly he leaned over her shoulder.

"Does it hurt anymore?" he asked.

Akemi was too flushed to talk, she only shook her head. Kakashi smirked under his mask and put his arms around her waist and pulled get gently against his chest. Akemi felt her face heat even more up, she turned around and faced him. She sat to where she was at his eye level, her fingers touched the edge of his mask. Instead Kakashi grabbed her hand before she could pull down his mask. Akemi suddenly regretted it...

"I-I'm sorry I didn't mean too-"

Kakashi chuckled and covered her lips with his finger. Akemi quickly shut her mouth as Kakashi pulled the mask off himself. Akemi's eyes widen, he was of course even more handsome then she could even imagine. He looked surprisingly young too. A smirk formed on Kakashi's face as he watched her stare. He gently lifted her chin and stared her straight in the eye. Akemi slowly relaxed, if any of you guys say anything and ruin the moment I will kill you.



Akemi's eyes slowly closed as Kakashi slowly leaned in till their lips locked. At contact an instant rush went though out her body, all these emotions where exploding. His lips were soft and had this taste that put a pleasure on her taste buds. Kakashi pulled her closer to put more pressure on their affair. Just as soon as it was getting good someone knocked on the door. Kakashi twitched as he pulled away, Akemi pouted at the lessened contact. Kakashi put his mask back on before giving her a small peck on the lips. He got up and answered the door.


Finally, took you long enough.

Akemi frowned, shut up!

Even I was beginning to wonder when you'd get it over with.


"Suzu?" Akemi blinked.

Suzu ran up to her and held her shoulders, "That one lady Natsumiku is after you, she's nearby!"

Akemi's eyes widen, she's already so close.

"You still didn't explain why you guys where fighting," pointed out Kakashi.

Nervous sweat went down Akemi's head, "Well, this is why…" Akemi showed the crystal.

Suzu and Kakashi's eyes widen, "What the heck!?"

"Akemi…" Kakashi began, "Why do you have that?"

"Cause, it belongs to me! I found it first and she stole it," explained Akemi.

Suzu glared at the crystal, "I don't like it… There's this evil feel to it."

"Ryou told me Natsumiku began to act crazy when she had it for a little while," noted Akemi.

Suzu raised an eyebrow, "… Is that why you have two people in your head?" Even Kakashi looked at her.

Akemi blushed, "Well, no. I had them even before I found it… But they hold back the power it omits so I won't be affected…."

Hahaha, I guess you just passed up a good excuse of why you're crazy.

She just can't lie to her friends!

Light has a point I can't lie to them!

More like you haven't thought of that idea.

"Akemi are you talking to them again?" asked Kakashi has he waved his hand in front of her.

Akemi blinked, "Ah… Maybe? I can't help it. They're always there, think what I think and know what I know EVEN SEE WHAT I SEE. It's like Moriko and Suzu but even worse!"

Suzu narrowed her eyes at her while Kakashi nodded.

"So, since the crystal makes everyone crazy except me I decided to take it back," finished Akemi.

Kakashi sighed, "You know you probably broke the law."

Sweatdrop, "I figured."

"Jeez Akemi, you always get in trouble," commented Suzu, "Like that time you beat up that one kid and went to jail."

Kakashi gave Akemi a weird look, "WELL he was the one who started it! I wouldn't have beat him up so bad if he wouldn't stop bugging me."

Suzu shook her head, "Have you ever thought maybe that guy liked you?"

Akemi's eye twitched, "You mean out of affection he beat me up with his gang of idiots?"

"Well, I guess you're right."

"Natsumiku will certainly rat you out to the Hokage, so we should go to him as soon as possible to explain the situation," said Kakashi.

"I don't know if he'll believe me. Ryou's Natsumiku's servant, he's the only one that noticed her change."

"Then you should get Ryou to explain then."

Akemi sighed, "Impossible, he's afraid of Natsumiku and afraid of 'going against' his village."

Kakashi rubbed his chin, "Well, considering Natsumiku's mental health I'm sure his village will understand. Maybe the Hokage can even convince them."

"Maybe Moriko can ask him, he's like obsessed with her right?" Suzu added.

"That's true… Maybe it will work, where is Moriko anyways?"

Suzu rolled her eyes, "She said she was going to meet up with us… but she didn't. I have no idea where she is at… She probably went to the forest…" she emphasized.

Akemi blinked for a moment before realizing what she said, Itachi…

Kakashi only shrugged it off, "Well, I think we should go inform the Hokage and-"

"WAIT!" Akemi interrupted, "I have to get Moriko, and she might cross that crazy lady!"

"You can't go alone, I'll go with you," said Kakashi.

"I'll go with her, I'll find Moriko fast and plus. The Hokage trusts you, I'm sure he'll believe you more," said Suzu.

Kakashi sighed, "Is there any way I can convince you two?"

The two shook their heads.

"Fine, if I don't see you guys soon I'm going after you."

Moriko sitting happily talking to Itachi, who quietly listened and nodded. Suddenly his eyes darted to the side, "I have to go, I'll see you soon." and before Moriko could say anything he disappeared. Not long after that Suzu and Akemi's head popped up from a bush.

"I told you I'd find her!" Suzu said jumping out.

"You guys have horrible timing!" Complained Moriko.

"We really need to leave, I'll explain on the way," Said Akemi with shifty eyes.


"Wow, so she really is crazy?"

Akemi nodded, "Yeah, so we have to keep our eyes peeled for those two."

Suzu snickered, "Don't worry, I'll warn you if they come near."

Akemi rolled her eyes and Suzu suddenly stopped. She turned around and saw Suzu had wide eyes.

"What's wrong with you?"

"… Their right behind us."

Akemi looked back and saw a very angry Natsumiku and gulped. Poor Ryou was not far behind. Akemi touched the crystal she put in a pouch around her neck, this is bad. Natsumiku began to stomp towards her, this is very bad…

Let's just kick her ass again!

Akemi's bodies too worn out!

Damn this body!

"YOU! You little thief, I can't wait to see you buried," She yelled.

A few bystanders looked at her oddly while Akemi, Suzu and Moriko turn and ran. Natsumiku's eye twitched as she ran after them. Ryou winced but tried to catch up with them.

"Why don't you just give it to her already!?" Yelled Moriko trying to keep up with the two.

"NO WAY! I can't just give it to her! I worked too hard at getting it!" Akemi yelled back.

"Well I think ACK!" Moriko suddenly tripped and fell to the ground hard.

"Moriko!" The other two said as a union.

Suzu quickly ran up to Moriko. Natsumiku was about to attack till Akemi flung at her, she twisted her body around to where she kicked her in the gut. Natsumiku's eyes widen and she fell back and coughed up blood. Akemi landed and looked over at the two, I don't know what to do… She looked at Moriko and Suzu, but I have to keep them safe. Akemi looked over at Natsumiku and stuck her tongue out.

"Catch me if you can loser!" And Akemi took off running in the other direction.

Natsumiku's eye twitched, "Why that little!" And she ran after her.

Moriko got up slowly, "Where the heck is she going!?"

"I don't know but let's follower her."

"Moriko-Chan, I'm glad you're alright!"

Moriko froze and turned around to see Ryou, "Oh… Hey Ryou… I gotta go later!"

"WAIT!" Suzu and Moriko stopped, "Natsumiku is unstable, and you shouldn't go after her!"

Suzu frowned, "Look man-"

"Oh you can go after her, I was talking about Moriko-Chan," Ryou said giving Moriko a day dream look.

Suzu's eye twitched and Moriko nervously laughed, "Well, we have to go help our friend! Akemi's our best friend and we just can't let her fight alone!"

Suzu nodded, "That's right! So you can't stop us!"


Moriko and Suzu ignored him and ran off. Ryou sighed and began to walk off till someone appeared behind him.

"Hey you're Ryou right?" asked Kakashi.

Ryou blinked and nervous sweat began to go down his head, "A-ah yeah… Why?"

"Kakashi gave him a slightly evil happy look, "You're coming with me…"

Akemi dodged a kunai that landed in front of her, she quickly stopped and finally noticed Natsumiku was in front of her, Damn…

Behind you!

Akemi quickly rolled out of the way as another kunai flew by. She looked and saw another Natsumiku, a clone! Before she knew it the clones held her at each side. The real Natsumiku walked up to her with a smirk, Akemi began to struggle but she was too weak.

"I'll take that thank you!" Natsumiku said while reaching for her necklace.

Suddenly a vine wrapped around Natsumiku's body causing her to not move, "What the hell!?" She looked over to see her Clones where also disabled along with Suzu behind her.

Moriko appeared and smirked, "Don't forget about us! We'll never let you hurt Akemi!"

"Moriko… Suzu…" was all Akemi could say.

Natsumiku frowned, "Enough of this!" She yelled. She looked over at Moriko and noticed she was the one controlling the plants.

She quickly got loose a little and threw a kunai at Moriko who froze.


Moriko closed her eyes and felt no contact. She blinked and looked up and her eyes widen. "W-what!?"

Suzu ran over to Moriko, "Moriko! Akemi!"

Akemi stood over Moriko and ended up falling over as soon as the kunai fell to the ground. Suzu glared at Natsumiku, "You!" She ran towards her and was about to strike till Natsumiku gathered chakra into her fist and hit her back. "Ack!" Suzu hit the ground hard towards the other two. Moriko began to shake Akemi.

"Akemi! You idiot! You better not be hurt again," Moriko said forming tears, "Why did you just let it hit me?"

Akemi's eyes slowly opened, "What are you yelling for?"

Moriko blinked and noticed Akemi wasn't bleed or anything, "What the…"

Akemi sat up and looked at the hole in her shirt, "… I think it hit…"

Akemi took out the crystal, it started to crack and their eyes widen. It soon began to glow and the crack continued to go on, "Oh no! Please don't tell me it's going to split into a million pieces like Inuyasha!?" Akemi screamed. Sweat formed down Akemi, Suzu and Moriko's head and they held their breaths as it continued to crack. Suddenly it stopped and broke in half instead. They let out a big sigh.

"Thank God, I'm not traveling around this place just to find this stupid thing!" said Suzu.

Moriko thought for a second, "That would be kind of cool though…"

The crystal still continued to glow till it flashed up into the sky like lightening, a sickening feeling set in the bottom of Akemi's Stomach, "You just jinxed us Moriko you idiot!"

Soon, the sky began to turn gray as clouds covered the sun, Moriko's mouth fell, "I-I'm sorry I take it back!"

Unfortunally that didn't stop it, the clouds began to turn and they saw something they saw the day they came there. The vortex. Moriko was the first to crack.

"What!? NO! I finally have someone! I can't leave, please! Itachi!" Moriko said forming tears.

"M-me too! I'm not ignored anymore, I don't want to go back to him," Hissed Suzu holding Moriko.

Akemi only stared blankly at them, her mind seemed as though it was drifting, and it was until she looked closely at the two she began to tear up. They began to become transparent.

"Y-You guys are see-through," She said pointing at them.

The blinked and looked at her, "You're see-through too!"

Akemi looked at her hand and gasped, she was also transparent. Natsumiku looked at the group as the plants slowly loosened, is this genjutsu?! She gathered some chakra and tried to dispel it but it didn't work. Damn them! Natsumiku tried to throw a kunai at them but it only went through.

"What the hell are you guys doing, how did you do this?" Natsumiku yelled.

Akemi only blocked out her talking, this isn't real is it? Dark? Light? Do you know what's going on!?

There was only silence, W-what's going on!? Could they be gone? Akemi held her head, I-I just want to see Kakashi… Just one more time.


Akemi turned around and saw a very confused Kakashi, "Kakashi!"

Kakashi tried to hold her but his hand only went through, "Akemi, what's going on?" He looked at Moriko and Suzu.

"Kakashi, I didn't tell you or anyone this but…" Akemi gulped, "I… We're not from this world, we're actually from a different world and I think we're being sent back."

Kakashi gave her a weird look, "Different world? What are you talking about? We should get you guys to a medic or-"

"Kakashi… We can't stop it… I'm sorry," Akemi said trying to hold his hand. Even though she couldn't exactly touch him she keeps her hand in place.

Kakashi's hand touched her cheek as it went through, "But you just can't leave out of nowhere."

Akemi felt tears go down her cheek, "I-I'll be back! I promise! I'll find a way so you better wait for me."

Kakashi weakly smiled, "I will, I promise."

The wind started to pick up and the vortex began to spin wildly. Moriko and Suzu covered their faces as dirt and leaves flew around. Akemi just keep starting at Kakashi till she slowly tippy toed to get closer to his lips while Kakashi leaned down at the same time. Before she could even reach him she was suddenly pulled away. Akemi, Moriko and Suzu started to scream as they were sucked into the swirly vortex. There screams suddenly stopped as the sky cleared. Everything turned back to normal, as if nothing happened. Kakashi's grip tightened, he looked over at Natsumiku who looked quite confused.

He glared, "You have a few things to explain."

Natsumiku twitched.

Kakashi held his chest, he had mixed feelings. Was she even real? Of course… Don't be stupid. A pain went through out his chest after the full realization she was gone, I finally had her and she just disappears… but her words slightly smoothed his worry, only slightly. She said she'll be back… Even though he was still worried, he shook his head and focused on bringing Natsumiku to the Hokage. He had a lot of explaining to do.

Itachi watched from a distance, he noticed a strange chakra looming over the village. He was of course worried about his girl and their child. To his surprised as he shown up she was transparent. He thought it was just his bad eyesight but as soon as she and her group of friends disappeared into the strange portal he realized she was gone. He jumped away and as he left the village he felt certain he was going to meet her again, or at least that's what he told himself. His eyes softened as he remembered the times they spent together. Her goofy grin and her bright loving green eyes. He then realized he was thinking negative thoughts on the ideas of her not coming back. Itachi knew he was going to see her again, he just knew.

Akemi woke up to find Moriko and Suzu on top of her. They were both knocked out and she looked up to see it was night time. The surroundings overwhelmed her with sadness, they were back to their world. Not only that but they were outside the comic shop they disappeared into the vortex in the first place. Akemi got up causing the other two to fall to the ground. Suzu was the first to get up as she groaned in pain.

"What the hell was that for!?" She yelled while rubbing her head.

"We're back…" Akemi pointed out.

Suzu looked around and was surprised, "You're right… what happened?"

"I don't know... The crystal broke and… The crystal! Where is it!?" Akemi said searching her cloths.

Moriko's head popped up, "I saw it disappear in the vortex too… It's probably around here…"

"I also have to admit something… Light and Dark haven't talked to me too. I think they have some ties to the crystal because as soon as it broke and disappeared I haven't seen them around," Explained Akemi.

Moriko and Suzu rose and eyebrow, "Do you think… If we found the crystal pieces we'll be able to go back to the Naruto World?" Asked Suzu.

Moriko's eyes lit up and Akemi thought, "Maybe… We did go there around the time we had to look for the crystal, maybe it's all tied together!"

"Sooo," Moriko started, "If we find the crystal we'll be able to go back?"

"I'm not certain but I think so!" Akemi said sounding excited.

"Well, what are we waiting for!?"

And so, Akemi, Moriko, and Suzu's Adventure to the Naruto World has been to be continued as they soon go on a new adventure to find the two pieces of the Crystal. Heck, these mysterious three survived that world, who knows what they can do as long as they do it together?

To be continued

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