Return The Sun

S J Smith

Disclaimer: Arakawa-sensei owns all, godlike creature that she is. I'm just playing with her characters and promise to put them back when I'm done with them.

Summary: "...and we'll be a team again."

As far as Alphonse was concerned, three was the magic number. He'd always orbited around the other two; his brother, Edward, fiery and impulsive and Winry, sister in all but blood, just as tempermental as Ed. They were the suns in his sky; the two he loved almost more than anything. After their mother died, it was still the three of them, though he and Ed did exclude Winry from their research, even then shielding her; trying to keep her safe.

Alphonse wondered if Winry had known, if she could have stopped them. He doesn't like to think that often, because he knew the answer and that they would still be three.

Now, they were only two. One of the suns was gone; put out of the sky in a blaze like a supernova; lost to them both. Al and Winry struggled in a world without Ed, without his mercurial temper; without the conflagration of his being, burning just for them.

Truer words never spoken, "He burned too bright, that sun," someone had once said and Al could only agree...

...and make a promise to bring that light back to their lives again.