Chapter: To the End

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Hi inner voice.

"Hi" past talk


"Schizophrenia is a mental illness. Depression can be a cause of it. There is a disagreement about whether, though, depressive symptoms in schizophrenia are part of the basic disease process, or whether they represent adverse effects of treatment with antipsychotic medications." The doctor told my father.

"In other words, He's crazed?" He glared at me because we had to pay for the doctor to tell us that.

"It's a Mental Illness." The doctor said monotone; he scratched his white hair. "We can treat him with pills or a home."

"No," My father said. "We'll take care of him."

A closet…

That's was my home…

My mother died and my father hated all of us, Temari, Kankurou and I. We were abused, and when I mean we…I mean I.

"Look, Gaara!" My older sister, Temari, said with a great be smiled pointing at the small house. "It's so great!"

"It sucks…" I whispered mostly to myself.

Kankurou grunted. "Why so away from the dessert?"

Yeah, why?

I don't know…

I looked at the dark figure as it pointed the middle finger at Temari.

"What do you say, Gaara?" Temari asked smiling still.

I shrugged. I then looked at the white and light blue house with flowers. There aren't many flowers in Suna… I yawned and walked into the house. There was an old couple… I hate old people…

Me, too

I glared at them.

"Hello, young man." The old woman smiled sweetly but you know it's fake. She's waiting for you to drop your guard and then she kills you! Stabbing you over and over until you bleed to death. "You look like a nice, strong young teen. Would you like to hold these cookies?"

What the fuck…Cookies…She handed them to me and I stared at them.

Chocolate…Chip…Cookies… Oh my god!

Oh wait…That's not me…

Weakness for that hot soft melted chocolate chip cookies…You would sell your body for those…

It's true… "Wow, thanks." Kankurou said. "Who are you?"

"We live a few houses down." The old lady said with the same sweet, yet malice, smile. "We learned you were young children that has no family and the government gave you a home to live in." See? Evil… "Welcome to Konoha!" I looked up at her…Why is she taller then me? That's unfair… She smiled at me. "What's your name?" She asked me.

Fuck off, bitch!

That's not nice.

You're thinking of it, too.

Yeah…but no one hears it…

Or do they?

Oh shit! They can hear my thought!

Hells yeah! They hear every little word you think.

Oh no!

Run, Gaara! RUN!

But where?

Anywhere! Run!

I dropped the rich chocolate chip cookies and ran. Where? I do not know. I ran and heard Temari and Kankurou yell for me.

"Gaara! Come back! She's not going to hurt you! GAARA!" They yelled.

They're lying… She will hurt you.

I ended up at the town's park. I was alone. Thank god for that! The old woman could have hurt me with her scarf!

I took deep breaths. I sat down near the sandbox.




"Hey!" I heard a person said. I didn't turn around. There was a shadow that engulfed me. "Hi." I looked up and saw white silver eyes. With those eyes there was a small smile. "I'm Neji." He sat next to me. "You're?"

I said nothing.

"Oh." He seemed to get my point.

The dude is a freak!


What is he on?

I don't know…

"So, you're new?" Neji asked.

I nodded.


"Why?" I asked softly to the voice not Neji.

"Just asking." He replied.

He's going to hurt you, too.

"Why?" I said again like before.


Because they all hate you…

I got up and so did Neji. "Oh? You leaving?" Neji asked surprised.

I didn't say anything, I just ran like hell.

Why did I have to leave? The sand makes me calm…

Because you remember what happen?



I ran back home and the door was open still. I walked in. Temari and Kankurou were the only ones now. They looked at me and Temari smiled and sigh.

"Where were you?" She asked with concern. I shrugged. "Take you're pills and unpack your stuff."

I walked over to my bag and took out a bottle.

It's poison Gaara! Don't take it!

I open my mouth and took it.


Then he was gone…

I sighed in relief.

"Was it Him?" Temari asked with more concern. I nodded. "Gaara." She sighed. "If you take you pills he'll go away." I shrugged.

I got my bags and walked up the stairs.

I have my own room. Temari picked the closest to the bathroom, Kankurou picked the middle room and I have the room far from Temari's. I dropped my bag. I took my pills out and my notebooks. I walked over to my bed and dropped my books down.

I sighed.

Things only get worse when I'm around. I walked to my bag and took out my lab top. I turn it on and went online.

Let's see…Who is on…Oh! Good! My friend is on!

Yes! I do have friends! He does more of the talking.

HyperNinja: Waz Up, my Homie!

DeadGoth: Hey…I'm in my new house.

My friend is HyperNinja and I'm DeadGoth. Wow…Yes be amazed…

HyperNinja: WOW! Oh guess what?

DeadGoth: What?

HyperNinja: No guess!

DeadGoth: Umm…You and Seph got it on?

HyperNinja: No, we broke up…I'm moving to Konohagakure!

DeadGoth: Really? When? Then we can go to school together!

HyperNinja: Tomorrow! So we can go to go to school together! YAY!

DeadGoth: Wow…(Utterly not amazed at this)

HyperNinja: You meanie! Soo…Meet any cool guys?

DeadGoth: some odd guy name Neji but I ran away…

HyperNinja: Why? Was he too cute for you?

DeadGoth: No…He told me too…

HyperNinja: Shit! But was he hot? Or did you not see?

DeadGoth: I'll tell you when you get here…

HyperNinja: NOOOOOOO!

DeadGoth: Yeeeeeeeesss! Lol

HyperNinja: I hate you!

DeadGoth: Me, too!

HyperNinja: Well, when I get there I'm sooooooo kicking your ass!

DeadGoth: Not if I fucking kick your ass, first…

HyperNinja: Yeah…but…um…SHIT!

DeadGoth: Love ya, but I g2g!

HyperNinja: Luvs ya, too! See ya!

I turn my computer off…Yes…That was my only friend I know in real life. I'm not that lonely. I would like to have more friends though. So my friend, I think, Schizo; he has split personality. I think though. I never really know. He tells me all the time but then he changes the subject like-

"Oh! And when some guys piss me off- Oh Shit! Who is that guy! He is so hot!"

Yeah. So I'll see him in school and probably see Neji again.

And just for the count…

I think Neji is hot.


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