(Disclaimer--Morgoth, Fingolfin, and all the rest belong to J.R.R. Tolkien)

Introduction--This poem is a retelling of the fall of Fingolfin son of Finwe in his battle with Morgoth. The book is better, I just tried to do it justice...

The Fall of Fingolfin
--By Elwen Aiwelinde

A roar of thunder, stabbing light
Beneath the darksome shadow-cloud
A mighty voice that calls aloud
"Begone from earth, thou cruel Night!"

Before the gates he stood alone
And challenged Vala Morgoth foul
No orc did laugh, no gaur did howl
They cowered underneath dark throne

Then ringing blew the mighty horn
A music from forgotten years
Before sad fell the elven-tears
A sweet song in those lands forlorn

"Come Morgoth, coward, leave thy halls!"
In anger called the elvenking
and echoes from the stones did ring
His challenge to the Lord of Thralls

Long Morgoth waited, tasting fear
But mocking echoes taunted him
He girt himself in black mail grim
And strode through caverns dark and drear

He came forth from that evil gate
The earth groaned underneath his feet
With shield and hammer armed to meet
His foe he came, eyes filled with hate

Yet dauntless stood the elven lord
Unbowed before the King of Lies
And starlight from the hallowed skies
Flashed bright on his uplifted sword

In gloom and darkness long they fought
And seven times the mighty sword
It pierced the flesh of foe abhorr'd
Yet long ago this doom was wrought

That blood for blood would be returned
And thrice to earth the king was borne
With crushing blows, his flesh was torn
And from the earth fell fires burned

Then Morgoth's foot, a weight of stone
Was pressed upon the elvenking
But one last time his sword did swing
Then eyes he closed, his spirit flown

In Mithrim and in Gondolin
In Nargothrond the tale was told
Yet no mere song could ever hold
Their grief, they mourned for Fingolfin