Title: The Problem With Parents

Authoress: SailorChibi

Rating: PG

Summary: The emotion caused by the girl's smiling emerald eyes felt strange to Martin. Like he was getting a crush, but stronger... A tale of the first meeting. Slight M/D

Disclaimer: I don't own the show Martin Mystery. If I did, they would NOT be 'just' stepsiblings. I do own Morgan Mystery and Vivian Lombard.

Additional Notes: This story was inspired by a new episode aired on YTV. Unfortunately, I missed the name, but it concerned the first creature Martin ever captured. Yes, Martin, not Martin and Diana. This and other elements of this episode (Martin's first crush, which was a girl Diana had never met) lead me to conclude that Martin and Diana met when they were a bit older, not younger, and that Martin probably joined the Center shortly after or shortly before he met Diana. She most likely joined with him soon after. Their mother's are pure guesswork.

Don't look at me with that smile
Don't act like everything's fine
Stop putting dreams in my head
When you say the things you do
It makes me want to be with you

M2M – Don't

Sisters were boring.

This was the conclusion that twelve-year-old Martin Mystery had come to during the last couple of days. He hadn't even met the young girl who was going to be his new stepsister, but already he could tell that she was going to be boring. If she was the kind of kid that his father liked, Martin figured that she had to be the kind of kid that he wouldn't like.

He already had a list of pranks planned, ready and waiting.

Martin listened as the screen door slammed shut and sighed to himself. Leaping off the last two stairs, where he had been standing in order to try and balance out the height difference between him and his father, the pre-teen skittered into the living room. Falling to his knees, he pressed his chest against the floor as he felt under the chair for the photograph he had hidden there. It was too dangerous to hide it in his room, where it might get lost when a precariously balanced mountain of junk fell over...

The picture was of a tall woman with dark blonde hair cut in an attractive, shoulder-length style that framed her face and drew attention to her clear, crystal blue eyes. Her lips were curved into a mischievous smile, as if she had planned some knowledge that the person taken the picture didn't. She was dressed in a cherry red pantsuit that was form-fitting, revealing the slight bump just above her midsection.

Eight years after this picture had been taken, his mother, Morgan Mystery, had died after a long and difficult battle with breast cancer. Her death had not been sudden, but it had felt so. He had only been seven at the time, and it still seemed like one moment she had been there, and the next, she had not.

Settling back against the couch, Martin wondered what his mother would have thought about his father re-marrying. It was a silly question, really. Martin knew what she would have thought – Morgan Mystery had been a vivacious, fun-loving, teasing whirlwind that lived for the simple joys of life. She would have encouraged Gerard Mystery to marry as soon as he felt able. She never would have wanted her son or her husband to linger over her death.

Despite this, Martin didn't appreciate the thought of his father re-marrying one bit, especially to a woman that Martin didn't even know. That was the problem when you let your single parent go away by himself for two months to some science conference. He had asked for a souvenir, not a step–mother and –sister!

Still, Gerard seemed to be convinced that Vivian Lombard and her daughter, Diana, were just what their small family needed. Thus, the meeting between the two soon-to-be-combined groups was set up. Martin had been blackmailed into attending when Gerard threatened to toss his entire comic book collection into the trash. It wasn't exactly something Martin would put past his father to carry out with, either, so he didn't dare make a dash for the arcade.

Heaving another sigh, Martin tucked the photograph back into its hiding place and wandered outdoors, dreading the meeting that would occur within the hour. He was about to let the screen door crash shut in that wonderful way that his father hated when he caught sight of the girl. Instinctively, his hand steadied the door before it could make contact with the frame as he examined her.

She was small and slender, the top of her head level with his nose. Her hair, a warm shade of chocolate brown shot through with shades of crimson, turning it into a rich auburn, was a waist-length mass with curls at the end. It was kept out of her face by a lavender ribbon. She wore a sundress of the same shade with white flats.

Her eyes were shut as she knelt by the bushes lining the walkway. The crisp blush pink, cream yellow and pale violet blossoms appeared to soothe her, for her body was relaxed as she leaned closer to the lovely flowers to inhale the sweet scent. The buzzing of a bee who had also come to enjoy the flowers interrupted her silent reverie and she leaped to her feet, squeaking. Martin couldn't help the laughter that escaped him as the girl ran around in a circle waving her arms wildly a few times to get rid of it.

"Are you laughing at me?" she asked suddenly, stopping once she was sure that the bee had flown away. One hand went to her hip, the other clenched into a fist. Had she been any closer, she may well have reached out and smacked him one.

The out-and-out annoyance in her tone and posture caused a cocky smirk to flash over Martin's face. "Yup," he confirmed.

She glared at him, and he saw that her eyes were a deep, mesmerizing emerald green. "Fine," she said in a frosty voice, "I'm going now, so you'll have to find something else to amuse yourself with." Spinning on her heel, the girl began to step towards the street.

"Wait," Martin said quickly, feeling contrite. His somber mood had fled during his brief fit of laughter, and he was immensely curious about this spirited girl whom he had never before seen. Jumping off of the porch, he snatched a handful of flowers and presented them to her. "For you."

She looked at him for a moment, clearly wondering if he was trying to trick her, then she glanced down at the flowers. They were a mess, with half the flowers upside down and a few stray bugs falling to the ground. Just as Martin was sure that she would leave for good this time, a smile quirked her lips and she accepted the bouquet from him with a light blush and a soft murmur of thanks.

"I'm Martin," he ventured after watching her carefully separate and turn the disheveled blossoms right side up.

"Diana," she replied, and smiled at the strangely endearing boy with the messy blonde hair and dreamy hazel eyes.

Martin felt his heart jump in a peculiar way that he had never felt before. It was similar to the way he felt when he got a crush on a beautiful girl, but it was a little bit different. A little bit stronger. Bewildered, he eyed her, wondering how it was that he had missed her up until now.

"Do you... live around here?" he asked, groping for something to talk about. It was odd – normally, he had lots to talk about (his teachers often complained about how hard it was to shut him up once he got going), but this girl made his tongue feel heavy.

"No," she said simply, quietly. "Not yet, at least. My mother and I are probably moving here, though. What's that?"

"That's my spy watch," said Martin after realizing what she was pointing at. He proudly extended his wrist so that she could see the plastic watch. "It does lots of really cool stuff!"

"It looks like it came out of a cereal box," Diana commented. She had to laugh at the flat expression on Martin's face when it appeared. Clearly, her guess had been right on, much as the boy was loath to admit it. "It does look kinda cool, though," she amended, her eyes softening.

He smiled at her, clearly appreciating her effort, and this time, it was her heart that twisted. Suddenly flustered, Diana fingered the blossoms in her hands. What was this stomach churning feeling about?

"Martin!" the sharp male voice that rang out made Martin cringe. Obviously, it was time for the meeting. Gerard rounded the corner of the house and had started to stride towards them when he stopped, looking startled. Behind him came a petite woman with cinnamon colored hair fastened back into a French braid and coal grey eyes. She was dressed in a cream blouse and tan slacks.

"Diana!" Vivian Lombard exclaimed, clearly surprised. "There you are, sweetheart. I've been looking for you everywhere."

It was then that Martin made the connection, obviously at the same time that Diana did. They stared at each other, wearing identical shocked expressions, as their parents approached.

"You're Martin?" Diana asked. The way she spoke told him that she had been looking forward to the meeting as much as he had, and suddenly, he had to grin. Sneaking a look at his future step-sister, he saw that she was smiling as well.

He stuck a hand out towards her. "I'm Martin. Martin Mystery."

"Diana. Diana Lombard," she said, reaching for his hand with her free one.

Their hands met at an equal distance between them and shook slowly. Hazel eyes gazed down into emerald eyes, and their fate was sealed. Perhaps, Martin would often reflect in the years to come, getting a new step-sister wasn't quite as boring as he had made it out to be.

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