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Chapter 16:

Dear Sasuke,

How's things been? I know it's been six months since you left and I haven't written to you yet…but that's only because we called each other everyday for the first three months and then as you know our parents caught us and threatened to take our phones away. And then the next three months I know my e-mails were erratic, but that's only because it got really busy at college.

College is going fine. We have this weird teacher called Zabuza, he teaches mathematics. I think he's got a thing for Haku though. He keeps coming up to us and having a chat whenever Haku comes to get me. It's extremely fun to make Haku blush whenever I get the chance.

Kyuubi-nii has decided to move in with Itachi and they've gotten themselves an apartment nearby…five minutes walk from my house actually, so Kyuubi can meet dad regularly. Dad is fine now…I know I didn't talk much about him during our calls, but he's perfectly fine. Your dad seems to have become great friends with him and comes around to take dad golfing or to their club and stuff like that. My dad thinks yours is a very fine man once he drops the 'stick in the ass' attitude.

Kiba, Chouji and the rest are with me here. I'm glad Shikamaru, Gaara and Neji are with you…you'll have some friends at least. Kiba is begging me to ask Hinata out on his behalf…he says she's crazy about me…though I think she's crazy about him. So I just help people do what they feel like. I've made new friends with a guy called Sai who looks a lot like you. He keeps trying to feel me up…don't worry Sakura beat him up for that, so he's not going to try anything.

I miss you, teme. I wish that I could have followed you like Neji followed Gaara, but its called wishful thinking. Love you so much…it hurts actually. But there I go again sounding mushy like girls…though now I come to think of it Sakura and Ino aren't that mushy with Lee and Chouji. What's this I hear about Shika shacking up with some blond girl? Which blond girl is this? Anyway write back soon and don't worry about calling, I've saved all my allowance to get a pre-paid card so I can call you for at least two hours. Love you bastard…though I wonder why!


Dear Naruto,

I miss you like hell! What the fuck was that last line all about? Idiot! Why do I have to give you titbits to gossip about? And how did you find out about Shika? Anyway, its Temari…she's scary though. Stop smirking…you haven't met her yet…she's Gaara's cousin…that should be enough information about her.

College is fine…I'm glad that Haku got a guy at last… I haven't been too happy about leaving you in his care. The horde of fan girls here has been taken care of. A new guy on campus called Iwaki-san has stolen them all away…thank heavens.

Can you please tell mom not to send me to lingerie stores…each time I go they think I'm a cross dresser. Get that perverted look off your face! Anyway…why is she sending me new underwear? At this rate I'll have a mountain of underwear.

Is there any chance that you might visit? I'm missing your kisses…and I'm so completely celibate here, they think I'm married. Told you, you should have just said yes. Ok since I'm not much of a letter person I'm signing off now. Really wish you were here, but anyway what the hell, I'll see you sometimes…three and a half years, unless I come down for the vacation…unless I have a vacation which isn't crammed with work that is. Love you, dobe.


Two years after Sasuke left:

Sasuke frowned, where were his bags? Finally he saw them slowly coming towards him. He lugged them off and started to head towards the exit. Black eyes swept through the crowds searching for a blond head, but there was none to be seen. He spotted another black Uchiha head and walked over.

"Itachi. Where's Naruto?"

"Yeah what a welcome. Makes me feel all happy inside…not." Itachi took Sasuke's bags and dumped them in the car. "Naruto had a game. He said he was sorry and he'd make it up to you at the club in the afternoon."

Sasuke frowned. "A game is more important than me? Why are we going this way?"

"Don't get into your high horses. I'm taking you to the stadium; you'll see him there soon enough. So how was the flight?"

"Boring as hell. I don't want to talk about it."

"Funny one would think that you'd be all open and nice, but you've gone back to your old stand offish self. Gosh to think that only Naruto-kun could bring out the miracles…" Itachi said as he drove into the parking lot. They walked into the stadium and through the stands. Sasuke glimpsed a flash of blond on the field, but then again, he'd never been interested in soccer…that had been Naruto's forte.

When they got there, Sasuke only saw Kyuubi. He frowned. "Where the fuck is Naruto?"

Kyuubi pointed and Sasuke followed the finger and blinked. Naruto was the blond on the field, expertly kicking the ball towards Kiba. Kiba kicked it back and Naruto dribbled the ball with his feet keeping them out of the reach of the other players. Then he ran and kicked out. The ball flew perfectly, the goal keeper jumped but missed and it was a "GOAL!"

The crowd stood and cheered, Kyuubi and Itachi with them jumping up and down like mad men. Sasuke watched stunned, feeling this happiness well up inside him like a wave. Suddenly he was jumping around too, as his blond's team picked him up and carried him all around. It was so good to see Naruto walking and being carried around because he'd scored a goal. "Go Naruto!"

It looked like he'd reached at the end of the match. The commentators were yelling along with the crowd about Uzumaki Naruto's abilities. And then another surprise for Sasuke.

"Would the college band Ramen Maniacs please give us a song?" there were more cheers and then Sasuke saw people lugging the equipment onto the field. The band members walked up to it and in front of the mike stood his very own Naruto.

"Hello there! We're the Ramen Maniacs" I should have guessed thought Sasuke. The Naruto continued. "We'll be singing the song Asterisk…we've been working on it for a while…I don't know if it fits. But just listen, ne?"

Then Naruto smiled and winked. Kiba started up on the lead guitar, Chouji on the drums and Lee on the base. They all began on the chorus.

Rays of light from the stars in the night sky above

Send a plea from across the ages

With colours that haven't faded

It's somebody's cry, reflected in those sparkling eyes

A wish carried on the wind, a request from the moon

To live as fully as possible, day by day

So that our wishes, too, will be in someone's heart someday,

Let's shine on like that star

Then they stopped and let Naruto start rapping abruptly. The blond looked like he was going to swallow the mike, his foot tapping out the rhythm and his hips moving a bit. Itachi caught Sasuke's hand and started leading him through the crowd. Sasuke struggled he wanted to watch Naruto sing.

1, 2, and so the bells echo, spreading

Far and wide in the depths of my heart

A legendary stardrop, inside it

There's so many narrow paths etched out

With time, the ages pass;

A shooting star passes without a sound

Close your eyes and listen hard,

Maybe you'll hear a "Goodbye"

A black and white photo of the entire sky,

a rumbling muffler - white breath

Just wanna get a little closer,

I'll race to the high ground up there

Taking out my huge telescope,

Out of the lens came stardust

Time after time,

An epic from across the ages

Then the chorus began and Naruto pranced around the stage head banging, Itachi got Sasuke through the locker room and led him out onto the stadium. Sasuke could hear a dozen squeals from all the girls present as Naruto began to rap again. He stared at his blind on stage and wondered why no one had told him? Naruto was able to walk…move…oh my god! He watched Naruto sing one really slow part…and then jump around as the faster part started. It looked like he and Kiba were having a contest to see who could rap faster. Than Naruto ended with one last line.

Let's shine on like that star

And blue eyes met black….Naruto stopped abruptly and stared. "Sasuke?" he whispered and then happiness leaped into his eyes. The music hadn't even ended when he jumped off the stage and began running towards Sasuke.

"Sasuke! It is you!" And in front of the whole stadium Naruto tackled Sasuke in a hug that sent them both falling to the ground. Before Sasuke could say anything, Naruto lips were on his. Sasuke let himself melt into the hold; the familiar taste of Naruto was pretty intoxicating. Then much to his disappointment, Naruto pulled back and smiled brilliantly down at him.

"When did you get here? You should have told me you were coming…"

Sasuke cocked an eyebrow. "I told Itachi to tell you I was coming for a visit. The whole week I've been trying to get through to you, but you've been away all the time."

"Me? I haven't been anywhere during the times you usually call."

They both glared at Itachi who grinned at them. "We thought we'd give you both some nice surprises. And well, please don't start a make out session in front of everyone…. Apart from the fact that they'll all die of nosebleeds, I think it'll be embarrassing for you."

Naruto hastily clambered off Sasuke and helped him up. Itachi smiled at the sight of Sasuke's face which had lit up. Sasuke remained beside Naruto the whole time….even when the he received the trophy…that was because Naruto said he wasn't accepting anything if Sasuke wasn't by his side.

Then they drove home to meet their families…who had been in on the secret. They were at Naruto's home. The butler didn't look too happy to see Sasuke back, but he shrank away when the raven glared at him.

"Sasuke, honey!" Mikoto hugged him close. "How have you been? And did you bring back anything I asked you to bring?"

Sasuke shook his head. "Everything you asked for was lingerie. I am not getting those for you."

Fugaku smiled at Sasuke. "We heard you were really doing well in college. Your visit was well planned….Naruto had holidays too."

"Yeah…at least Naruto won't be so mope-y now that you're back for a while…" Arashi ruffled his son's hair.

"Yeah. I'll be laving in two weeks though…break is over by then." Sasuke said, he happened to glance at Naruto in time to catch that small shift in his face.

Suddenly a dog came bounding out of no where, almost bowling Sasuke over. It was pretty huge and it kept trying to climb onto Sasuke. Finally it made it and began to lick Sasuke's face clean. Naruto laughed and ran up. "Chocolate! Down boy!" Then he turned to Sasuke, as he wrestled the dog off him. "He missed you a lot. His ears would always prick up if he heard you on speaker phone."

"That's Chocolate?" Sasuke stared at the hulking beast. "He's so huge…"

"Yeah, teme…of course he's huge. You haven't seen him for two years….is he supposed to stay a puppy that long?"

Sasuke frowned. Naruto at once hugged him and began to pacify him. Then Arashi suggested that they all go out for lunch.

Sasuke watched Naruto as he moved around the room. A week and a half had all ready passed. In three more days he'd have to leave again. He didn't want to leave Naruto. Frowning he made up his mind…and then called Kakashi for some advice. It was funny how the teacher and student had grown so close.

By the time he was done, Naruto had sauntered back in. He gave Sasuke a questioning look. "What were you up to, bastard? I heard you talking on the phone."

Sasuke shook his head. "Nothing much. Just called to say hello to Kakashi. He'll bombard me with e-mails if he gets to know I came here without saying hello to him."

Naruto smiled and jumped onto the next to his boyfriend. "Gosh the days have just passed so fast…I'm going to miss you so much, bastard."

Sasuke mulled over what Kakashi had said and then sighed. He had to leave once more…he had to face it. "Two more years dobe…I know they'll seem long, but we'll just have to hope they're gone as fast as possible."

Naruto nodded, feeling sad, but determined at the same time. "I love you, bastard…that still hasn't changed."

"Why? Do you want it to change?"

"There you go getting prickly again. No I don't want it to change…except for getting stronger. Funny how life keeps trying to separate those who love each other…" Naruto frowned looking out at the moon.

Sasuke was a little jealous, that the dobe's attention was on the moon. "Yeah well…could turn around and look at me for god sakes?"

Naruto turned looking a little mischievous. "My, is Sasuke missing the old me…the old helpless me, whom he could just ravish when he felt like it?"

Sasuke shrugged. "I can still do as I wish…there are things like silk scarves and hand cuffs…." He smirked with satisfaction as the dobe went tomato on him. "Hey, do you promise to come to the airport when I leave? This time too?"

"Yeah…I promise. Though I'll hate saying good bye again…" Naruto sniffed and Sasuke hugged him close. After a minute of just holding, the Uchiha proceeded to molest his little blond in all the possible ways he could think of.

Naruto was getting irritated. Sasuke was leaving tomorrow, but then Itachi had stolen him away and the raven was no where to be seen. They were supposed to meet at noon, but it was all ready late afternoon and Sasuke was no where to be seen. Naruto huffed and walked out of the little café. He made his way to the park where Sasuke had proposed. Then he jogged around it twenty times before collapsing on to a bench.

It was almost sunset when he woke up…he'd dozed off after the jog. He cursed and checked his cell phone but there hadn't been any calls. He was about to get to his feet, when he saw the bastard stroll up…a bag of food in one hand and to take away coffees in the other. Naruto fumed at the bastard's calm look.

"What took you so long?" he yelled, alerting all the people in the park of Sasuke's tardiness.

Sasuke shrugged. "Car broke down. I didn't have my cell with me, so I couldn't call."

Naruto stared at him for a minute before jumping up. "Apologise to me, bastard. You kept me waiting a long long time!"

Sasuke just pulled the blond onto his lap. "See, I brought food and coffee to make up, Naruto."

Naruto sulkily took the sandwich and coffee. He didn't speak a word to Sasuke, wondering why the boy was acting so casual when he was leaving tomorrow. It seemed so familiar…Sasuke acing like a bastard before leaving…it was like dejá vu.

He was really lost in his thoughts when suddenly Sasuke jolted him out of them. "Hey is that a bug in your coffee? It looks like a fire fly."

Naruto was so surprised he fell for the same trick and peered into his empty coffee glass (which he'd been sucking at anyway…doofus) and saw a…gold ring with a small diamond inlaid in it. The same one Sasuke had proposed to him with all those years ago.

Sasuke smirked. "Heh, you fell for it again…usuratonkachi."

Naruto just looked at him. "I told you last time…I'm not marrying you if you leave teme! It's not a sentimental bond and all that ok? We'll change and…"

"I thought you expressly told me that I should ask you again when I come for good, dobe if I remember clearly. And since I have…I'm not taking no for an answer." Sasuke drawled, looking at a pretty flower in some distance.

"Yeah that's what I told you…ask when you…wait…what did you say?"

Sasuke sighed and rolled his eyes. "I said I'm back for good. So Naruto will you marry me?"

"Can't you ask more emotionally?"

"It's all used up dobe…if you don't answer me…I'll ask you after I tie you up to the bed and make you scream your 'yes'."

"Try it, bastard."

"Sure, no problem."

They began to walk…Naruto suddenly blushing.




"So you don't want to be tied up and screaming to the rafters?"





And then the two boys walked off in the light of the setting sun.

Here endeth the story of the bastard and his paralyzed dobe…their trials and tribulations…and their sex. Later the bastard's brother and his lover bought them an apartment and the red head added extra sex toys so they could maketh great love…and disturb their neighbours. The Uchiha family gave up on having grandchildren…so did the Uzumaki family. And Mikoto and Fugaku went to buy some lingerie. Arashi spent his life playing golf. And they all lived happily ever after.

Ah we'll miss them! (Tear drop)


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