I do not own Nintendo, or any of their trademarks mentioned in this fanfic poem

I also do not believe in this document as a religion; this is merely a poem I wrote out of leisure to provide an explanation of Miyamoto-san's world of Hyrule

Hyrule Genesis: A Song of Beginnings

A many, many years before
The lands were strong with life galore
Above the chaos they did soar
Three goddesses of ancient lore

The goddess Din, with arms alight
Begot the land with magic might
The glorious panoramic site
Of Hyrule's wondrous days and nights

So Farore, in an act of grace,
Bestowed the life of Hyrule's place
And every soul and heart and face
Would feel the warmth of her embrace

And Nayru formed the law that would
Uphold the order which had stood
The purpose of the common good
And all creation understood

Come to the end of deeds assigned
They left the earthly world behind
And at that place, there left a shrine
A place where destiny entwines

Three characters whose thoughts combine
To form a triangle that shines
Of wisdom, from the sky divine
Of power, courage, let define

Now destiny will take its course
Soon there will be an evil force
And there remains the ancient source
Of hope and goodness-the Triforce