Ladies and gentlemen! I present to you once again, my first DBZ/GT story 'More Than Friends'! It's been gone for a while because of lemon content but now I bring it back to you! Unfortunatly, it had to be edited slightly, so there will be no lemon in this story! Sorry! If you'd like to get the uncut chappies, lemon and all, i'll be happy to send it to you. Just e-mail me and voila! Anywho, besides that this story is just as it was before, so enjoy!

Hello! This is my first DBZ fanfic so please be gentle! This is a YURI fic so if you don't like that kinda stuff, stop reading now! DISCLAIMER: I DON'T OWN DBZ/GT OR ANY OF ITS CHARACTERS.

" " talking

' ' wispering

( ) thinking

Pan: 18

Bra: 18

Trunks: 32

Goten: 30


Bra was waiting in her room for Pan to show up. She heard a knocking at her window and got up to see what it was. Sure enough it was Pan floating outside the window. "We have a door you know." She said with a smile on her face. "Yeah I know. I just like the window."

"Whatever. So, do you want to wear one of my outfits tonight?"

"Yeah. That's why I came over looking like this instead." Pan was wearing blue jeans, a baggy white shirt, and her orange bandanna. She walked over to Bra's closet and looked inside for something to wear. "So, find anything you like?" Pan shook her head and pulled out an outfit. She went into her bathroom and got dressed. She came out and showed it off to Bra. She was wearing tight black leather pants and a tight black shirt with spaghetti straps and showed some cleavage. "Alright! Shall we?" Bra said waving her hand at the window. "We shall." Pan said and they both flew out the window. (A/N: I'm not sure if Bra can fly but in this fic she can.)

They landed outside of a dance club. Pan led the way in with Bra behind her. Bra was watching Pan and got a quick glance at her butt.

(Nice butt...Ahh! Stop it Bra! You're not a les! Quit acting like it!)

They walked up to the man standing outside the club. "Admission fee is $7," he said bluntly. "I got it Pan." Bra said pulling out a 20 dollar bill. "Keep the change." she told the dude and he let them in the club.

The DJ in the club was playing some heavy metal and almost everyone was dancing. "Come on Pan! Let's dance!" The two girls went out onto the dance floor and started dancing to the music.
As they were dancing, Bra was looking at the way Pan's hips and chest moved. She was about 2 seconds away from being aroused. "I gotta use the bathroom!" Bra yelled over the music and ran off to the bathroom. She made sure no one was in there and looked at herself in the mirror. "What is wrong with you!" she said to herself in the mirror. "You know you're not a les and yet you keep thinking the way wrong thoughts about your best friend! Ok, idea! Think about Goten. Goten. Goten. Goten. Goten. Goten. Gotpan. Pan. Pan. AHHHHH! You're doing it again. Ok another idea! Tell Pan your not feeling well and go home. Yeah that'll work!" Just then Pan came in the bathroom looking for Bra. She spotted her and Bra quickly moved her hand to her stomach. "Bra, are you ok?"

" stomach is hurting. I think I sh..should go."

"Alright, lets go."

"No no! That's ok. have fun here. I'll go on home."

"Alright, but don't fly. Your to weak to fly if your sick. Call a cab, ok?"

"Alright. Bye Pan."

"Later Bra!" she said as Bra left the room and left the club. She made sure Pan wasn't outside and flew off at top speed. She landed in her room and got undressed so she could take a shower. She took her shower and came out with a towel around her. She grabbed some PJs and went off to bed. All she could think about was Pan's hips and the way they were moving. She got aroused and didn't notice until she smelled her scent. "I said stop it! I don't love Pan! I like guys! Pan is my friend!" She kept telling herself. She fell asleep a little while later with thoughts of Pan still in her head.


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