Hello, peoplez! I am getting bored of writing proper, well-written stories so I just HAD to get this randomness out of my system. I don't appreciate flames, If u don't like my fanfic then why'd u read it? But there are SIGNIFICANT differences between flames and constructive criticism…and I'm open to any ideas. MAY contain a few minor spoilers for Tamora Pierce books u haven't yet read.

(A judge and me are sitting alone at a table, looking extremely bored.)

Judge: I'm bored.

Me: (rolling eyes) I know, I just wrote that…

Judge: Wait, I've got a great idea!

Me: What is it?

Judge: Let's get a bunch of Tamora Pierce characters and dump them on a deserted island!

Me: Great idea! People from the Tortall books, or the Circle books?

Judge: Both!

Me: Well, it's better than sitting alone at a table with you looking extremely bored.

Judge: I'll write up a list of the doomed! cough I mean, the contestants!

Me: Fine with me. How many people will we torture? cough put in the contest?

Judge: (grinning in a slightly maniacally way) The more the merrier!

Not very good yet, but it will probably get better once the competition has started. I decided to put in a list of the doomed cough competitors, so this chapter won't seem as much like a waste. Oh, and if I've gotten any titles wrong, please let me know.

Survivor Competitors:

Lady Knight Alanna of Pirate's Swoop and Olau (Alanna)

Lord Raoul of Goldenlake (Raoul)

Veralidaine Sarrasri (Daine)

Numair Salmalin (Numair)

Alianne of Pirate's Swoop (Aly)

Queen Dovasary Balitang of the Copper Isles (Dove) (sorry to those who haven't read Trickster's Queen – plz don't kill me!)

Lady Knight Keladry of Mindelan (Kel)

Sir Nealan of Queenscove (Neal)

King Jonathan of Conte (Jon)

Duke Roger of Conte (Roger) (who has miraculously come back to life again)

Lady Sandrilene fa Toren (Sandry)

Daja Kisubo (Daja)

Trisana Chandler (Tris)

Briar Moss (Briar)

Dedicate Lark (Lark)

Dedicate Rosethorn (Rosethorn)

Empress Berenene (Berenene) (and for those who haven't read The Will of the Empress, she's a greedy little BEEP)

I'll try and update soon. Enjoy!