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Title: Just Another Day

Summery: Another day in the life of good old Military-obsessed maniac Sergeant Sagara Sousuke. Involves Chidori hitting himover the head with a fan. :)

Rating: K+

A/N: Another day in the life of good old Military-obsessed maniac Sergeant Sagara Sousuke.

Just Another Day

"Ms. Chidori."

'Ah, so Sousuke has finally noticed me,' Kanami Chidori smirked to herself. 'Bout time too, I'm freezing."

Chidori had a slender physique, this was emphasized more so by the tight, light blue tank top showing a decent amount of cleavage.

She slowly turned towards an army-clad young man, her aqua blue hair following the slight movement, making it glisten in the morning rays.

Chidori changed her facial expression into a seductive pout and looked into hazel brown eyes. "Yes Sousuke?"

There was a slight pause before Sousuke spoke. "Ms. Chidori, in that particular outfit you are attracting far too much unwanted attention. It would be advisable for you to change into something less revealing and more suitable." As an afterthought he added, "Such as school attire."

Chidori felt a muscle bursting in her forehead as her left hand clenched into a fist and her right hand instinctively drew her white fan.

"I'll show you unwanted attention." And with that, Chidori used the fan to smack Sousuke over the head.

Sousuke corrected his posture, standing tall and firm and rubbing a newly-forming bruise on the back of his skull.

As he did so, he could just make out the words of a retreating figure in a miniskirt. "I don't want to talk to you again for a long time. How's that for unwanted."

Sousuke stared after her, a mix of shock, admiration and slight horror gripping him. Almost immediately, his previous training kicked in, pushing the unnecessary feelings aside.

"I swear that girl hits harder every time."