Disclaimer: All characters, names, places and plot in this story belong to Ursula LeGuin.

I wrote this a while ago, and after rediscovering it and brushing off the proverbial dust I decided to post it here. This was previously in The Wizard of Earthsea section, but I moved it here. I hope you like it - it's quite short.

Warning: This story contains major spoilers for the final book in the trilogy. I strongly suggest you read it before reading this.

The Farthest Shore

Travel to the Farthest Shore,

Out to the Isle of Selidor,

Where hero and dragon have gone to rest,

That is where to end the quest.

One the Archmage thought was dead,

Laughs and tries to slay Ged.

Father and son both rest in peace,

On the farthest island to the East.

Door is open, shut it tight,

Let the real world keep its light.

Son of Morred saves the mage,

Helps him through the final stage.

Ride to Roke on Kalessin,

Go to Havnor, crown the king.

The king has been to death and back,

Walking burdened the harder track.

Former Archmage sails away,

Never to brighten another day.

"He walks alone," people said,

So it is sung in the Deeds of Ged.