(Ok as some ppl know I started this story over 5 years ago and have been silent on it since. I have not abandoned it by any means I have just been perusing other things. I have been going through writing classes and have even submitted a few stories into competitions and have won 3rd place for one of them out of over 200 entry's. I have become a much better writer and now am getting back into my fan fictions where I got my start in writing. This is the first story I'm working on. I'm going to keep the first 3 chapters as they are so that you can see the improvement to my skills. Enjoy)

Just a week after Nikki admitted to Priss that she was in truth a lesbian and they spent their first night together Priss found herself standing in a line outside of an ADP recruitment office. She had an interview in front of several recruiters before she was led into a small room with computers along the walls. Over the next two hours she sat in front of one of the computers as she was bombarded with questions ranging from general mathematics and spelling all the way up to advanced science and applied mechanics.

By the time she was finished with the test she had developed a rather substantial headache. And was more than a little irritated. She did not see what she needed to know all that shit for just to fight out of control Boomers. The rest of the day was filled with medical tests and more interviews with doctors and other recruiters. Finally as the day was ending Priss was sitting down with a young sergeant who was looking over all of her test results.

"Ok Miss Asagiri. Judging by your test results and medical tests I see that there are only two jobs that the ADP could use you in. The first one is general foot soldier. And the other is advanced trooper."

"Who are the ones that go into buildings and rescue people?" Priss asked.

"That would be the advanced troopers. But I should warn you they have a high mortality rate."

Priss did not even stop to think it over and said she wanted that one. The sergeant looked at her for only a second before taping a few keys on her computer and next thing Priss knew she was signing a four year commitment to the ADP. She was handed a paper with where she was to report for training and when. As she left the recruitment building the last rays of the sun were vanishing behind the large building casting everything into dark shadows. She looked down at the paper in her hands and only had one thought running through her mind.

"Nikki is going to kill me."

A light green motorbike flew through the streets on the outskirts of Tokyo with a line of police cars behind it with lights flashing. The rider looked in her visors rear view and grinned knowing that the police had no chance in hell of catching her.

"Try and catch me assholes." She said to herself before gunning her bike even harder leaving the police in the dust. She maintained her suicidal speed for another several miles before slowing down to a normal pace and headed for her destination. As the building came in sight she felt her adrenalin begin to rise. Her bike squealed to a stop in front of the Silky Doll lingerie shop. Even though it was long after closing time the doors slid open silently and she walked in.

Her helmet visor displayed everything in the store as bright as day even with all of the lights off. She knew she was not alone in the room and smiled knowing exactly where the other person was. She snuck through the store and walked up to one of the many racks of ladies undergarments and pushed it to the side. A shriek came from behind it as it flew and a young American girl was lifted off of her feet.

"Linna! Let me go its not fair that you used your helmet against me." She said struggling to get free.

"Really?" Linna asked. "I thought it was fair seeing as you had the lights off so I could not see."

"Put me down or you are gonna be sleeping alone tonight." The girl said with a sly smile.

Linna laughed and set the girl down and removed her helmet and looked down at the younger girl with one brown eye. Both girls smiled before the younger girl jumped into Linna's arms and pressed her lips to Linna's. The kiss lasted several seconds before Linna set the girl back on the ground and pulled her lips away.

"I missed you Lisa." Linna said before enveloping her in a bone crushing hug. "When did you get back?"

"Just this afternoon. I knew you were working so I waited to have Sylia call you over."

Both girls smiled again before molding into each other in another passionate kiss. The lights came on suddenly and blinded both girls momentarily and they pulled away from each other and blinked against the sudden brightness.

"Well I see Linna wasted no time in finding you." Sylia said standing at the top of a rounded stair way wrapped in a flowing silk robe.

"We were just getting Reacquainted auntie." Lisa said wrapping her arms around Linna again.

"Jesus Lisa, you were only gone for a week."

"What? Am I not allowed to miss my fiancé?"

"Linna would you just get her out of here. She has not shut up about you since she got back."

"I think I can think of a way to keep her mouth busy."

Lisa smiled and blushed before turning from Linna and running up the stairs past Sylia and disappearing to the living quarters. Sylia laughed and started down the stairs and walked up to Linna who was picking the clothing rack that she threw off the floor. Sylia picked up the articles of clothing and placed them back on the rack as Linna moved down to another rack and started looking through the array of naughty clothing wondering what Lisa would look best in.

She chuckled to herself knowing full well that Sylia was glaring at her and knew all to well what she was about to say. She had heard it many times before and could almost recite it by heart.

"Linna listen to me for a second." Sylia said as soon as she placed the last article on the rack.

Linna turned and crossed her arms waiting for the inevitable conversation and threat.

"You already know that Lisa has gone through hell these past few years. When her parents were killed by that Boomer she was only fifteen and was lost. I had known her mother all of my life so I took her in and looked after her for the last four years."

"Sylia I know all of this already." Linna said trying to drop the subject.

"Well listen to it again. Lisa loves you. At first I thought it was just a faze she would grow out of but god love her she only wants you. She must never know that you work for me or how you really lost your eye. But God help me if you hurt her I will personally rip out your other eye."

"Will you then shove it up my ass so that I can see you kicking the shit out of me?" Linna joked.

"God damn it Linna I'm serious." Sylia said taking a threatening step towards Linna only to have it met with a step from Linna.

"So am I Sylia. I'm serious about her and I'm serious about the Knight sabers. For more than a year now I have treated her with nothing but love and the utmost respect. I have never brought up her past because I know its hard on her. I love her Sylia. Unlike what you do with Nigel I am not using her as someone to fuck for my amusement."

Sylia opened her mouth to retort but before she could say anything she heard Lisa bouncing down the stairs. She turned around and saw her adopted niece skipping up to them with a backpack over one shoulder.

"I'll see you tomorrow Auntie." She said kissing Sylia on the cheek as she passed.

"Be careful Lisa you know how Linna drives. And wear a helmet." Sylia said as Linna and Lisa walked away.

"Sylia does not like you very much does she?" Lisa asked as Linna mounted her bike.

"She is just worried that im going to take you away from her."

"But she still needs you on the team so she has to deal with it."

"Don't ever tell her you figured out that we are the Knight Sabers."

Lisa laughed as Linna started up her bike and climbed on behind Linna and wrapped her arms around her and held on for dear life as Linna sped away from the Silky Doll.

Priss took a deep breath before walking through the door of the small apartment she shared with Nikki. She had moved out of her little trailer just two days after they had gotten together so that she could spend all of her free time with Nikki. It had become their little love nest but she would never be heard calling it that. Nikki was standing at the sink washing the dishes when Priss walked up behind her and slipped her arms around her waist.

"Hey babe." Nikki said leaning her head back for a kiss. "How did the job search go?"

"Well" Priss said kissing her lightly on the cheek. "It went."

"That good huh?"

"Dry your hands and sit down."

A worried look crossed Nikki's face but she did as Priss asked and sat down at the table. Priss reached out and took her hands and began stroking them with her thumbs and looked down at the table.

"Priss? What is it?"

"Nikki, I joined the AD police today." Priss said in a hurry.

"You what?" Nikki asked slipping her hands out of Priss'. "Priss people get killed in the ADP. Why would you do something like that?"

"Its something I wanted to do. Ever since that day at the store with the rouge Boomer I have been thinking about it and today I went and did it. Please don't be mad at me."

"I'm not mad sweetie. Just worried I mean we have only been together for a week and now you are going to be leaving."

"Not right away and not for long. I go for training in two weeks and training will last two months but I will be able to come home on weekends."

"Well I guess its not that bad then."

Priss stood up and pulled Nikki to her feet and wrapped her in a tight hug before kissing her softly. Before Nikki could get any ideas Priss let her go and stepped over to the refrigerator and took out two beers. And sat back down asking Nikki what was for dinner. Nikki laughed and went back to washing the dishes before she set about the task of making something small for dinner.

Linna and Lisa lay in each others arms in Linna's bed both half asleep. Lisa had her head resting on Linna's shoulder as Linna ran her hand softly through her red hair. She hated when Lisa went back to America for a week every six months and was always antsy for her to get back. In a few more months there were going to be married rather the law said it was legal or not. Hell she was already a wanted vigilante another law broken would not be anything big to her.

"Hey Linna." Lisa said as she started to fall asleep.

"Yeah baby?"

"What are you gonna do when we are married and you have to go out with the Knight Sabers? I mean what are you gonna tell Sylia that you told me to get away in the middle of the night?"

"I really don't know babe. I'll think of something."