Summary: No matter what he would do, she was forbidden; no matter what he would steal, she was forbidden; no matter who he would kill, she was forbidden. Childhood friends were always meant to be, but the closest one he had became forbidden, and only by being something he hated can he get back the person he loved.

Author: Black Roses666

Pairing: Thief Bakura x OC

Fiction Rating: Rated M for swearing, violence, and future erotica

Show: Yu-gi-oh!

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To Whom It May Concern:

My apologies if ever you may think this is a curse, but please, do understand that I mean no harm to you, whether you may be a friend or a foe. I do not care who picks up this box, and I am glad that you found it in the streaming waters of the Nile.

I know it may not be a very kind thing to do, but even if I may never know who you are, I will tell you who I am. My name is Kanika Zahra, but I am much better known as the Black Flower of the Desert. That is right; I am the wife of the Pharaoh, Atem.

I have sensed my story has become rather famous amongst the Egyptians. I can see the reason why…

It is said in the many scrolls written that I was born in a poor village, sold as a slave to the palace, befriended the Prince, became chosen as the Prince's wife, kidnapped by the thief lord, and saved by the Pharaoh.

This will sound shocking, and I know it is, but the stories you have heard of me were all wrong. They were all lies, propagandas made by the palace to cover everything that really happened, and with Ra's guidance, you have found my story. This is all written by my very hand with no lies, and with nothing changed.

Included inside are a few papers written by none other than the Thief King, Bakura himself, and as I have said a few moments ago, this is all truth.

Before I start with my story, and the devastating certainty hidden behind the tall walls of the bastion for the many years to come, I have a small thing I wish to say to you…

This story holds the dark secrets which the palace will hide away from everyone in Egypt. These are my erotic and sad stories that will be kept away by lies and only you, the finder of this box, can help show my story to the world and rest my soul in peace.

It is all up to you now; the fate of my tormented essence rests in your hands; the future of my renown is up to you.

After reading this, I doubt you will ever look at both Pharaoh and thieves the same way again, but that is up to you whether you believe me or not. I hope you understand what weight is being placed on you.

As you read, please remember, my future is in the palm of your hands.

Now, shall we begin…?


Black Roses666: I know this is short but it's only the prologue and prologues are meant to be short. Well, I'm just trying this out ok?