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Three years of training to become a thief came by quickly, and in no time at all, my presence was made known to all those around. Not a single soul of those who do not live in Kru-Elna ever saw my face, nor heard my name. All they know of me is my maroon cloak I would wear along with a hood to cover my features.

Because of this, I was given many titles, one of which is "The Silent Thief", but more over, I am called, "The Thief King", seeing that my victims never notice anything strange, nor do they find any tracks that would lead to me. Twice has happened that another person was accused.

My father eventually passed away during that time, so I had to steal for myself so that I may live. What really got everyone's attention was when I stole from the tomb of the Pharaoh…the same Pharaoh who burned my village, and whose son stole away the person I loved.

I said I was a good thief, but I didn't say that I enjoyed it.

My plan was forced into action on the day I hated so much that the sheer memory of it makes me want to massacre a whole village…

It was the day that she became forbidden…


"Hey, Bakura, have you heard the latest news in the palace?" on of the male thieves asked, taking a seat beside a white haired boy known as the Thief King.

Bakura merely glanced at his companion, giving him his reply, saying that he would want to know, but didn't really care.

"There is going to be an announcement of a new queen. From what I've heard, she's actually a slave from a very, very poor village who was secretly the Pharaoh's friend. They also say that he proposed to her when absolutely no one was around."

"What's her name?" Bakura inquired, suddenly interested in this topic. He was interested, yes, but he was also somewhat…scared at the result. It couldn't be, could it?

"Her name is Kani…Kanika Zahra; yeah, I'm pretty sure that's her name. I don't know why, or how it could be, but isn't Zahra the last name of one of the previous Thief Kings? It's only a superstition, but it could be…"

Yup, it could…

"I'll go out. If anyone asks, I'm pick pocketing…" the white haired boy sighed, hiding his anger under a thick, emotionless mask.

His fellow thief stared at him and sighed himself. Oh, hoe his friend (or he thought he was considered a friend) had grown over the rough years of living isolated and have thieving as your only resource. It was simply amazing, Bakura, who was only eighteen years of age, is capable of passing as an older man.

His body was fit and strong, yet quick and silent; he wore a black vest and black shorts during the day, and a maroon cloak during the night; his skin tanned chocolate brown from the Egyptian heat; crimson eyes fierce and frightening, yet surprisingly soft; the permanent scar along his left eyes perfectly visible, still; white hair cut to his shoulders, spiking dangerously.

Bakura's eyes narrowed as he came towards his horse, hoisting himself over it.

"Come, Chafulumisa (1), we must go to the palace. I need to make sure of this myself…" he muttered under his breath, kicking the sides of the horse, sending it to go straight to its assigned destination; the pharaoh's palace.

He leaned forward on his horse in order to accelerate the speed of his ride, just so that he would be in time to witness the announcement of the Pharaoh that his fellow thief mentioned. Though his will was strong, he couldn't help but shed a tear or two, give or take, over the memories of those high flames that engulfed his precious village and turned it into what it has become now.

He found it rather impossible that Kanika managed to forget those horrible fires as if it were just another typical incidental event that the gods bestowed on us, and that would be forgotten through time.

No matter how much he would hate seeing the pain in her eyes, she has to know where she came from, what brought her to the palace, and the horror of the Pharaoh. She has to know, and remember the reason why thieves exist and strive on stealing what belongs to others to live.

Most of all, he needs her so that one day, he would be able to stop thieving and start over with his life.

'I am sure my plan will work…it must work…she needs to know what she may be getting herself in to…she must remember me; she must remember Kru-Elna; she must remember everything she and I held dear, in order for both of us to be at peace…and for the both of us to be happy…'


The streets were crowded with people; and from the boisterous conversations Bakura's ears managed to pick up as he walked, they were either buying items from the market place, or were waiting for the perfect moment to see their queen-to-be. From what he's heard, some girls were actually jealous.

'Hn…it's not like the Pharaoh is that great…or it maybe that I am simply saying that because of my hate for him…the latter is most likely…oh fuck, so there will be an announcement of a new queen, but since the Pharaoh is going away for a while, the coronation will surely be held later…'

Seeing as though there is nothing else to do at the moment, the Thief King readied a bag used to collect his loot and a small knife tied to a band around his wrist, unseen by even the sharpest of eyes.

He passed by a random citizen whose bag stuck out of his pocket like a sore thumb. People like that should take much more care for their items…

Within a few moments, his victim began shouting out to everyone who could hear that his money was gone, and that the Thief King has struck once again. The news spread around quickly and soon, everybody was protecting their money.

Though Bakura wished ever since he was a boy to be praised like royalty, he hated the fact that he was known as the thief King. He despised being what he was, but even through those feelings of disgust, anger, and sadness, he values his life more.

After a fifth snatch, unseen by anyone else, the sound of the crowd's boisterous cheering rang in his ears. Jerking his head towards the noise, he found a small celebration amongst the people at the sight of two persons on the balcony of the palace, overlooking the masses around it.

On the balcony stood none other than the young Pharaoh who, to those who have managed to catch sight of him, captured the hearts of many with a single glance; and who, to the thieves who resided in Kru-Elna, saw as the most despicable creature from the depths of the underworld.

Beside him stood a young girl, who merely by her appearance and height, seemed to be the same age as the Pharaoh himself, if not younger.

Bakura once again felt that pang of anger in his heart.

'Kanika Zahra…'


"My fellow men and women of Upper Egypt, I am to make an important announcement!" Atem's voice called out when the crowd quieted down, his voice low and highly matured. Bakura had to hold back an equally loud hiss as to not draw attention to himself.

"As my eighteenth year since my birth came about, I have found a woman who I see fit and capable to become my wife, and the queen of Upper Egypt. May I introduce to you, my wife-to-be, Kanika!"

The crowd cheered once again; some of the girls even cried on how they have missed the chance to be in her place and to live in the Pharaoh's palace. Bakura slightly glared at the hand that slithered around her waist, pulling her towards the owner, to the center of the balcony, seen by all eyes.

"The coronation will be held in fourteen suns, when I have come back from Lower Egypt. While I am gone, Kanika will take my place temporarily on the throne."

The white haired boy noted the look of shock in his childhood friend's eyes, alongside a look of shyness on her face. If he was a bit closer, he would probably see a light blush streak her cheeks. Did Atem not care about her timid state?

'Still the same as before, I suppose'

His thoughts were interrupted once again when the crowd cheered yet again for the two. Were they really happy or were they simply forcing themselves to shout for joy? The answer, Bakura couldn't tell.

It was only then did the two go back inside the castle, probably to prepare for the two weeks to come. The Pharaoh is said to leave whence Ra takes his sleep, or more commonly known as night.

During his three years of living and training as a thief, he spent some of his time of not doing anything productive to memorize the outer map of the palace, searching for the correct balcony and how to climb in without anyone noticing.

He silently rounded the palace, acting as if he were merely a civilian admiring the beautiful structure, until he was under a veranda, about two or three stories above his head. From what he managed to discover in his mapping, he is supposedly under the Pharaoh's terrace.

If he weren't on stealth, he could just praise himself like hell when he heard the Pharaoh's voice talking to Kanika; after all, who else would it be?

"I will leave whence Ra sleeps. Will you be all right here, on your own?"

"You needn't worry, Atem. I will be perfectly fine…" yes, it was Kanika's voice. It didn't matter how many years have passed between them, but he knew it was hers.

"Where will you be going now?" Bakura heard the sound of the wind rustling some sort of cloth, most likely a cloak, and from the amount of material in the sound, it must be his childhood friend's.

"I shall visit your father's tomb; alone, if I may add. I must thank him for all he has done for me."

"Ah, I see, but I will ask a guard to follow you there, if it is okay. He shall guard the tomb entrance so not a soul shall disturb you."

"Thank you, Atem."

Bakura froze over; this was his one, and probably only chance to catch Kanika alone. It was the perfect opportunity to begin the plan he forged over his three years of thieving.

'Yet, I merely have fourteen suns to do it…that is much, much shorter than what I have anticipated, but it will have to do for now…I've had a reputation of surpassing human abilities, and now is my time to prove it.'

Without waiting any longer, he set off to the tomb of the precious Pharaoh, Atem's father, and the man you started this whole mess he and Kanika are in.


Inside, Bakura managed to pass through all the guards with ease, reminding himself once again the reason why he was given the alias "Thief King". He hid in the shadows of the tomb, waiting patiently for her to come.

When he was close to falling asleep, he finally saw Kanika, grown up into a woman, glittering with golden jewels, and the crown on her head to symbolize royalty.

"Please, leave me in peace…" she spoke, more like a request rather than a demand.

"But my queen, what of the Thief King…?"

"From what I have heard and observed, he has never stolen from the same area twice, so I am confident that he won't strike this place again…"

"But…all right, my queen. Please be careful…"

With that, the guard walked away, staying away from earshot. The white haired boy watched, interested, and suspicious; why would she send them out of hearing distance when she merely wishes to thank the Pharaoh…?

His eyes never left her as she walked up to the casket and stared down at it. Was that a glare forming in her eyes? If so, then why…?

Her hand closed to a fist as she raised it in the air and brought it down, smacking the golden casket with authority. It shocked him how powerful she has become. If the casket was not gold, it would've surely cracked, even just a little, because of the massive impact.

His eyes were in shock when her shoulders started shaking, tears forming in her eyes, looking as though something grave has happened. He listened closely when she opened her mouth to speak.

"Why do I hold such a grudge against you? Why is it that whenever I look at this small, golden piece on my necklace, I feel a surge of hatred towards you, and sometimes, your son? Why am I cursed with nightmares of high, mighty flames, and at the end of it all, all I can think about was that you caused them? Why is this happening to me? I need to know!"

She raised a fist and smacked the golden casket yet again. The tears kept pouring. The Thief King let out a breath, and decided it was about time to leave his spot.

He stood and approached the girl.

"Though your mind may forget many events in your life, the ones with the strongest impact remain in your heart, where you shall always feel both the pains and the joys of it."


That was when my plan started. I spoke to her, made an agreement, and my fourteen suns to know everything and for her to remember all that is needed for her to remember began.

I gave her a flower; a black one, just like the ones she loved as a child. I hoped and prayed to Ra that my plan would work. It has been too long...

If all goes well, then I might as well set the palace on fire…


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