Author's Note Chapter:

Hey everyone! This is just a quick author's note chapter, which normally I'm against, but I actually am beginning to see just why people do them. I will be deleting the author's note in about a week or so though.

This A/N is in regards to something I have seen a problem with sitewide: Reviewing!

Now me, I always leave feedback and reviews for stories I have read, for at least the majority of the chapters, so maybe that is why I am a bit confused. But would it really hurt all that much to take two seconds to let people know what you think of their story, or to let me know if the new chapters mesh okay with the old ones after such a long absence?

I am putting this authors note in, in general, because I see a lot of stories around the site (many in the past week) that have not had any reviews. This is insane! If you are going to read things on please leave those people reviews. I've seen things from harry potter, to Xmen, to That 70's show on here, and none of them have reviews. But those writers have worked very hard on what they are posting so please guys, just take a second (and consider this a public service announcement) to drop people a line once in awhile to let them know how they are doing. I, unlike a lot of the writers on here, am actually an adult, married, have a profession, and a great life, but a lot of people who write on here are young writers that can have their self-esteem dashed immediately without any feedback.

So lets all do the overall site of a favor, and start leaving everyone we read reviews okay? Reviews don't have to be lengthy, and this site is an amazing site, so lets start treating it like the awesome site that it is and leave people feedback. And even if you don't like a story guys, leave constructive feedback, not flames. Flames only indicate a lack of maturity and ability to articulate what it is that you think could improve a story. I literally was messaged this week by someone I speak to on here that was in tears over several flaming, rather cruel reviews they received, and frankly I can see why – many are new writers on here, writing for the first time, and when no one reviews at all, and their only reviews are flames, even when the story is VERY good (which this individual's story was!) it can be very discouraging!

I'll use my story Eclipse of the Sky as a quick example of this problem (though I'll be honest, the lack of reviewing on here I kind of just expect b/c it looks like the site overall is like that), but there are TONS of people reading that story according to my story stats, its off the flipping charts, and I say that as someone who had it as the number 1 story on harrypotterfanfiction for a long time when it was first published (and before I stopped writing fanfiction for 4 years and got back into it). But, on this site I don't know if its just the general atmosphere or what, but absolutely no one leaves any feedback at all.

And people seem to not leave feedback for ANY story they read.

For those of you who do leave feedback for stories you read, you are awesome, considerate people and thank you on behalf of ALL writers on this site for that. Truly, that is what helps people not only enjoy the fruits of their labor, but it helps people to improve as well when the reviews are constructive. So thank all of you who do take the time out of your reading to leave a review that takes 30 seconds of your time up. You guys are great!

For everyone else that reads around the site. Please, do everyone on the site a favor and start leaving feedback. I really have noticed this problem since coming back to writing fanfiction in the past week, and felt a quick public service announcement would be good in regards to it.

And before any naysayers start leaving angry reviews about an author's notes chapter, this is NOT me asking for reviews, not at all. However this is the best thing I could think of to do, to try to help out all the other writers on the site to start getting reviews, since I apparently have a lot of readers (and thank you guys for reading – you are all very awesome and great) but since I apparently have a lot of readers, and next to no reviews, I figured you guys would be a prime target audience to be reminded of how important getting reviews can be for some writers. It would be even more awesome if people started leaving reviews, NICE reviews that are helpful and constructive (yes, a constructive review for a story that you do not like CAN be nice!) for even those stories that were only 400 words a chapter, grossly grammatically wrong, etc.

So guys, lets all keep this in mind in the future, all right? When you go out on this site and read a story, drop the author a line. They spent time on the work, and your feedback is probably extremely appreciated.