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SUMMARY: Sequel to Displacement. The CSI team and their recently hired coroner Stephanie are back to work solving cases, sharing companionship and generally making their way through the dire world of criminal investigation with humor and friendship... This one will show the development of the relationship between Grissom and Sara and there should be some other surprises down the road as well. Romance/Drama/Angst/Mature Situations

RATING: M for Mature - I'm starting this one out at "M", since we won't be waiting quite so long for the smut this time out ;)

A/N: I had so much fun the first time, that it spawned several other ideas for fics, so hopefully this thing lives up to the last one.

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Chapter 1

As the life sustaining liquid slowly dripped into the pot, Warrick Brown watched each drop and winced with the sound of every fall. His head felt like it was going to explode at any moment, and the only thing that might help him was dripping into the coffee pot on the counter. His head was buried in his hands and his eyes looked like they had changed colors from the volume of blood coursing through them. With the pounding of his head, he decided last night would be his final bout with large consumptions of alcohol for any reason.

His head popped up suddenly with the appearance of the tall red head stopped in the doorway. She looked at him. She looked around the room. She looked back behind her. "Okay, I know I've been working a lot lately, but how did I get in the wrong house?"

Warrick rubbed his temples and answered her, "Not the wrong house, just the wrong face in the kitchen."

"Phew! That's good, because otherwise, I just did something horribly rude to the hot guy in the shower." Her face told him that she was joking, and he had to admit it was pretty funny.

She went straight to the fridge and started piling stuff on the counter beside her. Unaware of the state of the man at the counter, she slammed each of the items down onto the granite surface, eliciting groans of pain from Warrick. "So, do I take it from the sounds coming from you that you decided to try taking on Thomas at the bar again?"

Warrick shook his head slightly, "Not exactly… But there was definitely drinking."

She started to work on preparing her food with her back to Warrick, "So, am I gonna be next on your wife's shit list for letting you sleep it off over here?"

The words stung at Warrick, but he was saved from having to answer her by the arrival of another man, "Dude, you are a lifesaver!" The man reached over and poured coffee into the three cups that had been laid out on the counter. "Warrick, you have just jumped up ten points in my view." He took a big drink from his cup before continuing, "You get up before me, and you made the coffee. This is gonna work out just fine, man."

"Thomas, do you want one or two sandwiches today?"

Thomas got up and kissed his wife on the cheek, "None for me today… Just stick a protein bar in my jacket. I've got a 'lunch' meeting with the chief of surgery today." He snagged a few pieces of lunch meat and made his way back to the breakfast bar.

"What about you, Warrick? I make great deli sandwiches." She put a hand on his shoulder as she asked him her question.

"Nah… Thanks though, Steph." He was a little surprised that she had not caught on to Thomas' earlier comment about things working out. Warrick was not sure how Stephanie would take to his news, and if he was honest with himself, he was not sure how he was taking it either.

"Your loss." She kept going about her business and when he looked up, Warrick noticed Thomas nodding towards his wife, as though he was expecting something from her. "So, Thomas, you need to make sure Warrick knows where all the sheets and towels are at, because he is not sleeping on the couch indefinitely. And I'm still not sharing my bathroom, so you guys can fight that one out." Thomas simply laughed as Warrick laid his head on the breakfast bar in defeat. "Do you need anyone to go over to get the rest of your clothes or anything, 'Rick?"

He shook his head, which was still on the bartop, "Nah, I think I can handle that. Just not today."

Stephanie turned around and leaned on his back, wrapping her arms around his shoulders, "Look, man… We love you no matter what. And as long as you need it, the guest room is yours, okay?"

Warrick sat up and reached to hold one of the arms she had wrapped around him, "Thanks… It's good to know I got friends, no matter what stupid garbage I get myself into."