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Ranma stared out the plane's small window. When his mom had said that they were going to America Ranma had not thought that she meant by private jet. 'Boy mom's gotta be loaded if he could afford this.' mused Ranma. Then his thoughts drifted back to his finding out about the rest of his family.


"My what?" Ranma asked Irene.

Mystique sighed. She had hoped to be further away from Nerima before having this conversation. Say several miles in the air onboard her jet, ah well.

"Yes Ranma you have a younger brother and sister. Their names are Kurt and Rogue." said Mystique.

Ranma frowned. "Uh, how? I mean Pops and I were on that training trip."

"Rogue I adopted a few years after you and Genma had left. Kurt is your younger half brother." answered Mystique.

"Am I gonna meet them?" asked Ranma.

Mystique smiled wistfully. "I truly hope so."

Flashback Ends

"Ranma are you all right?" asked Mystique.

"Yeah, I'm fine mom." said Ranma.

"Ranma there's something about me, about your siblings that you should know." Mystique took a deep breath before continuing. "I am a mutant."

Ranma cocked his head as he looked at his mother.

"Ya look perfectly normal ta me." he said.

Mystique chuckled. "Not the kind of mutant that you are obviously thinking of, son. Mutants like myself are people who have a gene that gives them special powers."

"Cool. So what's your power?" asked Ranma.

"I'm a shape shifter. But unlike your curse I don't have just two forms to change from. I can become any body or animal that I choose." said Mystique.

Nodding at that Ranma was silent before asking. "So what about Rogue or Kurt? Whta are their powers?"

"Kurt has the power to teleport. Rogue, however, has a much more dangerous power. Hers is the power of aborbstion by physical touch. Because of her powers Rogue can not touch anyone with her bare skin. Powers, humph. More like a curse."

The last was muttered so silently that Ranma barely heard it. It seemed as though his sister had as much trouble in her life as he did. Then a thought struck him.

"Hey if you are a mutant does that make me one as well?" he asked.

"Honestly son I do not know. Mutant abilities usually manifest themselves once someone reaches their teens. So far you have not shown any signs of being one. During all my other visits I have kept an eye out for any such displays from you." said Mystique.

"Oh. Does it bother you that I ain't a mutant?" Ranma asked quietly.

Mystique stared at her son in surprise. Then remembered that all Ranma truly knew about her was the act that she had created for her character of Nodoka.

"No Ranma it doesn't bother me. You are my son and I love you for that alone." Mystique said.

Ranma sighed in relief. When he had found that his family was mutants he had been afraid that his mom would disappointed if he wasn't one as well.

"That's good ta hear. By the way, you said that you were a shape shifter. Is this your real form?"

Smiling Mystique shook her head. Letting out a small laugh she had wondered how long it would be before Ranma asked her that question.

"No, no it isn't. I highly doubt that your father would have married me if he knew what I really looked like." she said.

Irene overhearing them joined her friend in laughter.

"I dare say that he would have run away or begged for mercy."

"Yeah that sounds like Pops. So what do you really look like mom?" said Ranma.

Not answering him Mystique reverted back to her original form. Ranma watched in awe as his mother's skin turned a dark blue and her eyes turned yellow.

"Whoa. That's kinda cool." said Ranma.

Mystique blinked. Somehow she had expected something than that quiet statement. Then again considering her son's life he had probably seen stranger things. Mystique just hoped that Ranma's life would calm down some once they got to Bayville.

Back in Nerima...

Nabiki and Kasumi had just returned home from visiting a sick friend. Entering the household Nabiki blinked. Something didn't seem right. As Kasumi went to the kitchen Nabiki tried to figure out what it was that felt so wrong. Looking around she saw Akane silently fuming in front of the tv. Her father and Genma were huddled over their shogi board. Then it dawned on her Ranma was nowhere in sight.

"I wonder what Ranma-baby did this time?" muttered Nabiki.

It didn't take long before both fathers took notice of her presence.

"Daughter you must help us." said Soun.

"Yes you must locate that no good son of mine." added Genma.

Nabiki raised an eyebrow. She had been right. It did have something to do with Ranma.

"Really daddy, and just why isn't Ranma here?" she asked.

"My wife decided that Ranma was to live with her. Only they aren't at the family home." explained Genma.

What none of them realized was that Shampoo in her cursed form was listening in on the entire conversation. Hearing that her Ranma was no longer living at the Tendo's or at his mother's home the cursed amazon quickly made her way back to the cat café.

Unaware of their eavesdropper leaving as silently leaving as she came, Nabiki sighed as she listened to her and friend explain why Ranma had gone off with Nodoka. If Nodoka had decided to move herself and Ranma to somewhere else than it would be difficult to find them. Still that would stop Nabiki from trying. After all Ranma still owed her and Nabiki always collected her debts.

Outside the Bayville airport Sabertooth silently waited for his prey to arrive. Magneto had learned of Mystique's little trip to Japan. And he had sent Sabertooth to collect Mystique upon her return. Along with whoever was with her.

Watching as several planes landed sabertooth grinned savagely. He was sure Magneto wouldn't mind a few claw marks on Mystique. Creeping silently Sabertooth readied his claws as he watched a private plan land. As the three passengers climbed down from the plane sabertooth leapt at them.

To Be Continued...

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