A poem made for the neopet, Lupe. I have this strange attraction to wolves, which Lupes look a lot like.

Disclaimer: I do not own neopets. I only own this poem.

Howl Of The Wild Lupes

Why do lupes howl to the full moon in the sky?

To understand their song, why do I even try?

The haunting, yet melodious, sounds resounding in my ears

It could be my greatest blessing, but also bring my greatest fears

Everyone wonders why I study these strange creatures

They ask, "Why not Chombies, Eyries, or even Gelerts?"

They will never understand the need to fill this abyss

To know all about the our lupe brethren with nothing amiss

Haunting it may be, but my blood runs deep

To experience what they do, what they feel, I am never to sleep

To understand the mysteries surrounding the mysterious neopet

To know if they ever feel sadness, loneliness, and regret

Back to my attraction, the night sky clears out

I know that the wild lupes will howl soon, without a single doubt

The clouds disappearing, to reveal the beautiful moon so clear

The sound of lupes fills the sky, as if admiring the end of the year

They are so the same like other pets, yet also so completely different

Now I will forever wonder if the world was always so bent

I've always wondered, and still I do, why do wild lupes howl to the moon in sky?

Someday, maybe someday, I can understand the mysteries of the lupe's mysterious cry

Okay, that's it. I already stopped neopets after realizing that my real pets need my attention. I'm still fond of it thought, and read some stories. Don't forget to review! Thanks in advance if you do.