Author: Falconwolf3

Fandom: 7th Heaven
Pairing: Martin Brewer and Ruthie Camden
Theme set: Alpha
Rating: T

Martin: Comfort

I wish I could comfort Ruthie, but I'm the reason she's hurting.

Ruthie: Kiss

I'll never know what it feels like to kiss Martin.

Martin: Soft

When I hugged Ruthie that night, she felt so soft.

Ruthie: Pain

I want this pain to go away.

Martin: Potatoes

Tonight I'm sitting alone eating cold mashed potatoes.

Ruthie: Rain

I love watching the rain, love standing in it more.

Martin: Chocolate

Today is Valentine's Day and I almost bought Ruthie chocolate candy.

Ruthie: Happiness

I'll never have that happiness that I dreamed of with Martin.

Martin: Telephone

I just want to pick up the telephone and call Ruthie.

Ruthie: Ears

Martin telling me that he loved me would be music to my ears.

Martin: Name

It has been months since I've heard Ruthie call my name.

Ruthie: Sensual

I even tried to dance differently so that it was sensual.

Martin: Death

I have a bad feeling that I'm going to love Ruthie until death.

Ruthie: Sex

If only Martin had waited until he got married to have sex.

Martin: Touch

I'm dying just to touch Ruthie.

Ruthie: Weakness

God forgive my weakness, I'll let go of Martin.

Martin: Tears

I hate to admit it, but I've actually shed tears over losing Ruthie.

Ruthie: Speed

I need to get over Martin, but speed is not on my side.

Martin: Wind

Every time the wind blows, I hear Ruthie's name.

Ruthie: Freedom

I need to have freedom from Martin.

Martin: Life

I really wish I hadn't messed up my life.

Ruthie: Jealousy

The jealousy I feel toward Sandy isn't good.

Martin: Hands

I had Ruthie in my hands, and I let her down.

Ruthie: Taste

This situation is leaving a bad taste in my mouth.

Martin: Devotion

Ruthie deserved my devotion and more.

Ruthie: Forever

Martin is out of my life forever.

Martin: Blood

Ruthie is in my heart, mind, and I swear she flows through the blood in my veins.

Ruthie: Sickness

Martin is a sickness; I have to find a cure.

Martin: Melody

Every melody I hear on the radio reminds me of Ruthie.

Ruthie: Star

I've wished on my last star, I will no longer wish for a future with Martin.

Martin: Home

Here I am home alone, dreaming of what can never be.

Ruthie: Confusion

There has been so much confusion, too much.

Martin: Fear

My biggest fear is watching Ruthie marry someone else and have the family I wanted to have with her.

Ruthie: Lightning/Thunder

As the lightning starts, Ruthie starts to cry.

Martin: Bonds

The bonds between Ruthie and me have been forever broken.

Ruthie: Market

I'm officially back on the dating market.

Martin: Technology

I wish there was technology out there that would make Aaron Ruthie's instead of Sandy's baby.

Ruthie: Gift

True love is a gift; I just have to wait for mine.

Martin: Smile

I wish there was someway to make Ruthie smile at me again.

Ruthie: Innocence

I've lost my innocence now, I know longer believe life is fair.

Martin: Completion

Without Ruthie, my life will never have its true completion.

Ruthie: Clouds

The clouds will roll away and my life will go back to normal.

Martin: Sky

I keep looking at the sky for answers; so far, all I see is Aaron.

Ruthie: Heaven

Marrying Martin would have been Heaven.

Martin: Hell

Living without Ruthie is going to feel like I'm living in Hell

Ruthie: Sun

The sun will shine again someday.

Martin: Moon

The moon will always rise and fall out of the darkness.

Ruthie: Waves

The ocean flows with the current of the waves, as I must in life.

Martin: Hair

I can still smell her scent form the shampoo she uses on her hair.

Ruthie: Supernova

Like a supernova exploding in my heart, I let go of my dreams.