Chapter 1 Forbidden Mission

Kim was awakened by the sudden sound of her alarm clock buzzing to life. Half asleep she reached over and pushed the snooze button. There.. everything was peaceful again! She started to drift back off into sleep. Unfortunately only seconds later, the sound of a continuous beep awoke her again startling her, making her body jump. She groaned, grabbing her pillow, and holding it over her head. She didn't want to go to school! Last night's mission with Monkey Fist seemed to be the longest mission in her life! It seemed to go on all night! Not to mention the two other missions she was on prier to that! She had only gotten 2 maybe 3 hours of sleep if even that!

The redhead reached over again slamming her fist down on the snooze button hoping to buy more time.

"Kimmy? Are you awake?" her mother called out to her obviously on her way to Kim's room.

Mrs. Possible stuck her head in the door, "Kimmy?" She was asleep.

Kim's Mother giggled softly, making her way over to the bed. Quietly she reached over, and set her alarm clock for the next minute.

One minute later it screeched out breaking the silence of the room.

Kim let out a short startled scream, falling backwards off her bed. "Oh!" THUMP!

"Kimmy, what are you doing? You have to get ready or you'll be late for school!"

Kim's head popped up from behind her bed, an annoyed expression written on her face, "I am aware mother."

"Then why weren't you up?"

"I'm sorry, Mom," Kim said, standing, "It's just that, well this week was so packed with missions I've hardly gotten any sleep."

A concerned expression crossed Mrs. Possibles face, "I see.."

Kim sat on the bed and let out a yawn, "But don't worry, Mom, I'm sure I'll be able to handle it."

"Kimmy.." Mrs. Possible started, sitting down next to her daughter, "I've noticed, that you've been extremely stressed lately, and I was thinking.. well maybe you should cut this part of your life."

Kim laughed, "Mom I have to go to school the State demands it."

"No, not that," she went on taking in a deep breath, "I mean.. well maybe you shouldn't do this anymore, maybe you should stop being.. well, a super hero."

Kim's eyes enlarged, "What? Mom what are you saying?"

Mrs. Possible bit her lower lip, "Honey, you don't seem like you can handle this, you don't seem like you can balance being a super hero and living a normal life. What I'm trying to say is, I want you to stop."

"But, mom, It's what I do! I've been doing this forever! Why are you so concerned now!"

"The truth is Kimmy, I've always been concerned, I just never said anything before, because I knew you loved it!"

Kim raised an eyebrow, "So what? You're asking me to give this up?"

"No, Kim."

Kim sighed, relieved.

"I'm telling you."

Kim stuttered surprised, "W-What?"

"I'm serious, Kim," Kim's mom continued, standing, "I want you to stop."

"B-but," Kim fired up to her feet, "That's not fair!" Kim shot back raising her voice, "You can't make me do this!"

"Kimberly Anne Possible! Don't raise your voice to me! As long as you live in my house, you follow my rules!" With that she turned on her heel and left the room.

Kim flopped down on her bed. She's making me quit? She can't do this to me! How can I- What would I-

Kim moaned loudly flopping her head into her pillow.


Kim sighed deeply as she turned the dial for her combination lock on her locker. Her Mom couldn't actually make her quite, could she? How could she do this to Kim? This is what Kim loved! How could she just take it away from her!

"Hey K.P.!" Her best friend Ron called when he spotted Kim. "How ya been?"

"Besides my Mom totally ruining my life, and making me miserable, I've been just dandy." Kim replied.

"Yeah, uh.. what?"

"My Mom wants me to stop going on missions, basically stop all the drama in my life!"

"She wants you to stop being a super hero?"

A naked mole rat jumped out of the boys pocket settling it's self on Ron's shoulder, "Eh?"

"Yeah! I can't believe she's doing this to me!" Kim went on, taking books out of her locker, "This is what I'm good at! It's what I do! How can she even think about making me stop!"

"Maybe she's just worried about you." Ron put in.

"Ron, who's side are you on?"

The next second the computer in Kim's locker turned on, "Kim!"

"What's the sitch', Wade?" Kim asked.

"Drakken's building a new weapon to help him achieve world domination!"

Kim rolled her eyes, "What else is new?"

"You have to destroy it! I'll send you the location of his hideout!"

In only a minute a paper printed out of the computer.

Kim bit her lower lip.

"Actually, Wade, Kim can't-"

"Ok, Wade, I'm on it." Kim interrupted.

"I'll send you a ride." Wade nodded.

Kim smiled, "Please and thank you!"
The next second the computer went off by itself.

"Kim! What are you doing? If your Mom finds out she'll-"

"Ron," Kim interrupted again, "My Mom will not find out about this, I've been doing this since pre-K and I am not going to stop now!"

"B-but your Mom-"

Kim took Ron's hands, "You have to promise not to tell her! Please, Ron! Just this one last mission then when I go home, I'll talk her out of this whole crazy thing!"

"B-but you-"

Kim's eyes became sad and sparkly as she used her puppy dog pout.

"B-but you- she-" Ron couldn't help but give in, she looked so cute, he sighed, defeated, "Oh all right!"


"I've done it this time Shego!" Drakken began to rant, as he paced back and forth in front of his machine "I have created such a weapon that, I, Dr. Drakken will bring the entire universe to-"

"Yeah, yeah, blah, blah, blah," Shego rolled her eyes, as she spun her chair toward him, "Can you get to the point?"

Although he was disappointed he didn't get to do his entire speech he got to the point, "This!" Drakken pulled the large blanket off of his weapon revealing it. The weapon was a large cannon sort of gun with a seat attached to it.

The green women raised an eyebrow,"Ok..." she stopped filing her nails for a second, a little impressed, "What is it?"

"This is the Aqua Ray! It will turn anyone who is hit by it's plasmic ray into," he paused for dramatic affect, "A FISH!"

Her interest faded, "A fish..."

"A fish!" Dr Drakken repeated, laughing evilly.

She laughed shortly as she walked over to him, "Ha Ha Ha," she grabbed him by the collar, "Ok, now you have seriously lost you mind!"

"Laugh now, Shego, but you won't be laughing when my evil plan works," the blue man causally walked out of her hold, a look of determination on his face, like he was 100 brilliant, "Once I turn everyone into fish, they will all be flopping around with no water, and to turn themselves back.." he looked at Shego quick, a little less serious, "Or to get transportation to a very large tank," he went on, turning away from her, derermined again, "They will have no choice but to make me the ruler of the entire world! MWAHAHAHHAHA!"

Shego slapped her forehead, "Why am I still even here!"


"Gee I don't know.." said a voice from behind them.

They both turned to see who was there.

"Maybe you got brain damage from one of his inventions!" the girl went on.

"Kim Possible!" they both said in unison.

From the smoke another figure emerged, "And Ron Stoppable! Faithful sidekick!"

Drakken scratched his chin, "I have trouble recalling him..."

Ron glared at the blue man, "Oh, come on!"

Shego's hands lit up, a dangerous glow, and evil confident smile on her face, "Ready Kimmie!"

The readhead effortlessly back flipped over to Shego, stopping uprightly in front on her, then took a battle stance, "Ready!"

Shego was the first to strike, a growl following an attempt to smash her fist into Kim's face. Kim dodged, then kicked her leg at Shego, but missing sending it over Shego's head. Very unlike herself, Kim got a blow to the stomach sending her skidding across the floor to where Ron stood. What? That's so unlike me, I never take a hit seconds into a fight with Shego.. Kim thought to herself.

Ron looked down at her, his face upside down to her, "K.P.? What happened? You never take a blow like that seconds into a fight with Shego!"

Kim growled, kicking herself to her feet. "I am aware, Ron."

"What's wrong?" her friend asked.

Kim ground her teeth,"Nothing! I'm totally fine!" She sprinted at Shego.

With one spin kick from the green women the redhead went flying back, right into the wall.

"Kim!" Ron rushed over.

She groaned, she fell forward, Ron catching her before she hit the floor.

"Kim.. what's-"

"I can't help, Ron," she began to answer knowing what he was going to ask, "I feel so weak.. I-I haven't gotten much sleep this week.. and I'm just-just." her head fell to his lap, she was so exhausted she could barely keep her head up anymore!

Ron stared at her concerned, he gently placed her on the floor, "Don't worry K.P I'll take care of this!"

"Aw Kimmie, too tired to play," Shego taunted, "Maybe she needs a nap!" her hands lit up again, "I could give her one, a permanent one!"

A green plasmic blast flew across the room, Ron picked Kim up and jumped out of the way. He looked back at the simmering wall realizing what could have happened.

"That's it, Shego!" Ron growled, standing to his feet, taking a karate pose, "You are so going down!"

Shego placed her hands on her hips, "Oh yeah right!" she taunted with her hand, "Come and get some little man!"

Ron squinted and glared. He made weird karate poses that looked kind of ridiculous, as he made weird sounds, "OoOh whaw eeya wah ha wah Oooh!"

"Bring it!" Shego charged.

Drakken watched from afar from behind his machine. Kim Possible doesn't seem to have the strength she usually has... He thought. He looked at his weapon and grinned evilly. Maybe this would be the time to try out my new weapon. Drakken climbed up the machine, settling himself in the chair, flipped a switch and aimed for his rival.

Ron was so busy fighting he didn't even notice Drakken, but what he said next got his attention.

Drakken flipped the cover off a button, his target locked. His thumb hovering over the button.

Drakken smiled, "Farewell, Kim Possible!" Drakken laughed as his thumb came down on the button.

Ron heard his words and realized what was going on, "NO!" Ron dove, flying right into the machine, changing it's aim slightly.

The weapon fired out a strange plasmic light, but thanks to Ron it only hit Kim's legs.

Kim screamed out in agony, suddenly awakened by the pain corsing through her body.

Shego smiled while Drakken continued to laugh.

Ron watched his friend suffer in shock.

"KIM!" Ron screamed.

There was nothing he could do now! It had hit her! Even though he didn't know what the ray did, he knew if Drakken had made it, it couldn't be good!

Standing there helplessly, not knowing what to do Ron focused his rage on the cause of it all.

"Drakken.." he growled, glaring up at him. "YOU!"

"What?" Drakken said looking around cluelessly.

Ron came flying at his face, "RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!"

Drakken screamed in surprise. All that could be seen was a cloud smoke, once in a while you could see Ron and Drakken's heads pop up, Ron's fist in Drakken's eye and so forth.

As they continued to fight Shego noticed something that they didn't.

"LOOK!" she gasped pointing.

Ron and Drakken stopped suddenly, in rather awkward positions, Drakken grabbing Ron's ear with one fist in the air, Ron's fist in Drakken's mouth, another also ready to punch.

They both looked at Kim.

Everyone gasped. NOTHING HAD HAPPENED!

Author's Note: Hope you like the beginning, although it is kind of weird to write this since my name is Kim also. I mostly wanted to write this because I couldn't find a good RonXKim fic, if you peeps have read a good one recomend it to me! But Anyway, I'll try to hurry with the next chapter! Btw I know Kim's Mom is kind of OOC but she needs to say that stuff so the rest of the story can flow.