Title: Starting a New Leaf

Author: nilereina

Pairings: Logan/Harry, Scott/Jean

Rating: M

Summary: The war has finally ended but the Magical World doesn't care as they have turned their backs upon their savior, Harry Potter... Feeling betrayed, Remus Lupin and Harry Potter have decided to prepare for a new life, departing from the only world they knew... But they didn't know what adventures were waiting for them upon the arrival in a new world where they would start a new life

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Disclaimers/Warnings: Harry Potter characters belong to J.K. Rowling...X-teams and X-villains belong to those lovely artists and writers at Marvel...Predator Hybrids and Sheik are mine as is the idea of Wielders...M/M, M/M/M, M/F/M, M/F pairings...Situations of violence, bloodshed, rape, and sexual content... AU setting crossover

Author Notes: Possible spoilers for Books1-6...Possible spoilers for various comic issues...Although I'm making the storyline only a couple years after Harry's graduation and a few years after Remy joined the team, it will be an AU...It's been a couple of years since I've kept up with the comics (forgive me if I got things a bit twisted)...But this is one of the crossover ideas bouncing in my head around; the first actually written...Thanks to minniemax for willingly trying to give a hand at beta-ing for me (really appreciate your help:))

Key Codes:

Blah-- Thoughts, Emphasis

/Blah/-- Flashbacks

Blah-- Telepathy

Blah-- Parseltongue, Yelling/Screaming

Blah...Blah-- Written words

/Blah/-- Feral speech (Words between human and beast)

Chapter One

/"How could you!" Hermione Granger sobbed into the arms of her nearest friends, Lavendar Brown and Parvati Patil. She had just accused one of her closest friends, truthfully one of two best friends, for betraying them.

A bewildered Harry Potter could only stare, open mouthed. He had just been released from the Infirmary, where he had absolved three weeks of forced bed rest since the end of the war. After all Hogwarts had become home to many of his fellow friends and himself after graduation. Now here he was, being accused of becoming a threat to the Magical World, the same world he had just saved from a tyrant of a Dark Lord.

"And we thought we knew you!" Ron Weasley sneered, turning from his gaping friend to help the others comfort a hysterical Hermione.

Harry tried to step closer. "Get away from them, you horrid monster!" An irate Molly Weasley came bursting from the crowd, brandishing her wand as it sparked with red fireworks in her anger.

Harry took a startled jump back at the sight, confused and scared, "Wha?" He never got to finish speaking as someone viciously shoved him further away. He hit the stone floor in a painful heap, unhealed bruises flaming with hot flashes of sharp pain. He fought back the tears of pain, staring at them in shock.

"No one wants you here, beast! You're nothing! Nothing but a murdering, filthy bastard! Just leave!" An unknown older student bearing Hufflepuff colors had sneered at his pain, swiftly kicking in his direction as he scrambled to his feet.

Tears finally fell from pained emerald eyes as they searched the hating group for a friendly face. In the back stood two figures, Professor Snape and Remus Lupin. Snape was holding onto a struggling Remus, lips moving silently in the man's ear. "Mr. Potter." Harry turned to face a grave Headmistress McGonagall. "Come with me." She twirled away without waiting; he followed her with a painful limp. She led them to the stone gargoyle, up to the Headmistress' Office. She held open the door, "Wait here, Mr. Potter. I shall be along shortly after I calm the others."

Teary emerald eyes could only stare as the door slammed shut, "Why?"

His sad whisper seemed to catch the attention of one portrait lining the Office walls. "Harry, my boy, in trouble already?"

Glancing up, Harry saw the brightly smiling Albus Dumbledore sucking upon his infamous lemon drops, "Hello, Professor." His voice remained a whisper.

The bright smile faded as concerned blue eyes peered down at his young charge. Albus wasn't sure what was wrong but he could give a good guess, "Something wrong, my boy?"

"Everyone hates me." Harry tried to stop the second flow of hot tears but they still fell freely. His voice once again encased with sadness, "I fought for them. It hurt so much. I still feel the wounds. The dreams come even when I wake. The screams. So much blood and death."

All the portraits remained silent, wanting to cry with and to comfort the young wizard. His pain was raw, never hidden. Albus always knew Harry wore his emotions for the world to see. He also knew Harry could never hurt his family and friends, no matter the past he suffered. His boy was vulnerable but strong willed, although hearing his dark words made him fear for the boy. "Harry?"

But Harry pushed on, not hearing the layered concern and fear. "We went after them. The last battle of the long war. I got lost, split from my team. I fought to find Voldemort. I didn't want to hurt them but I had no choice. I had to." Harry began to twist his hands, as if they were covered in blood and weren't clean enough, "After I got by them, I found him. We dueled but it's all a blur. I remember pain. So much pain. And screaming. I must have blocked it out. I just remember fiery pain, blood, and screaming. Then I woke to Madame Pomfrey in the Infirmary."

Albus tried to reassure his trembling child with a caring smile but an earlier conversation came to mind. "I am sorry, my dear boy."

Harry buried his head into his drawn up knees as he openly sobbed. He never saw Albus signal Fawkes to leave. His voice muffled by his knees, "What did I do wrong?"

The door shoved open, revealing two concerned figures. One rushed to gather him into their arms, "You did nothing, Harry. They did."

Emerald eyes jerked to face Remus Lupin and Minerva McGonagall, "What...what do you mean?"

Minerva grimly smiled as she locked the door and shielded them from any stray listeners, "Something happened during your final battle. You were always a quick healer despite all the times in the Hospital Wing. But this time you healed too quickly. Poppy took samples and several magical scans. She found something strange. You were infected."

"H-how? It wasn't a full moon!" Harry couldn't believe he was infected.

Remus nodded at that statement, "True, Cub, but there is a creature that does not follow any lunar ties. This creature is the rarest of all Dark Creatures. Somehow it exchanged blood with you. We think it had to have happened while you were unconscious considering you had no bite marks but open wounds. It could have easily taken your blood and traded some of their's."

Harry whimpered, "What was it?"

"A Hybrid. Predator Hybrid to be exact. The rarest, because they are thought to have been wiped out but there has been very few sightings of Ancient Hybrids about. They are also the Darkest of Dark Creatures, feared and hated by theMagical World, as any other Dark Creature if not more."

"What are they?" This was a breed they have never learned in History, DADA, or Magical Creatures class.

Remus fell into lecture mode, "You'll never hear of these creatures because the Ministry banned all information and books. Nothing is to be found upon their history. But there are those who must know, such as Aurors and the Dark Arts Professors. We must be able to identify them, even medical staff must know what to look for. Predator Hybrids are feline humanoids. A mixture of human and feline. They have the basic need to hunt for raw meat. There's not much known except that they are vicious killers, enjoying the sight of spilled blood. They are very territorial creatures, like all feline cultures. It's rumored that they can never be controlled by the Ministry as can most Dark Creatures. They are almost resistant to magic, absorb it to boost their healing, but if caught off guard, it can hurt them. Because of this, it is very difficult to kill them. They are dangerous fighters when cornered."

Minerva tightly nodded, "The Ministry created the Aurors and Unspeakables mainly to wipe out these fascinating creatures. Or so they believed. They also won't stop until the last of the breed are extinct. There are theories, that because of this the Ancients, those whohave survived the First Wave, mutated their power to survive. It is said that Vampires and Werewolves are descendants of such creatures. But has never been proven because their genes and blood do not match in any form, which infuriates the Ministry in hopes of destroying them as well, especially since they can be partially controlled."

"What do I do?" Harry trembled with fear.

"Poppy had no choice but to alert the Ministry. By Magical Law and Oath of the Ministry of Magic, any Predator Hybrid found or suspected must be alerted to authorities. She basically had to tell the Minister she found a Hybrid, in your blood stream. But with the confusion after the war, no one could do anything just yet."

Harry stared at the two adults, "And now?"

"Soon you'll be leaving." Seeing the fearful look, Minerva continued, "At first no one did anything because of your wounds. You were magically exhausted, weak from blood loss, which affected your healing. Poppy mentioned to the Minister that is was very possible that you could succumb to your wounds."

"Obviously not. It wouldn't be fair in my case." Harry was trying to be sarcastic but they could hear the bitter fear.

Remus hugged his Cub closer, gathering the trembling body onto his lap. "As Minerva said, you were always a quick healer. For two weeks we kept you sedated because most of your wounds were cursed and it is difficult to heal magically resistant wounds, especially when Hybrid genes were coursing through your body. But you healed as your body rested until the most fatal wounds and possible fatal wounds disappeared."

Then Minerva gave more bad news, wanting Harry to know everything. She had seen the results of Harry having little to no information dealing with him. "Even after you healed, Poppy still kept the authorities at bay. Everyone knows that Hybrids were rare, even before the First Wave of wiping them out. They were powerful creatures and their blood had to merge with their victim if a transformation was to occur. But it was just as rare for a victim to survive the merging."

"Considering I just lost my friends, I survived the merging."

"Yes, but you're still weak, magically. Because of that you haven't fully merged into a Hybrid, just enough to gain their fast healing. Later you will begin to feel your inner balance fail. This will begin the final merging of your magical and animalistic genes. But for now," Harry raised a brow, confused as to why Remus and Minerva were gleaming with mischief, "we were only bound in honour to alert of you being a Hybrid, here in Hogwarts. Nothing more, nothing less. Should you mysteriously vanish despite my attempts to keep you subdued, it's not our problem. We don't even need to give them clues where you could have gone."

Remus chuckled at his Cub's gaping mouth, "Only a few selected knew you would have survived. You have always managed to perform the impossible, Cub. While you were resting, we began making plans of starting over."

Fawkes suddenly appeared, dropping Remus' belongings upon the floor. Seconds later arrived Dobby with Harry's belongings. "Why did they bring our stuff?"

Minerva's head snapped to the door, seemingly contemplating; then swished her wand in its direction. "Severus."

Severus Snape tipped his head in greeting, "Minerva." Dark eyes pinned Remus in place, "Lupin, here." He handed over a steaming cup.

"Thank you, Severus." Remus saw Harry's concern, knowing it was for him and not the fact they all had fought and struggled hard to prove Severus' innocence and compliance to follow orders to ensure victory for the Order, all the while Harry was sedated. "Don't worry, Cub. It's only one more night. We'll still be safe by then."

Albus finally spoke since the Headmistress' arrival, "The students shall miss a wonderful Defense Instructor. So shall I miss you, my boys."

"I don't understand." Harry was openly confused.

Severus stiffened. He felt the wards pulsing as had Minerva. She had chosen the Slytherin Head of House as her Deputy Headmaster, despite other discouragement because of his involvement with Albus Dumbledore's death. He was, deep inside, grateful they all knew the truth, at least those considered important to him. "Minerva."

She smiled at his scowl, "I'm sure you can greet them just fine, Severus. I know for a fact you've already seen to your children. I still need to check upon my children, some won't return to the dorms in hopes of seeing Harry taken away." She turned to the House-elf, "Dobby, please see to Mr. Potter and Mr. Lupin's needs. Harry hasn't eaten since he left the Hospital Wing." Dobby nodded.

Albus cheerfully crowed, "Of course! Such a shame to lock your doors and fireplace, Minerva. Always were a thoughtful woman." She warmly smiled at the older wizard. "Such a shame we mostly sleep."

Harry was speechless as the portraits fell back into their snoring ways and the two Professors slipped away. "I don't understand."

Remus chuckled, "Dobby, how about a small breakfast drink for Harry."

"I's be back, Master Harry Potter Sir!" But he would take his time. Like the portraits in the Headmistress Office, House elves only answered to their Mistress, the Headmistress of Hogwarts and beneath her, the Deputy Headmaster.

"Harry?" Emerald met amber with confusion, "I know you don't understand but we are helping you."

"Why?" Harry didn't want to cry again. He was tired of it.

"Albus gave his life to help you win. Sirius gave his life to protect you. Severus gave up everything in hopes of leading Voldemort blind. Minerva gave you her trust and faith. And I, not only promised your parents and Sirius, swore to always be by your side. We all believe in you, Cub. That is why we've made plans. Dobby will arrive here with your drink to find us gone. He'll alert Minerva and everyone will try finding us but by that time we'll be safe."

"Where are we going?"

Fawkes gave a soft trill, "Gringotts. The Goblins had arranged for our arrival and safe-keeping. They also have a way for us to start afresh in life. Fawkes will guide us there and return before anyone knows he's gone." Remus quickly shrunk their belongings except for Hedwig's cage. The snowy owl softly hooted, "Don't worry, girl. Fawkes won't hurt you. It's best if you vanish with us. They'll think Harry went to theowlery and tried leaving the castle."

Harry frowned, "What about you?"

"I'm at Grimwauld Place. I go there every week of the Full Moon. The Ministry knows this. And the Goblins made sure that someone looking, acting, thinking like me is there, no matter what spell or potion the Ministry uses to disprove. Then I'll simply vanish, mourning the lost of my entire family. Come, we must hurry." Remus gathered his Cub close, "Time to go Fawkes."

The golden red phoenix trilled slightly louder, fanning out his wings and tail feathers. One agile jump landed him upon Remus' shoulders. Another trill and the group vanished in a column of fire. Seconds later, they reappeared inside one of Gringotts private offices, "Welcome back to Gringotts, Mr. Potter."/

Emerald eyes flew open as Harry swiftly sat up, "Harry?"

A sleepy voice called to him. He turned to see amber eyes glittering in the near dark, "I'm alright. Same dream."

Remus nodded, "I know."

Like the usual routine over the last couple of days, hot tears flowed down Harry's cheeks. "Why? Why would they give up? I could never hurt them. I would never hurt them!"

Remus held his sobbing Cub, "I'm here. Shh, calm down, Cub."

A throat cleared, alerting them of a Goblin's presence. "Head Goblin Thanos awaits you."

"Oh!" They had forgotten this was the start of their new life. Over the last three days since the betrayal, the Goblins had been researching spells as well as helping the two wizards settle their finances and belongings. They even helped the two wizards to gather a few personal mementos from their personal homes. "Lead the way. I'm afraid we've never seen his office." And Remus dragged his Cub along.

"Welcome, gentlemen." An aged Goblin peered over a dusty tome at his guests. "Sit, please. We have the final papers to sign."

Harry pulled the manila folder closer. He had learned that he owned Sirius Black's property and finances since his Godfather had named Harry his heir. Plus he had to deal with the Potter fortune as well. "Harry?" According to the wills and paperwork, he may have inherited such fortunes but he couldn't really make large decisions without his Guardian's consent until he was twenty-one. Remus just happened to be his Guardian and there was nothing the Ministry could do since he was the only man the Goblins would accept. Otherwise Harry would have been emancipated and that was something the Minister did not want.

"I guess we can give Godric's Hollow to the Order. It's been renovated and rebuilt, even layered with powerful wards. They'll be safe. Let the Malfoys have Grimwauld Place after the Order clears out everything they own. It's only fair since Narcissa is the only Black left besides Draco and myself, considering they both wanted out of Voldemort's cause but couldn't until now. It'll give Narcissa a place of her own and the other properties since Draco's been named Lord Malfoy while Lucius is serving time in Azkaban and make up for the sting of the prestigious lossof the Malfoy title."

Remus nodded, signing his name to the consent form beneath Harry's. "And the Potter properties?"

"Give them to Severus Snape. He's lost too much from the Ministry. He'll care for them. He can decide what to do with the others." Once again Remus signed over their consent. Harry thoughtfully frowned as he read over the fortunes, "I have a lawyer that deals with my business deals, correct?"

Head Goblin Thanos nodded, "Yes, Sir. Your lawyer, who also happens to be your personal accountant, takes care of business deals and shares with your Guardian's consent."

"Can they be kept in my name?"

The aged Goblin smirked, "Yes they can. But if I could suggest this, we have a spell that give you a new life in a new world. There is one universe that has very similar business shares. We've had quite a few Magical Creatures choose a new life after the abuse they've suffered here. We can also easily establish your life among the Muggles easily as well as your vaults to be deposited in various prestigious banks."

"Can we still access our magic?" Remus inwardly smiled. It seemed they would get a real chance at living. His Cub was quite interested.

Gnarled fingers stroked aged skin as the Goblin thoughtfully spoke, "I believe so. Our contacts have mentioned slight changes depending upon the levels of magic. I believe the stronger you are the more prominent changes, especially power level."

This time Remus was curious, "A fully trained wizard turned Werewolf and a fully trained Wielder turned Predator Hybrid?"

Head Goblin Thanos took his time in answering, trying to remember facts, "I believe they would come further to the light. This world is well known for its feral beasts living in humans. Their Muggles are mere humans with some affected by a gene called the X-gene. This gene makes chosen humans mutate into something else. The mutation is different with each person, some dangerous while others are harmless. Sometimes it's obvious while others it's not. I believe your beasts should grow stronger, having more control than hiding away. I do know Werewolves still follow the Lunar Cycle but their beasts will become more prominent in their human's life."

"You still want this, Cub? It'll be a new life for us."

Harry frowned, not quite sure anymore. He knew Remus was nervous about his wolf having more reign but would take it in stride no matter what Harry decided. "There's more, isn't there?"

"Bright boy. Yes, quite true. As with every generation there is prejudice. This world has it as well. Some for and some against. They still have those causing harm for the affected humans and those trying to protect the human world. Sometimes it's for the good and sometimes it's for the worse, with the weaker caught in the middle."

"We can stay, Harry."

Harry shook his head. Rarely had Remus called him Harry, usually Cub. "We should go. It's a better chance. We won't survive here, always having to run just to live. At least in a new world, it won't be unusual for us to become our beasts. But will they suspect anything?"

Head Goblin Thanos laughed, deep and echoing, "Possibly not. The humans have Underground Connections for people to need a past for a new life in case anyone goes hunting. The others seem to accept time travelers; we assume it's natural." At his guests' hesitant nods, "We can perform the spell in the morning. I suggest you gather your belongings and make sure you have everything. We can provide you with a charmed appearance and a special card for last minute shopping. We will take the final amount from your accounts before finalizing its transfer. At nightfall we will begin the transfer of your properties, businesses, and fortunes. In the morning we will deliver you to the nearest safe point. A safe point will be isolated, usually the run-down part of a town. It will keep others from questioning your sudden arrival, even try to keep some from easily locating you."

"Thank you." Harry felt relieved. They were almost free. Remus smiled knowingly as he signed their consent forms.

Head Goblin Thanos graciously accepted the folder, "I shall call for an escort to apply the charms and give you the card. Just don't forget, at nightfall begins the transfer. We'll need any transactions finished by then. Where would you like your safe point to be?" Seeing the confusion, "Some have chosen another city or country to arrive. Many wish to see new places."

Emerald met Amber in curiosity. Both had dreams of traveling, "The States. We've always wanted to see why everyone vacations there."

"Very well. I believe our nearest safe point is around New York. We'll recheck into that before morning." The two wizards nodded, turning to face their escort for a day's worth of shopping.

By dawn they were ready to leave. They had heard that the Aurors were gaining rights to search all of Gringotts and various other buildings for the runaways. "Come. We are ready." Four Goblins plus the Head Goblin were surrounding a circle made of yellow chalk. "Step into the circle with everything you have already in place." Remus had already shrunk their belongings and Harry kept a tight grip on his owl's cage. They slipped into the middle of the circle, "Brace yourselves for a dizzy trip."

The Goblins began chanting, raising the magical vibes to form a door. Without looking back to what they were leaving, the two wizards braced themselves as a golden light rose around them, "Be safe, children. Be free." Those were the last words they heard before piercing whistles caused them to cringe. They didn't care what the future held, they only hoped it would be better than the present and past. Perhaps they could be free.