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Chapter Sixteen

"Very interesting." Sinister leaned back in his chair. He had been splicing the DNA from his new quarry. Out of all the DNAs only Gambit's came close. Both were powerful, both around Omega level. If anything the boy's genes only interact with Gambit's. The results were slightly unstable if given time to merge on their own. If he wanted to try any type of cloning or experiments, the results might not be stable. Seemed using the DNA of one can heal the other, boost their energy levels.

"Hmm, interesting results." He reviewed the security tapes, ignoring Creed's desires to play with the boy. He was more interested with the ending results. "How did you escape?" He knew the bonds were strong enough to hold the boy's powers unless drugged. But the boy had lay in a dazed position for a few minutes as Gambit cried out in pain. Suddenly the boy's bonds fell, allowing him freedom as the feral feline willing went through the electrified doorway. For a few moments his body arched with pain as thousand of volts forced their way through his system. "How?" All it took was a flung out hand before the security panel short-circuited and he was free to protect Gambit.

Sinister knew something had happened just after the rape to the breaking of bonds. "Where did you gain your strength?" He rewound the tape, eyeing the DNA results. "You are much like Gambit but also different. You each have a stunning result upon each other. But what secrets do you hide, boy?"

--------------------------------Creed's Private Rooms---------------------------------

Creed slammed a fist into the metal wall, denting it inwards. He absently licked his own blood, feeling very frustrated. He could still taste that sweet intoxicating blood, feel that tight channel grasping him. So good, pet. Can't wait fer an encore. He wanted the golden kitten back, wanting to feel the boy struggle against him as he forced that lithe body accept his girth.

Gambit always gave in willingly, knowing the outcome wouldn't be as rough. But he enjoyed the fight, the struggle, the blood. He also wished to see how long his kitten could last, tax their healing factor until neither could get it up any more. Maybe Boss man will bring you back again, let me play with you. Oh, yes, he wanted that kitten badly.

He could feel his body reacting now, a single hand caressing his member. But it was nothing compared to the memory of his spitting kitten. No, he needed to go out hunting. Maybe find a few victims to satisfy his hunger and frustration. Yes, he believed that would do well, pretending it was his kitten writhing beneath him.


"I'd advise plenty of bed rest and enriched meals to rebuild your energy, gentlemen."

Harry squirmed upon the table. He had wanted to avoid this place but Logan threatened to carry him kicking and screaming. "Can I go now?"

Hank laughed as he replaced his utensils not needed and carried the others over to a small sink for cleaning, "You, Remy, and Logan are always anxious to leave my facilities. Is there something wrong with my bedside manner?"

Logan grunted, smirking. "Naw, Blue. Jus' don't like it here." He knew Hank was trying to make Harry laugh. He did the same for Remy. The three men Hank mentioned all had their reasons as to why they hated labs and infirmaries.

"What he said. Now can I? Please?"

Hank chuckled, seemed Harry had perfect the kicked puppy dog look. "Go, go. Just don't forget rest, food, and please take a shower." He eyed the still remains of dried blood on parts of their bodies. Some he had to wash away to check for injuries. He laughed as his two friends hurried for the door, opening it to reveal a waiting Remy LeBeau.

"'Allo, mes amis. Have fun huntin'?"

Harry eagerly pressed against his Cajun pride member, purring as those long fingers stroked his arms. "Feel better, Remy?" He nuzzled the soft throat.

Remy chuckled, eyeing the flaky dried blood as his fingers brushed some away with his petting, "Oui. Remy bein."

Logan smirked from his spot, leering at his arching mate. He knew how the boy loved to be touched. He also knew that Remy more than likely felt alone. Not many of the team acknowledged Remy's desire or needs. Logan thought it was high time someone did. Reacting quickly, he pressed into his mate's body from behind, forcing the boy further into Remy. "Shower, darlin'?"

Harry purred as Logan nuzzled his claiming mark and Remy kept up his petting, "Why not share?"

An auburn brow rose as Remy seductively smiled, "Invitin' Remy now, chers?"

Logan growled as he nipped at his mate's shoulder, "Mine, pet."

Remy fought back his disappointment, feeling the emotions batter against his shields. He desperately wanted to feel that feral power unleashed upon his willing body. He was attracted to Logan until Harry stepped in. Now he refused to make either of his friends unhappy. He felt Harry answer against his throat, "Yours." He tried to ease away when a large hand gripped his left hip tightly, pulling him against a rubbing Harry.

"Where ya goin', bub?"

"Remy be lettin' de kiddies play, oui?"

"Fraid not, Remy." Harry lapped at the throbbing pulse, grinning as he got an involuntary moan.

Logan smirked before moving away, "Bring 'im along, darlin'." He left behind the two young men, eyeing them one last time before sauntering off to the communal showers in the locker room.

Harry sucked and nipped at the pale throat, "Come join us." Remy whimpered, pulling Harry closer as those talented lips moved to his ear, softly blowing, "Join us please." Then Remy found himself alone, desperately calming his nerves as he watched the other dance away.

---------------Locker Room Showers---------------------

Blue eyes glanced up from the steaming shower, "Hey, darlin'." Rough hands slammed the willing body against the tile walls, shoving a knee between golden thighs. He inhaled the intoxicating scent of his mate, feeling the delicious shiver race through the lithe form, "Mine."

Harry sighed as the hot water ran over his sticky skin. Dried blood flowed off in bloody rivers down his body to the floor as Logan nibbled on his throat, "Please." Logan swallowed his needy whimpers. He wrapped his legs about the thick waist, resting on the furred covered hips, arching into the hard body. Arms twined about the broad shoulders as hands grasped eagerly into thick strands of hair. He mewled beneath the demanding lips as his body lightly thrust against his mate.

"Mon Dieu!" Remy gapped at the scene before him. He had decided to join them, stripping in the locker room before walking to the showers only to find both men wrapped in a demanding kiss.

Harry panted as those demanding lips trailed to his throat, "Lose the towel, Remy." He snickered as Logan turned just enough to yank the Cajun next to them as he slowly moved forward. He pushed against his mate's heavier body, sliding down to his knees as Logan locked lips with a stunned Remy. He flicked his tongue over his bruised lips before lapping at the navel and hard stomach on his mate's body.

Logan bit hard on Remy's throat as he felt that wicked tongue dance further down, lapping like a kitten at a bowl of cream. He tangled one hand in his mate's hair while the other pulled Remy closer. Remy simply ran eager fingers down the muscular body as he tipped back his head. He moaned deeply as his sensitive fingertips ran over hard velvet before being sucked into a hot mouth with a slithering tongue. He writhed against his two lovers, pleading whimpers being swallowed by a growling Logan.

---------------------------------Outside the Locker Room-----------------------------

"I wouldn't go in there." Remus stepped before a stunned Scott. He had come down to see if Harry had visited the infirmary when three scents wafted from the showers. He had just noticed Scott about to enter, ready for a shower to clean off the blood against his back.

"You got to be kidding!"

"Nope. Unless you hope to watch or join in." Amber eyes glittered at the bright flush, body moving closer to invade the man's personal space.

"N-no." Scott wasn't sure why he stuttered. "Already saw it once." He eyed the moving werewolf. He froze as Remus leaned near his neck and sniffed, "Did you just sniff me?" What the hell?

Scott! Jean obviously heard his thoughts. He felt her edging along their link, watching through his eyes as Remus roughly licked his cheek. She laughed through his mind, I'm surprised he hasn't pounced yet.

Jean! He flushed from the images she bombarded his mind with before hearing a throat clearing. Turning, his lips brushed over another pair, causing his blush to deepen in color. "Uh?" A scream of pleasure followed by twin snarls made him jump. An involuntary whimper escaped his throat as the werewolf pressed him against the wall, nuzzling his throat as a hard thigh rubbed between his legs, "Wha...What are you..." his words trailed off to sweet moans.

Remus trailed his way to a pale ear, "As much as I loved to pin you here, I believe you wanted a shower." He chuckled as Scott gaped at him, feeling a gentle knock on his shields, We were moving into the boating house. To see if we could live together if marriage happened. We left our rooms in the mansion for new students. Come join us. The shower's big enough. "Looks like you'll be getting that shower as I pin you to the wall." Scott moaned as soft lips covered his in a breathless kiss, before an insistent tugging on his hands led him to their new destination.

-------------------------Back in the Showers-----------------------

Remy sighed as he leaned against the tiles, body humming with pleasure. Another body was panting against him. His hand caressed the soft fur,as Harryrubbed languidly against an insistent washcloth. Red on black eyes peered over the golden shoulder to see Logan gently cleansing his mate's body. Harry jerked against him as Logan thrust lightly, still buried deep, as he washed his mate's back. "Please."

"How about we rest, darlin'?" But his body kept moving, forcing Harry to rub against a writhing Remy.

Remy gasped, eyes wide as his hands clenched against a golden hip and Logan's right forearm. "Remy cook tonight." He whined as Harry latched onto his already bruised throat, nibbling. Nothing more was said as sounds of pleasure echoed. Soft cries of release throbbed in the heavily scented air as the steam slowly died down to cold, bodies trembling in the aftermath.

Logan chuckled against his mate's limp body, "Y' bring up a meal, pet."

They jerked back when Harry's body began to slide from their grasp. Remy exhaled loudly, sensitive tips pressing against the gold throat to feel a flutter of a pulse, "Merde! T'ought he died."

"Naw, passed out. Exhausted." Logan gently pulled free, carefully lifting Harry's slumbering body. "Get ta dinner, pet. I'll get 'im ta bed." He maneuvered the limp body to the locker, drying off and dressing. "Come on, darlin'. Time fer all good little kittens ta sleep." He pressed a hungry kiss against Remy's lips, tasting the warm spices inside his mouth. Then he urged Harry to wrap around his body, smiling at the contented purrs vibrating, nuzzling the wet hair. All three left the locker room into separate directions for the next few hours.

-----------------------Sinister's New Lair--------------------

"Boss?" Creed slipped inside the man's makeshift office.

"Keep a close eye on the boy. We might have need for him in the future. As well as Gambit, he's the only one with a tracker for now."

Creed sneered at the Cajun's name, "Gumbo ain't told 'em yet."

"No. Let it slide. They'll learn soon enough. Gambit knows it's only a matter of time. Let him think that's where he belongs. But should they learn, Gambit belongs to us as well as the feline." Sinister turned to face a glaring blonde, "I have no qualms using you for my experiments, Creed. I have need for their blood, their abilities. I just don't want them permanently damaged. Renew your friendship with Gambit. Keep him close."

"No problem, Boss."

"See that it isn't, Creed. I'd hate to deprive you of your toys so soon, especially as most of the Marauders have expressed their interest in your kitten."

Creed snarled dangerously, "It won't be."

"Good." A sadistic smile crossed Creed's face as he sauntered out the room. "Oh and Creed," the feral turned at the doorway, "I don't wish to re-clone every single one. I'd rather them live, if only in pain for a while." Hazel eyes glittered with excitement as he edged his way around the compound for the straggling Marauders. Sinister returned his view to the newest victim on his slab, Some day, Gambit. You will belong to me again.

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