Royal Secret

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I agree with EsScaper about having a bit of darkness added to the story, because our main men are being a bit too fluffy. It can be dark and humouress.

Also, in going with LuthorCorp, this chapter will pick up ten years after the last one. So, Lucius will be 28; Tom will be 53; and little Draco will be two.

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Pairings: Tom/Lucius. Implied Lucius/Narcissa (for the whole purpose of conceiving Draco).

As usual, the chapter will start with Tom's point of view (or a flashback), and will continue to do so, unless otherwise stated.


Chapter Seven

Lucius was twenty-three years old when he was sent to Tom's study by his mother, for what was apparently to be a serious discussion. He was very uncertain about why it was Tom that had to have this 'discussion' with him and not his parents. All he knew was that it was about his future and that perhaps they thought he would listen to Tom.

Lucius arrived at the study and quietly opened the door; he didn't bother to knock, he never did, "Tom?"

"Come in, Lucius; sit down."

Lucius frowned slightly; Tom sounded very business-like, which was the voice he rarely encountered, "What's this about?" he sat down in an armchair and kept his eyes locked on Tom who remained behind his desk.

Tom leaned forward; his elbows on his desk and his chin resting on his hands, "I don't know why your parents left this to me to explain to you, but they did," he sighed and continued, knowing full well that Lucius wouldn't be happy about what he was about to hear. "You know already, that you are expected to produce an heir at some point in your life," Lucius nodded. "The knowledge that has been kept from you, however, involves an old law that, so far, can not be changed. This law states that no member of the Royal family is able to take the crown while childless and un-wed."

"That's ridiculous!" cried Lucius, sitting bolt up right in his chair.

Tom nodded in agreement, "It is, but it's the law and you can't change it. Several have tried to have it changed but to no avail," he could see that Lucius was fuming now. "It is no secret that Abraxas's health is rapidly declining, so you will more than likely have to take the crown sooner than we thought. In order to do so, youmustbe married and you musthave a child. Your future Queen, of course, will be chosen by your parents and they are rather hoping that you will give them a grandchild before you're thirty."

Lucius's complexion was more pale than usual; he knew that he would have to marry and have a child at some point in his life, but he had had no idea that he would have to do so in order to become King, "I don't even like women… How am I meant to get one pregnant?"

Tom raised his eyebrows, "You'll find a way, I'm sure."

"Can't I just adopt a child?"

"No, you can't. The child has to be of your blood."

Lucius slumped back in the chair and crossed his arms over his chest; he was glaring at the obscenely expensive carpet beneath his feet, "Why wasn't I told sooner? Why leave it until the old bastard is dying? Shouldn't I have known my whole life so that I could be prepared?"

Tom nodded, "Yes, you probably should have been told several years ago, but it was up to your parents, unless of course, you decided to read up about it yourself, but clearly you didn't."

"Youcould have told me."

"I could have, yes, but I didn't," replied Tom coolly to the angry young Prince. "I thought by the time Abraxas finally dropped dead you would have done your royal duty in your own time; but now we know he will die much sooner so your time is limited."

"And if I don't have a wife and child by the time he dies? What will happen then?"

"There will be a royal 'caretaker', so to speak, looking after the position until you are ready."

Lucius huffed quietly, "And what if I have a wife and she's pregnant when he dies? Can I take the crown then or does the child have to be out of the womb for that to happen?"

"The child must be born for you to take the crown."

Lucius sighed and when he spoke again his voice was much quieter, "Do I have any say in who is to be my wife?"

"Not really, no," replied Tom. "They have a list of suitable women, you may be allowed your say in it, but the final decision rests with them."

"Oh great…" grumbled the annoyed blond. "Do I have to remain faithful?"

Tom smirked, "Not at all; it's practically obligatory that you have a lover or two."


And here I stand, quietly witnessing the result of that marriage law. Witnessing the bond between father and son, the two Wizarding Princes; Lucius and his son, Draco.

I can not be certain what has happened with my lovely blond over the last three and half years, as I have not been present. What I do know, however, is that he continued to loathe the idea of having to get married and create an heir so that he could become King upon his father's death.

Abraxas – being the awkward bastard that he is – has decided to hold out on dying for around five years now. Knowing what I do about Lucius, I can be sure that he will try and end his father's sickness eventually.

"I know you're watching me, Tom."

"Indeed I am."

"Well stop it. I'm annoyed with you."

"Why?" as if I don't know why, but he doesn't have to know that I already know.

I think it is entirely wrong for me to think it 'adorable' seeing him sitting on the floor in young Prince Draco's playroom. What is wrong with me?

"You left me," ah, the Malfoy glare. "I've needed your support and guidance the last three years and you just up and left me without so much as a goodbye. You could have at least written, Tom."

That's true, I could have written.

"Ihad to leave, Lucius. I can't tell you why just yet, but you will find out."

"Daddy, play."

I must thank the child for sidetracking Lucius. Not that it would matter though, I know full well I won't raise my voice or argue with him, especially in front of the child – Lucius knows that too. That boy must really have my balls in a vice. Lucius, I mean, not the child.

"How is Narcissa?"

Lucius is lucky his eyes don't roll right out of his head, the amount of times he's rolled them at me in the past few years.

"I'm sure she's fine. I wouldn't really know, I haven't seen her in several days. Nor has Draco here, have you?"

"It was not a match made in heaven then?" I ask; clearly it wasn't, and I know he resents having to marry the woman. Well, not just that particular woman, just any woman. Not that I blame him, really, I prefer the company of males as well.

"You know it wasn't, Tom. She sickens me."

"You are free to rule without a spouse when the time comes," perhaps encouraging him to divorce the woman will win me back some of the favour that I have quite clearly lost? Or I could suggest a quick and clean murder; I doubt anyone will miss the woman.

For the first time since arriving here Lucius smiled at me, "I know that, Tom, and that is exactly what I intend to do. Are you going to come to my rooms this evening?"

"I think so."

Christ, that was crap. I'm sorry... I'll try better next time.