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Seeley Booth was laying in the dark, in Temperance Brennan's bed, propped up against the wall, nursing a beer he'd snagged from the refrigerator a while ago. His long legs crossed at the ankle, clearly relaxed. He figured he'd just wait here until she got home from work, so they could hash this thing between them out. She had to come home some time, and he'd be right here waiting when she arrived.

Her scent enveloping him, he tipped his head back and leaned it against the wall, and closed his eyes a moment. He'd just let out a sigh as he heard her key in the lock. He smiled and waited.


Temperance Brennan finally managed to pry herself away from the lab, it had been a very long day of recanting her story to all of her co workers (over and over again) of the events that had transpired over the weekend. It had been hard to get everyone to concentrate on the task at hand. Angela in particular had loved every moment of the "Booth to the rescue" part. To be honest, she loved it too, but hadn't allowed herself to think about it too much. She figured she would sort it out all later in her mind, at home, alone. It still all seemed too surreal to her, some former coworker of Booths coming to kill her in a jealous fit. Shaking her head, she frowned slightly, glad it was all over.

Unlocking the door, and dropping her keys and bag by the door, she kicked her shoes off and padded off to her bedroom to change.

Without turning on the light, she walked in the dark to her walk in closet, and switched the light on in there, let her clothes pool in a heap on the floor, selected a sapphire blue satin robe, tied the sash in a knot and exited her closet, just as she was about to flip the switch off the closet light, she saw him, Booth, calmly watching her, reclined on her bed, beer in hand.

"Hi Bones," he said, big grin on his face

Her mouth hung open a moment, before she sputtered out "Booth….? How did you get in here?" she managed, rooted to the spot, unnerved at seeing him lay so casually on her bed. 'The same bed you and he…' shoving that thought aside, she looked at him for an answer, willing herself to remain calm.

"Well Bones, you left me your uh little note there this morning, and so I figured I'd just wait here until you got home. I let myself in by the way," he added, taking another long gulp of beer.

"Right, that is the part I am not clear on, the 'letting yourself in' part, as I don't recall granting you a key" she said testily, beginning to pace around her bedroom, unsettled seeing him there.

"Aw come on Bones, you know what, I am an FBI Agent, lock picking isn't a lost art you know" he said, not moving a muscle from the bed where he was.

"Bet you had a long day telling everyone what happened huh?" he said, attempting to smoothly change the subject, watching her pace around the room in that blue robe thing she was wearing.

It had been hell watching her get undressed in the walk in closet and not go in there to help he recalled, but he knew they had to talk about this, not tumble in to bed again. Although he was secretly hoping that would happen again, and soon. Tonight hopefully he amended.

"Yes, it was a long day, as you can imagine. When I left that note for you, I didn't necessarily mean we had to discuss this right away today you know, we could have done this say, tomorrow, this weekend? I can imagine you were quite busy as well, and you must be tired, I know I am…so…." She trailed off, eyes wandering around the room, not wanting to meet his eyes.

She stopped pacing, and looked at Booth, who at some point stood and had walked up behind her. He stood over her, looking down at her, his face serious.

"You can't run away from this, from me forever you know" he said softly, his eyes serious, his hands on her shoulders

"Of course, I know that, I just thought-" she began, shrugging, he cut her off, his finger covering her mouth

"That you would what, try to pretend what we did never happened? Like a one night stand type of thing? Hope it would go away?" his eyes narrowed at her

"Because you know what, it did happen, it wasn't a one night stand, and I am not going away until we figure out what we have going on here between us, so lets go sit down and talk, okay Bones?"

Mutely, she followed him out to the living room, not liking where this conversation was headed, but seeming unable to stop herself either. She knew she'd be in for a fight, an argument, but she really didn't think it would be so soon. She hadn't had time to really think over the implications rationally yet.

Sitting down in the far corner of the couch, he of course sat down right next to her and looked at her a long moment before talking. It unnerved her to have him regard her in that way.

"You know Bones, we've been sort of dancing around each other for almost a year now" he began, lacing his fingers together, and looking down at them

"We have not, we are just co workers, granted yes, we may have a certain amount of chemistry, however, that seems normal in most male/female working relationships, and-" again he cut her off

"Oh no, we are not going to rationalize this thing, so forget even going there. We crossed a line last night, and there is no going back now, because if you think that was a one night thing or something you are way off base" he said looking over at her, his eyes intense

"Well, what last night was, was merely two people expressing exhilaration at a highly emotional situation, me being alive, you being the one to have saved me, it is something that happens often in these situations I am sure, so the physical release was to be expected, and the emotions we felt were quite, what I meant to say is um, the emotions for this kind of thing can be overwhelming, and one thing lead to another…" she trailed off, glancing around the apartment, as if the defense she were looking for was written on the wall somewhere.

"Booth…listen, I really don't want to endanger our working relationship with this, should things not work out between us, that could be bad for everyone involved, and I do have a strict no dating coworkers rule-"

"I'm not a co worker" he interjected quickly "and we already crossed that invisible line anyway, last night" he finished

"Well we work on cases together Booth! And what I am trying to say is if this thing between us doesn't work out, it could be very uncomfortable, this is not just something as simple as "friends with benefits" as Angela says" she said, her voice raising a notch.

"I know, what you are saying, Bones, but risks in life are inevitable, I mean, come on, if you don't go out there, and just put your heart on the line sometimes, you aren't really living" he said to her, his eyes on her.

"I don't know if I want to put my heart on the line Booth, I've been hurt too many times before, I prefer to proceed cautiously in this arena of life" she said quietly, not meeting his gaze

"I know you have, you have this perimeter fence around you, so no one can get too close, so you won't get hurt, but that isn't really living, and you know it. You aren't the only one who is afraid of getting hurt either you know; come on, aren't you even the least bit curious about how it could be, how we could be? Bones?" he said again, when she didn't answer him

"Of course I am, its only natural to wonder, but…" she trailed off, not know what else to say, still not meeting his gaze

"Bones I am not asking you to marry me here" not yet anyway, he thought to himself, still staring at her intently.

"I am just wanting to see where this thing leads, okay? I mean, yeah if it doesn't work out, it could be tough, but what if it does work out? Huh? Did you think of that, or were you dooming it from the get go?" He said, more harshly than he'd intended

"Its just there are some things we don't agree on, and it could potentially cause problems down the line, and…" Brennan began

"Well of course there are things we don't agree on Bones, long before there were online dating services and companies that did all the work for you, people had to go out and do this the old fashioned way, and for a long time, you know, people they uh did just fine, you know, the whole 'opposites attract' thing" he finished, looking to her for another line of reasoning he could shoot out of the water. 'This is gong better than I thought' he smiled to himself

Before she could protest again, he leaned in, slipping his arm around her waist and pulled her close to him, kissing her gently, deeply. Finally breaking away, he gently guided her chin to force her to look into his eyes; he saw her fear there, her cautiousness.

"Bones? Come on, what do you say? We can go as slow or as fast as you want," he said to her softly, his heart hopeful

She was quiet a moment, looking into the depths of his brown eyes, seeing the intensity there, afraid of what this meant for her, for them.

"Well, we have at least got our friendship to start from, I know a lot about you, and you already know a lot about me, we get along fairly well, and…." She said, more to herself than to him

"Great, lets go to bed" he said clapping his hand together, sanding up and smiling at her

"Wait, you just said as slow or as fast as I wanted," she protested to him, a small frown furrowing her brow

"Sheesh Bones, I said go to bed, not have sex, I was talking about sleeping, what were you talking about?" he said to her mischievously

Shaking her head with a smile tugging the corner of her lips, she stood and led him to her room; she knew that things were defiantly changing, perhaps for the better.

He was right though, she thought, without taking some risks in life, you weren't really living, and this was one risk she was willing to take. He was worth it.

End story.