The wrongness of you-2

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Jake sat in his home of 17 years, rocking Tori, the small red headed baby. She wasn't a tiny baby, but not a big baby. Her mother was upstairs sleeping, Lynn got home the next day, and she had run a fever and was told she had to stay and extra night.

John had stayed with Jake and Cami just to make sure everything was going to be fine. He told Jake his sons where on their way to Pittsburgh and he would have to go meet them, then come back. The Winchesters and the Roberts went way back.

Tori opened her tiny eyes and started screaming. Jake stood up and went into the kitchen for a bottle. Some thing made him stop in his tracks. A dark figure was in the kitchen, its eyes glowing green. Jake took a step back and held Tori to his body. The dark shadow walked closer, he grabbed Jake by the neck and lifted him up.

Jake felt his throat being crushed, his eyes focused to a figure behind this demon. Lynn had woken up when she heard the baby cry, she saw the demon holding her father, quickly she opened a cupboard, grabbed a bottle of Holy water her father kept and threw it at the Demon.

The demon roared as it loosened its grip of Jake. It turned its attention to Lynn, who had grabbed another bottle of water, ready to strike

"Dad, run" she yelled. He father looked at his daughter and hesitated for a moment

" Dad, get out have here take Tori and go now" she yelled once more.

Jake pulled Tori closer to him and ran out of the house tears spilling out of his eyes, knowing that he just may have killed his daughter. He had to get to John and his boys as fast as he could.


John sat on the bench looking out at the 3 river; he was waiting for his boys to show up. He heard the familiar rumble of the Impala. A small smile crossed his face as he saw the sons he loved and raised walking towards him. He watched as Sam stopped and quickly placed a hand on his hand. Dean steadied his brother

"Sam, what is it?" Dean asked his brother

A rd haired woman stood in the kitchen, watching a dark figure, it went towards her, grabbing her by the throat, the woman wildly looked for a weapon, she tried to grab a knife, poured water out of a bottle on to it, threw the rest of the water in its face then plunged the blade into the shadow.

The Demon howled and dropped her to the ground; it disappeared with out a trace. The woman struggle to her feet, and grabbed her cell phone on the kitchen table, she scrolled down the log and found the number she hit send.

Sam blinked at the sound of Dean's cell ringing. Dean ignored it; he was more worried about Sam than a customer.

Sam looked at his brother "Answer the phone."

Dean ignored him and started to fuss over his younger brother

Sam pulled away from him "Damn it Dean. Answer the phone now" John walked over and grabbed Sam. Dean reached into his pocket and pulled out the noisy phone.

" Yea?"

"Dean? " Lynn asked slightly panicked

"Yes… Who is this?" the voice sounded familiar, but he hadn't heard it in a long time.

" Its Lynn Roberts I need your father's help, where is he?"

Dean was a little hurt she asked for his father and not him.

He handed the phone over to his father and looked over at Sam

" You okay?" he asked genuinely concerned for his brother.

"Yeah I'm okay " Sam turned his attention to his dad who had a panicked look on his face.

" John, its Lynn, that thing that killed Mary was in my kitchen. I told dad to leave with Tori. I don't know where he went…." She filled him in on the rest and gave him her address.

John hung up the phone looked at his sons " We have a job."

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