Author's Note- Here it is, the final chapter of The True Ultimate!

Chapter 20

Eclipse lunged wildly at Shadow as the white hedgehog dodged with ease. Eclipse soon retaliated and delivered a punch straight to Shadow's stomach. The white hedgehog grimaced in pain a little but threw his own fist at Eclipse.

The monstrous beast was hit by the attack and floated back a little. Eclipse raised his head up and wiped some blood off the corner of his lip with the back of his left claw while growling slightly. Eclipse charged once again, but this time he was charging up a Chaos attack in his right claw, which was drawn back.

Shadow took a defensive stance and also charged up an attack in his right hand. His exposed black fur in his hand bristled by the energy of the attack as a small orb formed within it. Eclipse continued to advance and shot his attack a good ten feet before Shadow. "CHAOS SWORD!"

The silver blast of energy was released and flew towards the Mega hedgehog. "Chaos Spear!" Shadow shouted as an attack with equal power was released from his hand.

Both attacks met with a loud explosion as Shadow and Eclipse charged at each other through the smoke of the attack. Shadow reeled back his right fist into a hook shape as he prepared a devastating blow to Eclipse. Eclipse mirrored Shadow and did the same.

Before impact however, Shadow quickly warped to the right and fired a Chaos Spear at Eclipse. The monster was prepared and also warped away, reappearing behind Shadow. "CHAOS BOMB!" Eclipse shouted as a huge energy orb flew from his claw and towards Shadow.

The dark hedgehog managed to warp away in time and reappeared over Eclipse with a giant white energy orb in hand. "Chaos Nightmare!" Shadow shouted as he launched the attack at Eclipse down below.

Eclipse looked up in time and warped away with a black flash, reappearing on Shadow's left. He began charging up an attack of his own as his body glowed silver. "CHAOS INFERNO!" Eclipse shouted as the devastating short range attack was released.

Shadow quickly warped out of the way of the attack and reappeared a safe fifty feet away. The Chaos Inferno cleared as Shadow charged again. Eclipse took a defensive stance as Shadow continued his charge, with his hands glowing bright white.

With the Group

Sonic jumped up when he saw Shadow's glowing fists. "Look guys, he's about to use Chaos Barrage!" Sonic shouted in excitement.

Rouge, Amy, Amber, and Knuckles squinted their eyes to se Shadow's hands indeed glowing white.

"Yes!" Rouge shouted in excitement. "That'll take him down!"

Sonic looked at her. "Let's hope so…"

With Shadow

When Eclipse was within grabbing distance, Shadow threw both of his glowing fists in front of him while shouting: "Chaos Barrage!"

Eclipse smirked through the light as the hundreds of small energy blasts were released. The attack created a huge cloud of smoke that grew with each blast fired. After about thirty seconds, Shadow's attack dwindled as he lowered his hands.

The smoke slowly cleared to reveal nothing. Shadow's eyes widened. "Did I destroy him?"

A maniacal laugh filled the air as Shadow looked up just in time to see Eclipse coming down upon him with his fists together in a ball. "AFRAID NOT!" Eclipse shouted as he brought both fists down on the back of Shadow's head.

Shadow's golden pupils shrank as spit flew out of his mouth. Then, with a burst of air, Shadow was sent spiraling downwards as incredible speed.

With the Group

Rouge shrieked when she saw Shadow get hit. "No! Shadow!" She screamed.

Sonic's eyes widened. "Shadow!"

With Shadow

Shadow continued spiraling down towards the earth below when he started spinning horizontally, stopping his descent. Shadow looked up at Eclipse with anger and hate in his eyes while whipping away some blood from his mouth. Then, with a burst of air, Shadow charged back up.

With the Group

The entire group let out a sigh of relief when they saw Shadow's retaliation.

Rouge sighed extra heavily. 'Thank goodness…"

With Shadow

With blazing speeds, Shadow dug his right elbow into Eclipse's stomach, causing the monster to spit up some blood. Shadow smirked as he delivered a round house kick right into Eclipse's jaw.

The monster grunted from the impact as Shadow charged up another attack, one which included his body glowing a ferocious white. "Chaos Blast!" Shadow yelled as the huge white explosion enveloped him and Eclipse.

The attack cleared as Shadow stood there unharmed. Eclipse however, was a different story. His entire lower body, including his tail, and his left arm had been completely blown off. Eclipse screamed in agony but his cries soon stopped when he reformed with a bright silver light. Eclipse had not completely reformed however. His body was still bruised slightly and there were bloody dents and scratched across his giant form.

Shadow smirked and charged for Eclipse again. With great agility, Shadow planted a straight kick right into Eclipse's chest. This attack knocked the breath right out of him as Shadow swung a hooked arm at Eclipse.

The monster reacted in time and quickly warped out of the way, reappearing right behind Shadow. Before the Mega hedgehog could react, Eclipse's tail lashed out and firmly wrapped itself around Shadow's neck.

Shadow's breath left him as the dreaded tail squeezed harder and harder. Eclipse smirked at Shadow's struggle and without warning, began speeding straight down with his tail holding Shadow right behind him.

With the Group

Every single spectator to this battle was knocked down by a strong gust of wind as Eclipse sped right by them and their small haven.

Rouge's eyes widened in fear when she saw Shadow's in Eclipse's grip. Without thinking, she started running towards the edge of the small island. She was about to jump off when a hand grabbed her arm and stopped her.

The bat looked back to discover the owner of the hand to be Sonic. "Let me go!" She said angrily. "Shadow needs my help!"

Sonic only shook his head and pulled the bat back. "No Rouge, you'd only be helping Eclipse."

"If I won't help, who will?" Rouge yelled.

The azure hedgehog was about to answer when a bright golden burst of light blinded everyone. Sonic and Rouge looked on as Super Amber jumped off the island and downwards towards Shadow and Eclipse.

With Shadow

The two fighters had now reentered the windy and stormy sky above Station Square as Shadow continued to be strangled by Eclipse's tail. The ground was almost touchable when suddenly; Eclipse moved his tail in front of him with Shadow's face being the tip of the organic rocket that was speeding towards the ground.

A loud explosion shook the air as Shadow was brought face first into the already damaged ground of the Station Square Park. Eclipse remained unharmed as his tail loosened up and he released Shadow, who now lay completely motionless inside a giant dirt and concrete filled crater.


On cue, Shadow stirred slightly and turned around. His face was completely bloody and dirty. His left eye was completely closed and there was a large amount of blood on and around it.

Eclipse sighed. "WELL SHADOW, THIS IS IT! GOODBYE!" Eclipse said confidently as he released a Chaos Sword.

Before the attack made contact however, a large yellow bolt knocked it away destroying a large empty warehouse, completely destroying it. Eclipse looked to his side and glared when he saw Super Amber.


Amber laughed. "Your confidence will be your undoing brother!"

Eclipse snickered and took a defensive stance. Amber charged at Eclipse who skillfully dodged to the side and dug his knee into her stomach. Eclipse was about to deliver a devastating blow with his right fistwhen a white blur snatched her away. Eclipse's fist dug into the ground, creating a small crater. Eclipse brought his body back up to see Shadow floating besides a panting Amber.

Before Eclipse could attack, Shadow looked at Amber, with both of his eyes now open. "Amber, go back to safety!"

Amber shook her head. "No way! I'm helping y"-

"LEAVE!" Shadow shouted.

Amber grunted but obeyed and flew back to the group over the clouds. Shadow looked back at Eclipse. "Let's go!"

Shadow immediately charged for Eclipse with a bright burst of white energy. Eclipse took a defensive stance as Shadow rammed right into him with his elbow, causing the monstrous beast to stumble back.

Eclipse quickly retaliated from the minor attack and threw his own fist at Shadow who quickly warped out of the way. Shadow reappeared behind his brother and tried delivering a round house kick to his head.

Before impact though, Eclipse also warped and appeared above Shadow with a Chaos Sword in hand. Eclipse fired it after bellowing the name of the attack as the silver energy bolt flew directly at Shadow.

The white hedgehog spotted the attack just in time and warped to the side. The Chaos Sword made impact with the Park's ground, destroying almost everything in a huge silver dome of energy.

Shadow darted up and hit Eclipse in the bottom of the jaw with his right elbow, sending the monster flying up through the clouds. The Mega hedgehog quickly followed through the stormy and restless clouds and soon came back to their original battle ground.

Eclipse had already recuperated and dove at Shadow who warped out of the way before impact. Shadow reappeared behind him and swiftly delivered a kick right to Eclipse's stomach.

The monster grimaced in pain slightly as Shadow threw another fist at him. Eclipse quickly warped out of the way and reappeared behind Shadow with a silver orb in hand.

"CHAOS BOMB!" Eclipse shouted as the attack hit Shadow at point blank range. Shadow's eyes widened in pain as he let out a silent scream. Then, with a burst of air, Shadow flew down at lighting fast speeds and hit the small amount of floating land that was within reach.

Shadow hit the ground with a loud thud, stirring up a small cloud of dust, which turned his pure white fur to a darker shade. Almost immediately, the entire group ran over to him as Sonic and Knuckles helped him up.

"You okay Shadow?" Sonic asked.

Shadow merely nodded in response. Suddenly, there was a strong gust of wind as Eclipse made his way down towards the group, smirking.

Sonic let go of Shadow as the entire weight of the hedgehog fell to Knuckles who had to adjust his position a little. Although barely touching Shadow, he could feel a slight sting due to the fact of him being so close to Shadow while in the Mega form. He couldn't even imagine what it must be like to be hit by him while in this form.

Sonic looked back at Shadow. "Listen, I still have some Chaos energy left. "I'll hold him off while you charge up an attack. Do you have one besides the Chaos Nova that could take him down?"

Shadow nodded slightly. "Yeah, but it takes some time to charge up."

Sonic nodded as he started gathering the small amount of Chaos energy he had left from the Chaos Emeralds. His fur blinked to a solid gold as his eyes turned a fierce red.

He was about to take off when he felt a hand on his shoulder. He looked back to see Amy. "Be careful!" She whispered.

Sonic flashed a toothy grin as she let go of him and he took off against Eclipse. With a burst of golden air, Sonic was in front of the diabolical hedgehog.

"SO, IS IT YOUR TURN TO DIE, HERO?" Eclipse asked.

Sonic smirked. "Not quite…" Sonic said with confidence as he charged for Eclipse.

With Shadow

Shadow began to stand to his full height as Knuckles released him from his grip. He tensed his body up as the familiar white flame of energy surrounded him. Then, with a light jump, he lifted off into the air.

Shadow continued to slowly rise in the air and stopped below where Sonic and Eclipse were fighting. Shadow looked up in amazement to see Sonic, even in Super form, holding his own against Eclipse. He looked back down and spotted the small island which was no more than a dot in the sky.

Shadow looked back up. Sonic and Eclipse looked to be fighting at the edge of space! Out of the corner of his eye, he spotted a small dark gray dot in space above.

"Ark…" Shadow muttered. Suddenly, he smirked. "Perfect…"

Shadow put both of his damaged hands in front of him as a small white energy orb formed within it. The small orb grew to the size of a baseball with a small flex of Shadow's muscles, and then to the size of a basketball.

With Sonic

The golden hedgehog swiftly dodged another attack by Eclipse as the monster retreated his fist. Then, with speed even to fast for Sonic to detect, Eclipse wrapped his tail around Sonic's neck.

The golden hedgehog's eyes widened as he gasped for breath.

Eclipse laughed. "HA, YOU'RE NO MATCH FOR ME!"

Eclipse's face contorted slightly as he put more pressure on the small creature in his vice grip.

With Shadow

The small attack in Shadow's hands had now grown to the size of a small car. The orb was now too big for Shadow's hands to contain, therefore being located slightly at the end of his outstretched hands.

Shadow's face contorted slightly as the attack continued to grow. 'Just a little more time Sonic and I'll be able to complete the attack.' Shadow thought.

With Sonic

Sonic continued to struggle when suddenly; Eclipse brought his tail back a little. Sonic's heart lifted as he thought Eclipse was going to release him. Instead however, something else happened.

The monstrous hedgehog pulled both of his fists back and started viciously pummeling the hedgehog in his grip. With each impact, small amounts of blood trickled down Sonic's lip as he felt his Chaos powers begin to fade away.

With Shadow

'Damn, I can't get it powered up in time, this is taking too long!' Shadow thought. Then, suddenly, a thought hit him.

Shadow flexed his entire body as a bright light illuminated the area. Shadow's fur blinked to icy blue as the attack in his grew ten times its size. Shadow smirked. "Perfect!"

His fur changed yet again, this time to beautiful silver as the attack once again grew. Shadow grimaced again when his fur blinked to golden as he entered his Super form. The attack he held grew ten times its size again. It was now about the size of a football stadium.

Shadow closed his eyes as his fur blinked back to his original black and red. However, he kept a small amount of energy so he could stay afloat in the sky. The orb flashed with energy as it grew to fifty times its previous size.

"Alright!' Shadow thought. 'It's ready!'

With Sonic

The blue hedgehog began to lose consciousness as Eclipse stopped the pummeling. The monster smirked at the hedgehog's pain when suddenly; a bright white light illuminated the side of his face.

The monster switched its gaze down below to see a giant energy orb, bigger than his Chaos Meteor, being held by Shadow. The monster's eyes widened as he unconsciously released Sonic. The golden hedgehog took the opportunity and used the last of his strength to escape.

With Shadow

Sonic sped by Shadow while smiling and saluting wit his two fingers. Surprisingly, Shadow smiled back before he turned hit attention back to Eclipse, whose eyes were wide in fear.

Shadow smirked. "THIS IS IT ECLIPSE!" Shadow shouted. Shadow retreated his hands slightly as the orb moved in perfect unison with him.

"CHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOS COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET!" Shadow shouted as he threw his arms forwards and released the attack. Immediately after, Shadow's last strength left him as he plummeted back to the small island below, with Knuckles and Amber helping the weary hedgehog up.

Meanwhile, the giant Chaos Comet continued to advance towards Eclipse, who was still stricken by fear. The white light radiating off the attack almost totally enveloped the monstrous beast.

Eclipse's bloodshot eyes widened even more as he snarled, showing his fanged teeth. Eclipse put both of his giant arms in front of him as the dark flame around his appeared once again. Then, with an explosion rivaling that of an atomic bomb, the attack made impact.

Eclipse's entire body became flooded with huge throbbing veins the second the attack made impact but he was successfully holding itback. Eclipse grimaced from the pressure slightly as the veins on his arms became bigger.

With the Group

Shadow's weary red eyes widened when he saw the Chaos Comet had stopped. "Impossible…" He murmured.

Knuckles, who was still holding on to Shadow, also spoke with disbelief. "There's no way!"

Sonic was completely stunned, shocked, and scared. "How can someone be that strong?"

Amber, who was also holding Shadow, spoke to him. "Shadow, launch one more Chaos attack on the Comet and it should do it!"

Shadow looked at her and shook his head sadly. "I…can't Amber. I've got nothing left." He glanced back at the emeralds, which were still all grey. "And the emeralds still haven't regained their power."

Amber's lip trembled. "It can't end like this."

With Eclipse

Eclipse laughed hysterically when the Chaos Comet moved back a little. "YES! NOTHING CAN STOP ME! I AM ALL POWERFUL!"

Suddenly, Eclipse retreated his arms slightly to form each into an arch shape. His clenched fists began to give ff a silver glow from the inside before he threw both of his arms forward, and opening his hands, releasing two giant Chaos Swords.

The two beams of energy impacted with the Chaos Comet as it was sent back down to its origin at incredible velocity.

With Shadow

The Chaos Comet's light now began to envelop the small island on which the heroes were standing.

"There has to be a way to stop it!" Rouge yelled through the loud sound of the incoming attack.

"We have to stop it!" Sonic yelled. "That attack can wipe out the entire planet!"

Knuckles squeezed his eyes shut in deep thought when suddenly a thought hit him. "Power is enriched by the heart!" He yelled.

The rest of the group gave him a confused look. "Now I finally know what it means!" Knuckles yelled excitingly. "The heart enriches Chaos! There is power within the heart. We all have Chaos powers within our bodies!"

The groups eyes widened in realization as Knuckles continued quickly, with the Chaos Comet advancing. "We have Chaos powers in our bodies, if we give it to Shadow, he should at least be able to transform into his Super form!"

Amber laughed. "Knuckles, I love you!" She shouted while kissing him on the cheek. "Gather around guys!"

The entire group huddled around Shadow and placed a hand onto his head. Everyone closed their eyes as a powerful light flowed from their bodies and into Shadow. Shadow's eyes snapped open as his fur burst to gold, knocking everyone back.

The Super hedgehog turned to the group. "Thank you." Shadow lifted off the ground and darted before the now dangerously close Chaos Comet with one hand outstretched. Eclipse's eyes widened when he saw Shadow back in his Super form.

"NO, IT CAN'T BE!" Eclipse yelled.

Shadow smirked as his entire body tensed. With one more tense of his right arm, he shot a burst of unseen Chaos energy at the Chaos Comet, sending it back faster than it came. The attack impacted with Eclipse again, who was again trying to hold it back.

Shadow gave another burst of energy as the attack almost pushed Eclipse back. His entire body now seemed to stick to the outside of the attack with his arms clawing the sides.

Shadow had his right arm pointed directly at the Chaos Comet holding Eclipse, with his left hand clenched at his side.

"It looks like the end of the road Eclipse!" He muttered. "It's a damn shame…"


Shadow followed Rouge up the ship's ramp and into the mechanical wonder. Just as Shadow was about to enter, a hard fist collided with his face, sending him flying off the ramp. "What the hell?"

"Hello Shadow, it's been a while."

Shadow whirled around to face his adversary. Standing before him was a hedgehog almost identical to himself. The only differences were that he was a white base color with silver highlights, silver eyes, and 2 top quills that pointed down instead of up, like Shadow's.

"Who are you!" the infuriated hedgehog screamed.

"Strange, that you don't remember your own brother."

"What did you say?"

At that point, Rouge, Sonic, and Tails ran out of the ship.

"Shadow, are you alright?" Rouge asked as she came to his side, helping him back to his feet.

"I'm fine."

"How pitiful."

Shadow and Rouge faced the silver hedgehog.

"Tell me who you are!" Shadow screamed at his 'brother'.

"I am Eclipse the Hedgehog, The TRUE Ultimate Life Form."

"What did you say?" the famous treasure hunter asked.

"I am the true ultimate. That pathetic being you're holding up is nothing but a joke."

Tails and Sonic also came up to the dark hedgehog's side. "But you can't be, Shadow and I destroyed the other one over a year ago."

"Humph, you fool, that was the prototype. I was the very first creation after that. But after Professor Gerald tried to created a second and third, I was cast into the shadows of obscurity."

"What do you mean second AND third?" Tails asked.

"Silence, I will prove once and for all that I am the true ultimate. Prepare to die Shadow!"

"Sorry, but if anyone is going to beat Shadow, it will be me." The azure hedgehog stated. "CHAOS CONTROL!"

And in a flash of green light, the group of heroes disappeared. Now all that was left was a furious silver hedgehog. "You cannot escape your past Shadow." And with that said, Eclipse sped into the ship and activated it. "Plot a course for Earth."

End Flashback

Shadow smirked slightly. "You gave me quite a battle the first time I met you in a fight."


Shadow and Eclipse stood facing each other from across the street ready to fight.

"It seems you are in a hurry to die Shadow."

"We will see about that."

Shadow kicked hard off of the ground and lunged at Eclipse. When he was about to make impact, Eclipse disappeared. "Damn, he can use chaos control." He muttered.

Suddenly, Shadow felt a hard blow against his stomach as Eclipse kneed him there. Shadow fell to the floor coughing up blood. He looked up to find Eclipse gone again. Another blow came, this time at his face as he skidded to the ground again from the impact.

"Okay, so you can teleport. But are you fast?" Shadow stated as he skated off.

Eclipse reappeared beside him making the same foot motions he was. Shadow looked down and noticed that he was wearing white and grey versions of his hover shoes.

Shadow aimed a kick to his head but Eclipse ducked and countered with 4 or 5 straight punches to the gut. Shadow toppled backwards before gaining control again. He looked up to see Eclipse standing 5 feet away from him.

"You cannot defeat me Shadow. I have four emeralds while you only have one."

"One is all I need to beat you. CHAOS SPEAR!"

A bolt of yellow energy shot from Shadow's hand and flew towards Eclipse. The hedgehog raised his hand and swatted the attack away like a mere fly.

"You'll have to do a lot better than that Shadow. Let me show you how it's done. CHAOS SWORD!

A much larger bolt of energy erupted from Eclipse's hand and flew towards Shadow who had no time to react and was struck in the chest hard. A gasp escaped his lips as he fell to the ground.

Eclipse walked over to him.

"Time to give me that emerald Shadow."

He stretched his hand out towards Shadow's chest. Before he could grab it a black bolt of energy struck his hand. He screamed out in pain and turned to where the attack came from.

Standing before him were Rouge, Sonic ,and Tails. Rouge had released a Black Wave.

"Get away from him." She screamed.

"Yeah, leave him alone you creep." Sonic exclaimed.

"I can't believe you are actually trying to save this piece of trash."

Suddenly a gloved fist collided hard with Eclipse's stomach. He bent over in pain only to get kicked hard in the face by Shadow's foot. Eclipse flew into a near by wall. Shadow collapsed to the ground from exhaustion. The others ran over to him.

"Shadow are you O.K.?" Rouge asked as she helped him up.

"I told you to stay away."

"Oh shush. You needed our help and you know it."


Sonic interrupted. "Guys, we're not done yet." He pointed over to Eclipse who was already standing.

"Mark my words Shadow. I will be back. And the next time, your friends will feel my wrath as well." His body glowed silver before he disappeared

End Flashback

Shadow smirked again. "It looked like not even death could conquer you…"


Shadow once again appeared before Eclipse who smirked.

"Back for more?" He asked sarcastically.

"Eclipse I will rid you of this world!"

"I would be frightened if you could actually do that."

Shadow smirked. "Well then, time to be afraid. CHAOS SPEAR!"

The attack erupted from Shadow's hand and shot off one of Eclipse's arms.

The evil hedgehog screamed in pain which gave Shadow his chance.

He took a power up stance as his body began to glow more and more bright.

"N-NO, WHAT ARE YOU DOING!" Super Eclipse screamed after recovering and looking at the Hyper hedgehog.

Shadow smirked.


Shadow threw his arms, legs, and head back as he released his attack.


A huge white explosion erupted from Shadow's body that consumed both super powered hedgehogs.

Inside the light, Eclipse's body began to burn up slowly along with Shadow's.

"Why you fool?" Eclipse stammered. Half of his and Shadow's body were now gone.

Shadow smirked. "For Maria...and Rouge."

Shadow closed his eyes as the huge attack took the last of him and Eclipse.

End Flashback

Shadow's body tensed up. "But in the end, you went too far, and that pushed me beyond my limits."


Shadow followed his gaze and saw he was looking at Rouge. "No…" Shadow immediately tried to dash for Rouge to protect her when Eclipse beat him to her. Rouge didn't even have time to scream as Eclipse lifted her with his left claw and elevated himself far enough so the rest didn't reach him.

Shadow looked totally despaired and Eclipse loved every second of it. Shadow watched in horror as Eclipse held Rouge in his tight grip. 'No! It can't be!' Shadow thought. It was all just like his nightmare.

"THIS IS WHY YOU WILL NEVER BE A TRUE ULTIMATE LIFE FORM SHADOW" Eclipse bellowed at the horrified Shadow. With these words, the beast took one of his claws and stuck it forcefully into the white bat's stomach.

Blood erupted from the wound as well as the bat's mouth as Shadow watched on in horror. The beast let go off the bat with a smirk plastered on his face. A primal scream echoed through the sky. Shadow then realized that it was his own. "ROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOUUUUUUUUUGE!"

Rouge landed on the ground with a heavy thud as the entire group was silent. Blood continued to pour out of the bat's stomach as she lay completely motionless. Amy, Amber, Sonic, and Knuckles all immediately ran over to her to check while the dark hedgehog known by the name of Shadow just stood there with his red eyes wide in disbelief and his right hand outstretched.

Amy took a knee in front of her fallen friend and rolled Rouge over on her back to look at her face. The bat's eyes were closed and dry blood mixed with sweat and tears covered her face. The normal rising and falling of the stomach had ceased and it was easy to reach the inevitable conclusion.

Everyone else waited in anticipation as a few tears trickled down Amber's cheek. Finally, Amy turned to the rest of the group and whispered almost silently. "She's dead…"

Even though a good few yards away, Shadow's sensitive ears picked up the pink hedgehog's words. He slowly lowered his right hand down to his side as he clenched both of his fists. A dull white energy started to surround the black hedgehog. Shadow's eyes widened in anger and sorrow.

Amy and the others, who were by now weeping for their fallen friend, felt a strange gust of wind. They all looked back to see Shadow standing there, his fists were clenched and a white energy surrounded him.


The dull white energy surrounding Shadow burst to a much brighter tone as the unnatural wind around him also picked up. The dark hedgehog had already closed his eyes and his face was contorted.

Amber, though frightened at this sudden phenomenon, stepped forth. "Shadow?" She asked quietly.

Suddenly, Shadow's eyes shot wide open to reveal his pupils completely gone. Amy put her hand over her mouth and gasped. "What's…happening to him?"

Shadow's body tensed up even more as the energy surrounding him got brighter and brighter. His eyes were still pupil-less and he was now facing the ground. His lips were curved up to reveal his bared white teeth. The dark hedgehog's head seemed to be shaking slightly.

Amber took another step towards her brother. "Shadow?" Still, no response. "Shadow please!" Once again, Shadow was silent. "ANSWER ME!" Amber yelled.

Mimicking a machine, Shadow's head shot up as his completely white eyes seemed focused on her. Amber took a step back but stopped retreating when she heard Shadow's voice.


Amber looked back at the dead bat behind her. All of a sudden, there was a bright burst of light as Amber looked back towards her brother. Even in his original state, he was hovering slightly as he brought his arms to his sides, fists still clenched. He looked to be in some what of a power up position.

"Shadow?" Sonic asked.

"ROOOOOUUUUUUGE!" Then, another flash of light blinded the group. Everyone's hands shot up out of instinct. Through their split fingers now covering their eyes however, they witnessed everything.

In the blinding light, Shadow's black quills started to waver and stand on end. The black hedgehog closed his eyes again to hide their pupil-less state. Finally, something inside of Shadow sparked as he felt his true power, his true form, being released.

Then, in less than a second, Shadow threw his entire body back. "HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!"

Shadow's fur erupted to a pure, beautiful white as the light subsided. His crimson streaks also disappeared with his black fur, leaving the hedgehog completely white. The blinding explosion of light subsided, as everyone, minus Eclipse, lowered their hands.

Shadow floated barely above the ground with what looked like a huge white flame surrounding him. Many white sparks of pure energy danced around his body. Slowly, the hedgehog opened his eyes to reveal the pupils that inhabited them were back, only they were now a shinning golden.

Everyone's mouth hung wide open. Swallowing a lump in his throat, Sonic spoke first. "Is that you Shadow?"

The white hedgehog turned to face him, but did not respond. Slowly, the now snow white hedgehog landed on the ground with a soft thud and proceeded over to the group. Everyone was on their feet by now and standing in front of Rouge's lifeless body.

The hedgehog stopped right before the group. He slowly raised his head and gave them all a cold stare. Sensing the hedgehog's seriousness, the entire group moved to the side as Shadow proceeded to walk again.

Shadow slowly approached Rouge and took a knee in front of her. As soon as his knee touched the ground, more energy sparks danced across his body. Shadow slowly lifted his hand and placed it on the bat's forehead.

Shadow concentrated his energy for a second as a bright white light shone from the palm of his hand and onto Rouge. Shadow's entire body began to flare up with energy as more and more of the mystical light was transferred to the bat.

The enormous form of Eclipse, along with the others looked on in great curiosity. "WHAT IS HE DOING?"

Rouge's entire body was now glowing, as was Shadow's. Slowly, the wound in the bat's stomach and the dried blood around her mouth all disappeared. Shadow kept transferring his energy to her and finally stopped as Rouge's body stopped glowing, along with his.

Shadow stood back up and looked down upon Rouge. Slowly, the bat's body began to twitch slightly, but enough for everyone to see. Amy let out a gasp. "No way…"

Eclipse unfolded his arms and stared in shock. "IT CAN'T BE!"

But sure enough, the bat's eyes slowly began to open. Her emerald green eyes looked glazed over at first but soon regained their natural sparkle as Rouge focused on the figure in front of her. "Shadow?" She slightly murmured, barely opening her dry lips.

And for the first time since his transformation, Shadow smiled. "Yes Rouge, it's me."

Rouge smiled slightly and tried moving her body. However, soon after the attempt at movement, a searing pain shot through her body as she let out a gasp. Shadow took a knee in front of her again. "Be still," He coaxed. "You're still hurt. Dying, after all, is very painful."

Even in her weak state, Rouge managed to scream. "DYING?"

Shadow nodded slightly. "Don't worry…It wasn't your time."

Rouge tilted her head slightly. "Then…how…did I…get back?"

The snow white hedgehog turned away slightly. "I'll tell you later, but right now I have some matters to attend to."

Rouge nodded weakly as Shadow stood back up. But before he could leave, Rouge spoke again, for the first time noticing Shadow's new appearance. "Shadow, what happened to you?"

Shadow turned to her and smiled. "You happened."

Rouge looked confused. "What?"

"It's because of you that I look like this, Omega was right." And with that said, Shadow walked back towards the rest of the group.

End Flashback

Shadow smiled as he gathered a golden Chaos Spear in the hand pointed towards the Chaos Comet. "I just wish we could've met under different circumstances." Shadow murmured slightly. "I'm sure we could have been allies, maybe even friends. Perhaps one day, we will." Shadow said hopefully.

The Chaos Spear in his hand was now full charged up. With his free hand, Shadow gave his brother a two finger salute(Like Sonic in the end of SA2).

Shadow smiled as energy sparks danced across his body. The rest of the group below had ecstatic looks plastered on their face as they all shouted up to the hedgehog in unison. "DO IT!"

More energy sparks danced across Shadow's body. "Sayonara, Eclipse the Hedgehog."

And with those final words Shadow released the final, battle-ending attack. "HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!"

With that scream, the giant Chaos Spear was launched at the Chaos Comet. With a huge explosion of sound, the attack made impact and sent the Chaos Comet, along with Eclipse, flying away.

Through the atmosphere they went, burning flesh and bone. Eclipse didn't bother to recover. He knew it was over. The attack continued and soon reached space, heading directly for the floating space station, Ark.

As the impact drew closer and closer, a final realization hit Eclipse. Meters before impact, Eclipse spoke again while smirking a little. "I GUESS YOU ARE THE BEST SHADOW, YOU ARE THE TRUE ULTIMATE..."

And with those final words, the Chaos Comet carrying Eclipse crashed into the Ark, totally annihilating the space station, as well as Eclipse in a fiery red inferno accompanied by a scream of defeat and pain that shook the heavens themselves.

Back on Earth

Shadow sighed as he descended back towards the small floating island. "It's finally over."

When the dark hedgehog landed, his Super form disappeared as he was greeted by flying hugs and praises. Shadow smiled as Rouge gave his weary body a huge hug. Shadow closed his eyes when he noticed the island began to rumble. He turned to the others.

"Quick, grab the emeralds and I'll get us out of here!" Shadow yelled.

Knuckles nodded and ran over to the emeralds with Sonic. The hedgehog and the echidna picked up the emeralds and held on to Shadow. The black hedgehog grabbed the green Chaos Emerald out of Sonic's hand, since his Chaos power was completely depleted.

Shadow looked at the rest of the group. "Hold on…" He murmured. Shadow smirked as he lightly tossed the emerald in the air and caught it again. "CHAOS CONTROL!" Shadow shouted and in a green flash of light, they were gone.

Station Square Park

Trees, benches and buildings lay demolished from the heavy battle that took place. Through the fiery inferno however, one single statue stood tall above the debris. The sun slowly rose as the sky cleared, showing the statue of a familiar hedgehog that now, instead of a frown, wore a warm smile.

I see no, hear no evil.

Black writings on the wall!

Unleashed a million faces,

And one by one they fall.

Black-hearted evil,

Brave-hearted hero,

I am all, I am all I am...

I... I... I... I am!

Here we go buddy,

Here we go buddy,

Here we go.

Here we go buddy,

Here we go.

Go ahead and try to see through me,

Do it if you dare!

One step forward, two steps back now

I'm here... (One step forward, two steps back)

Do it, do it, do it, DO IT!

Can you see all of me?

Walk into my mystery,

Step inside and hold on for dear life.

Do you remember me?

Capture you or set you free,

I am all, I am all of me.

(I am, I am all of me!)

I am... I am, I'm all of me.

I am... I am, I'm all of me.

I am... I am, I'm all of me.

Here we go!

I see and feel the evil,

My hands will crush 'em all.

You think you have the answer,

Well I laugh and watch you fall!

Black-hearted evil

Brave-hearted hero

I am all, I am all I am...

I... I... I... I am!

Here we go buddy,

Here we go buddy,

Here we go.

Here we go buddy,

Here we go.

Go ahead and try to see through me,

Do it if you dare!

One step forward, two steps back now

I'm here... (One step forward, two steps back)

Do it, do it, do it, DO IT!

Can you see all of me?

Walk into my mystery,

Step inside and hold on for dear life.

Do you remember me?

Capture you or set you free,

I am all, I am all of me.

(I am, I am all of me!)

I am... I am, I'm all of me.

I am... I am, I'm all of me.

I am... I am, I'm all of me.

Here we go!

I am...

I am everyone, everywhere, anyhow, any way, any will, any day...

I am...

I am everyone, everywhere, anyhow, any way, any will, any day...

I am! I am! I am!

I am! I am! I am!

I am!

Do it, do it, do it, do it!

Can you see all of me?

Walk into my mystery,

Step inside and hold on for dear life.

Do you remember me?

Capture you or set you free,

I am all, I am all of me.

(I am, I am all of me!)

I am... I am, I'm all of me.

I am... I am, I'm all of me.

I am... I am, I'm all of me.

Here we go!

I am, I am all of me...

By: Crush 40

Author's Note- Well, there it is, the finale to The True Ultimate. I would like to thank all my readers and reviewers, especially Sonic Ruler, shadrougeforever, and UltrraShaddow for really inspiring me. Thank you all!

Special Sneak Peek

After the final battle with Eclipse, Shadow and the heroes are once again at peace. This is all shaken however, when G.U.N. wants Project Shadow as their own once again. Will Shadow be able to handle G.U.N. as he did before or will the darkness consume him?

An Ultimate's Wrath

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