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Name: Jessica Romano

Birthday: October 23rd 1987
Height: 5'8
Hair: Brown/Black(used to die her hair orange and such and bleached her hair blonde while on the run. Different colors)
Eyes: Brown
Heritage: Mexican/American
Lives: In New Mexico with her adoptive family
Born: New Mexico
Brothers/Sisters(All Adoptive): Taylor, Ryan, Terrance, Jake(Jacob), Daniel, Michael. No sisters.
Personality: 'One With Nature', Caring, Strong, Smart, Attractive, Doesn't listen to orders, ect.

Languages: Spanish, French, and English

History: Mother went to prison for abusing Jessica and supposedly killing Jessica's step father(Jessica doesn't know her real father anymore). Lived in several different foster homes in New Mexico and then her best friends parents adopted her(Taylor is her best friend and was her childhood sweet heart). Taylor got hit by a car when they were both 12(both that the same birthdates). Jessica and Taylor were the king and queen of the playground always taking dares and never turning them down(no matter how afraid she is of heights). Was in Australia to go to her biological grandmother's funeral , the last living blood relative besides her mother who is sentenced to life in jail, and was flying to LA to continue her cop and robbers game with the police. Flew out of the plane and survived before being found. Her adoptive parent's names are Mr. Sintono and Mrs. Sintono. Taylor and Jessica were the third to youngest children in the family. Her father(biological) was in the army and when she found him he taught her everything he knew and more, before finding out she was a fugitive on the run, and calling the cops and federal agents to take her into custody, she ran before they found her.

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Katy was stubborn, always fighting with her younger brother. And when that happened her little sister would side with her little brother, which usually wasn't a problem until her parents came into the conversation/argument.

And now that her parents weren't there she was the parent, and now people were coming back to life, good and bad, like Shannon and Boone and Ethan. They came back to life somehow, and now everything was different. Reality was altered.

The sand was wet and hot, yet the water made it cool enough to step on as Katy stood at the edge of the ocean watching her siblings play in the water.

"Come on Katy!" yelled Kalob and Sarah nodded, tripping over the small wave that came crashing into her.

"No, I think I'm going to stay out here for a while," she said and watched them continue to play.

"They're sweet," said Shannon walking up beside her.

"They can be," said Katy with a sigh. "Sibling can be sweet. But a lot of times they chose not to be."

"I know what you mean," said Shannon.

"Boone's your brother, right?" asked Katy looking at Shannon.

"Yeah," she said with a sigh.

"Well, he's nice," said Katy looking at Shannon with squinted eyes.

"He's always nice to people other then me," said Shannon looking down.

"I don't think that's true," said Katy.

Heavens Hell

It was her turn to take a drink.

"I never in hell have gone to Disney Land," she said taking a small drink.

Five of the ten other guys that were around her took a drink and she smiled.

Her name was Blaze Carmen, a single gal that loved the guys.

Though she was only 19 she still loved to hang with guys, loved to have fun with them, and never really enjoyed being the female group when it came to talking.

"I never wore pink," said a man and most of the men drank to that, and only Blaze and a guy named Todd didn't drink.

"You've never worn pink before Carmen?" asked a man to her right.

"Never have and never plan too," she said smiling. And on with the game.

Heavens Hell

She sat staring at the ocean, the waves crashing onto the beach.

The sound soothed her, it sounded like horses galloping in the wild. It reminded her of home.

"Views something isn't it?" asked a voice that came up and sat beside her in the sand.

"Yeah," she said in barely above a whisper.

"Garrett," he said holding his hand out to her.

"Shayne," she said smiling and shaking it gratefully.

"Where're you from?" asked Garrett.

"We would've gone through this if we had talked sooner, like right after we crashed," she said looking at him.

"I'm still making my way around all of camp," he said smiling.

She smiled back before answering.

"Paris," she said.

"Really?" asked Garrett very interested.

"Born in Kentucky though," she said smiling at him. "the sound of the waves remind me of Kentucky. Horses stomping proudly in the meadows."

Garrett just listened to her talk about her life, smiling and laughing occasionally.

Heavens Hell

Nur Farhanah sat under a palm tree near the edge of the forest, staring out at the ocean water. Everyone seemed to be doing that lately.

Her hands mingled with the dress's hem as she felt the material in her hand, the softness of home.

She smiled as she thought of home. Malaysian. Beautiful Malaysian.

But then she frowned, remembering that she was alone now.

Heaven's Hell

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