Whenever Hinata came to Suna, she and Gaara tended to disappear – only to turn up in the strangest places – playgrounds (Kankuro had once found him twisting the sand into rubber duckie shapes, much to the delight of both Hinata and the village children), libraries (it had taken Temari an hour to disassemble the pyramid of scrolls they'd built out of sheer boredom) or training at the oasis (both siblings had been shocked that Gaara willingly decided not to train in the desert. They were told, afterwards, that Hinata complained being surrounded by sand gave him an unfair advantage. It was the first time they'd ever heard Gaara use the word 'fair.')

It was a surprise to find Gaara on his own on the day Hinata arrived, surrounded by medical journals.

"Hey," said Kankuro, leaning gingerly over his brother's shoulder. "What's with the bookmarks?"

"I'm marking my symptoms. Red bookmark for poison, black for disease," said Gaara dully.

"… should I tell Hinata to come back later?"

"Hinata's doing it."

"… eh?" said Kankuro.

"Every time I'm near her, I get … tingles."

It took half an hour to coax Kankuro out of hiding after he called his brother an idiot.