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Harry didn't know what he had expected to come out of the Weasley's departure. Umbridge acting human? An end to the horrifying detentions? A complete uprising from the student body?

After the twins' left, Umbridge had a school full of their tricks to deal with. A swamp that didn't seem to want to go away, huge firecrackers in nearly every wing, and things suddenly appearing, disappearing, or changing colors all over the school.

Harry was glad to see that most of the teachers thought that seeing Umbridge running around like she had lost her head was well worth the price of having their classes disrupted. Harry also saw Professor McGonagal talking to professors Flitwick, Sprout, and even Snape, and Harry knew that she was telling them to put a stop to the detentions.

Harry was grinning when he climbed towards the dormitory that night. Fred and George were gone, and they couldn't be hurt by the awful toad anymore. Umbridge was off the walls, trying to put the entire school in detention and still failing to have any proof of who had executed this plan.

There was a loud party in the Common Room when Harry arrived. Grinning broadly, he excepted the proffered Butterbeer from Ron, who couldn't seem to stop grinning. Two fireworks, a pair of red dragons, swooped around the room, coming within inches of a person but never coming close enough to do any damage.

Hermione was sitting cross-legged in an armchair, a half-drunken Butterbeer in one hand and a pile of parchment in her lap. Harry crossed over to her, leaning over her shoulder to read the barely-legible, very un-Hermione-ish handwriting. "Homework so late?" he asked, still trying to decipher the words on the parchment.

Hermione blinked up at him as if she hadn't realized he was there. "Oh…no. They're Fred and George's notes. They gave them to me just before they left." She shifted a page, displaying a large, complicated-looking math problem with several cross-outs with an arrow pointing to it, reading "ha, George, told you it'd work!". "It's fascinating. All their spells were from scratch!" she let out a small laugh. "If only I could read their handwriting.

Harry shook his head, patting Hermione on the shoulder. "I'm sure Lee will help you. He should be around here somewhere."

They both looked around, but from the many bodies packed close together they couldn't discern the boy they were searching for. Hermione's face creased into a frown. "You know, I haven't seen him since Fred and George left. You sure the Slytherins didn't hurt him?"

"Yeah. I mean, me and Ron jumped in their and helped him, and we kind of lost track of him, but he should have been fine."

Hermione started, slowly, as if she herself didn't want to believe it. "What if he got the last of Umbridge's detentions? She would be looking for a way to get back at the twins anyway."

"But what would it prove?" Harry said, trying not to see the truth in her words. "We're probably just over-reacting. Besides, did you see Professor McGonagal? She wasn't going to let anyone get detention with that toad again."

Hermione still looked unsure, but Ron was suddenly at Harry's elbow. "Look at Lee." he whispered.

Smiling at Hermione, Harry turned around, expecting to see the boy involved in a joke of some kind. Instead, he saw him limping towards the boys' dormitory, shaking off people who came up to him, a pained look on his face.

Hermione scooped up the papers on her lap, putting them on a table under her Butterbeer and pulling out her wand. Harry weaved his way as fast as he could through the crowd, getting to Lee at the bottom of the staircase. "You alright?" he asked worridly, reaching out a hand to help the broken boy stay upright.

Lee nodded, eyes closing as he said, warily. "Long day." He looked out the window. "At least Fred and George got out. I don't think they could have lasted much longer with the way things were. Fred and George were never people to listen to authority." During this, Lee was wincing, moving his body slightly so as to agitate whatever new scars he had as little as possible.

"Let me help you, Lee." Hermione said, shaking slightly as she approached with a worried-looking Ron in tow.

Lee waved them off. "It wasn't as bad as before. Only hit me 'bout five times. Wanted to gloat, mostly." he shook his head slightly. "I can't get her voice out of my head. Stupid…" he said a few more words under them breath, some of them not in English.

Ron touched his shoulder, careful not to hurt the boy further. "We won." he said hopefully. "That's what matters, really."

"Did we win?" Lee said softly, still looking out the window at the purple-colored sky. "Did we win, in the end, or was it her?"

"No one can get hurt anymore." Harry said. "Not by her, at least. And Umbridge is out of here by the end of the year. No one's lasted long in that position."

Lee nodded slowly, smiling vaguely at them as he mounted the staircase. Harry watched him go, thinking of his words. Did we win, in the end?

It's sort of sad and weird. At the end, it was mostly a parallel between this and Harry's reactions at the end of DH. Like, if so many people had to die and get hurt, is winning worth it?

Don't know if it is or not. You decide.