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This story assumes that the reader is aware that the last episode of LFN took place early in the year of 2001. There may be spoilers for any episode of the show.

2014 - London

Her routine hadn't been hard to map out. With the little that he did know, he was surprised that she hadn't been killed by terrorists a thousand times over by now.

He stood in the shadows of the brownstone across from her favorite coffee shop. The one she would stop at every Saturday morning, buy a double non-fat soy latte, and then sit for approximately 30 minutes talking with an older man who he figured was the owner.

They spoke with each other in the way old friends do…old friends with history, perhaps not always pleasant. He had noticed that she often had a wistful, almost sad look on her face, when she left and he wondered what this older man meant to her.

There was no doubt. She was still beautiful, even now, so many years later. It was no wonder that she held onto people's hearts across oceans and continents and time…

He frowned, his dark eyes troubled, as he pushed an unruly lock of brown hair behind his ear.

He still wasn't sure what he was going to do with all the information he had gathered over the last few months.

The truth was he was nervous. He wasn't entirely sure that he wanted to do anything.

There were a lot of different ways that it could all play out and many of them ended badly. No…'badly' was an understatement.

'Deadly' was more like it.

From everything he had seen she was definitely still in Section. That meant that he had to be extremely careful.

After all, he had been told, no ordered, NOT to do this. Not to try to go back. Not to go searching for ghosts…

But ghosts were such a large part of what he had left of his fragmented past. Ghosts of memories and the lies that surrounded them like a shroud. He needed to know more.

They both needed more than what they had today.

The friends walked together to the front. He watched her as she held the door open for a young mother and child, kissing the older man on the cheek before she left.

She was laughing…her smile reaching her eyes as she walked down the street. It must have been a good day today.

He remembered that laughter. He remembered a lot of things. He wanted more than something to remember.

Halfway down the block she stopped and for a split second he thought he'd been discovered.

But then she just looked back at the coffee shop, still smiling, her blonde hair piled haphazardly in a knot on the top of her head. She stuck her hands deeper in the pockets of her black coat and continued on her way.

He knew where she was going.

It was market day. She would want to pick up her organic vegetables and fresh milk.

He waited until she had turned the corner before walking across the street and into the coffee shop.