You're either SWAT, or your not!

Summary: Bit of sentimental rubbish post-movie.

Disclaimer: Don't own any of these characters. Wish I did, I'd make another movie, meet all the actors from the last one.

Sergeant Hondo Harrelson watched his team, silently, glad to have them back together. Well, almost. There was, of course, the notable exception of TJ, but he could work around that. He just hoped that the others could. Especially Boxer and Street. They had known him for a long time and he had been like a brother to Boxer.

Boxer. Now there was a great man. The man had survived a gunshot to the neck, and was still fighting fit and ready to work on a SWAT team. Hondo didn't think he could do that. Not even him. Boxer was truly something else.

The team was fooling around now, Boxer was grinning like a fool, under that silly mustache he insisted on, as Sanchez pulled at his ears, making him look even more stupid, as Deke and Street looked on, also grinning. As Hondo approached they all looked up at him, faces expectant.

" Okay," He said, knowing they wouldn't like his news, " We're all officially back in training as of today, 'cos the brass think Boxer needs to get back in shape."

" Oh, c'mon off it man!"

" You gotta been kidding me!"

" F this, man."

" Fing brass!"

" Boxer doesn't need to get back into shape, he is in shape!" Street punched Boxer in the shoulder,

" See?"

" Hey, man!" Hondo held his arms up in mock surrender, " It ain't me he has to convince! I know he's in shape."

" Well, actually... Hey man, I didn't mean it." The other three were all over Boxer as soon as the words were out of his mouth, " Hey guys! Gerroff! Hey! I mean it." And one by one two tough SWAT men and one tough SWAT woman went flying as Boxer pushed them away, rubbing his neck where he'd been shot.

" Hey! You okay?" Sanchez asked, jumping up, playing mother hen as she so often had this past month.

" See? Told you he didn't need to get into shape!" Street laughed, pushing himself up from the floor.

" Thanks for your concern!" Boxer said, " And I'm fine Sanchez."

" Huh, I don't need to be concerned about you, you always pull through." Street shot back.

" Yeah, he always has." Hondo agreed.

He smiled, " You know what they say, " You're either SWAT, or your not!"