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Evolution Nightmare: X-Men & The Guyver

Chapter one: The Big Apple

The streets of New York were slightly filled with crowds in the evening of the day. The dim sky's cool air rustled through the pedestrians walking on the sidewalk. One of New York's citizens coughed as he struggled not to gag from the breeze as it flowed past him and his companions. The tallest of the trio looked down at the much shorter man in disgust. The fading sunlight shined off the rim of his crimson sunglasses as he waited for the sputtering and spitting to finish.

"Really, Logan, do you think you could try to not cause a scene?" The man with the glasses asked.

"Look, Cyc'. If ya got a problem wit somthin' take it up with the guy wearing too much cologne. Otherwise shut yer mouth!" Logan growled back.

Cyc', or better known as Cyclops or more commonly Scott Summers, frowned at the remark but decided that by remaining silent, his evening would be better spent. Jean and the Professor had pushed him into this outing with Logan so the two of them could get along better. For all their telepathic might, they didn't really think too hard on this, Scott thought sourly to himself. Luckily Scott had asked Storm to accompany them just so neither would argue their way to a fist match. And as always her cool head had a way to diffuse the situation.

"Logan, you said there was a new restaurant around here a few days ago, right?" her calm voice cutting through the tension between the two men. "Lets stop by and grab a bite. I'm curious to see how good the food is there."

"Yeh sure. Its this way." Logan replied gruffly. He led them a few paces but stopped abruptly. His body stiff and his brow creased in concentration. Scott nearly walked into him but caught himself and avoided the prone man at the last minute.

"Logan…" he began through gritted teeth.

"Shh…" Logan hissed back still concentrating. "I heard someone screamin'."

All frustration forgotten Scott stood up straighter and scanned around him, his eyes squinting behind his glasses. He paid particular attention to any alleys he came across.

"Storm?" he whispered.

She shook her head. "I don't see anything."

Logan took off at a sprint heading toward an alley Scott had already examined. He and Storm followed closely behind keeping a careful eye out for anything out of place. Logan slowed considerably once they reached the alleys entrance. He crouched low, made his way over to the corner, and peered around it. He then motioned for the two to approach.

"There's two of 'em. Heard 'em run this way. An somthin's followin' 'em ," he inhaled deeply, frowned, and repeated it again. "Can't tell what it is, never smelled it before."

"Storm take to the air, see if you can find them. Wolverine and I will track them on foot. If you see them alert us immediately." Scott gave the order and then ran to keep up with Wolverine. Storm looked up and a gust of wind picked her up and took her to the sky.


Mizuki and Natsuki ran down the alley in sheer terror. Of all the times for Sho and Agito to go off and attack Cronos, everyone else left helpless, and they were the ones to be targeted. Mizuki felt a tug on her jackets sleeve. Without stopping she turned to look at her and her brothers friend, Natsuki. Natsuki pointed to a fire escape ladder and then the roof, Mizuki nodded her understanding and led the way to the ladder. The climb was uneventful but Mizuki could feel the time was running out, that they were getting closer. All the two girls wanted was a quiet night to go shopping and pick up some supplies for the place they were staying at. Of course it shouldn't be a surprise that they were being chased. They were chased nearly all the time, but usually Sho, Agito, or Mr. Murakami would be with them. Tonight it was just the two girls. They stopped for a minute to catch their breath and Mizuki took the time to look around. The sun was almost gone now so most of the lights were coming from the city, not enough to be seen easily but enough to see were they could run. That is, of course, if your attacker were anything near normal, she thought. Her breath caught in her chest as she heard several soft thuds, and a deep horrible laughter erupted behind her and Natsuki.


"Cyclops, Wolverine. I found two girls on a roof west to your position. Thirty meters."

"Roger Storm, any sign of what's chasing them?" he asked.

A slight pause, "Not yet, they seem to be pretty scared though. Wait, I see somethi… You better hurry fast. I'm not sure what those creatures are."

"Affirmative. Do what you can. We'll be there soon." Cyclops closed down his communicator and sprinted to the building Storm had indicated. Wolverine was already climbing the ladder two rungs at a time. Cyclops sighed. Some things just never change.


Mizuki didn't have the voice to scream as a huge green hand emerged from the shadows toward her. All she could do was watch as the giant and its friend slowly came forward an inch at a time. The shadows lifted off its features as it stepped into the light. Standing more than nine feet tall the green horned monster just leered at Mizuki. Mizuki was terrified despite seeing this creature a dozen times before. It wasn't the thing that scared her, its what she knew it could, no… what it would do. She summoned all her strength to turn and run, but all her body managed to do was a few meager steps backwards. Her body froze in fear as the giant hand was about to grasp her but blinked in surprise as the two assailants were hurled backwards off the roof. It was then she noticed the incredibly strong wind that died off as suddenly as it began. Natsuki gasped beside Mizuki.

"Look at that." Confusion and disbelief filled Natsuki's voice as she pointed to something behind her. Mizuki spun around hope building in her heart, maybe Sho had rescued them, but the thought died in her mind. She just stared dumbly at the tall slender woman who floated in the air some odd distance behind the two girls. She couldn't think of anything to say before an ear splitting roar filled the air. Mizuki's heart dropped as she saw not two but three monsters leap back onto the roof. The giant green one was enraged and looked to tear something up with his hands, and stalked towards the girls and paused. Its gaze focused on the flying woman who returned its glare firmly before letting out a vicious snarl and turned its stomping gait toward her. It didn't get two feet. A different snarl came from Mizuki's right and a short yet muscular blur jumped Gregore. All Mizuki could see were six slender knives being embedded into Gregore's chest and half a heartbeat later dark red blood began to ooze out. The monster howled in pain, but the short man didn't stop, he repeatedly sank his knives into its skin until it dropped. The short man stood up and glanced around him wildly. Mizuki could start to make out his facial features. His hair was long and raised back and it looked like he hadn't shaved in a week. What was most startling was the half crazed look in his eyes before he spotted the other two creatures. Both looked shocked at the apparent ease their partner was disposed of, but was quickly replaced with anger. Both leaped into the air intending to pound the man into a fleshy pulp. One never made it. A bright red beam pierced the night and collided with one of the creatures, sending it crashing onto the roof of the next building. The short man also let out a howl of rage before he too leapt into the air at his aggressor. Mizuki turned to look at the source of the beam and saw a tall man with red glasses and brown hair walk calmly toward her and Natsuki. The woman she noted, had already landed and was standing silently beside Natsuki and was watching the fight between the creature and the short man intensely. Mizuki turned to watch the fight as well. She could see now that the creature was the Zoanoid known as Ramotith. A few cuts could be seen on the short man's skin caused a feeling of concern. But the man ignored the injuries and was moving quicker than she thought possible as he tried to connect a set of his knives with the bat like creature. She heard an intake of air beside her from Natsuki.

"His hands." The confusion was evident in her words. Mizuki focused on his hands and saw what had Natsuki so awed.

"Those knives are coming from inside his hands?" Mizuki breathed unable to believe it herself.

"Those claws perfectly match Wolverine's feral nature." The dark skinned woman spoke quietly.

The fight between Wolverine and Ramotith was not going well. While he lasted longer than Mizuki thought a human could, Ramotith's reach was longer and therefore able to get a hit now and then. Not to mention he was faster. Ramotith feinted with his left then slammed his right fist into Wolverine's face, catching the man off guard. The human slid across the roof behind the Zoanoid. The Zoanoid flexed his right hand a few times looking at it quizzically and then at the slumped form of the human. He then turned around to the others still rubbing his hand his eyes searching for his targets. He saw the two new comers and he immediately glanced over his shoulder at their fallen comrade. He approached the small crowd cautiously but with purpose.

"Give the two girls and you will live." The bat creature's deep gravelly voice bellowed.

The brown haired man stepped in front of the girls and shook his head firmly, his hand going to the earpiece of his glasses.

"They will stay with us. Now leave peacefully." The man stated.

Ramotith studied him a minute then gave a derisive snort. The creature flexed his muscles, preparing to charge. The brown haired man braced himself then relaxed, letting his hand drop away from his glasses. Ramotith lifted one foot up then reared back howling in pain. He put his hand to shoulder, brought it away and looked at it. His clawed hand was coated in thick blood. Wolverine darted from behind Ramotith slicing his leg open as he went by. Dark blood matted the fur on Ramotith's leg as he struggled to stay up right. Wolverine changed direction and plowed directly into Ramotith, arm out-stretched towards its throat. The Zoanoid saw him coming but the leg prevented Ramotith moving out of the way in time. Three metal claws were impaled into the base of the monsters throat. Ramotith gurgled a bit then collapsed on the roof in furry heap. Wolverine slowly turned toward the brown haired man, an angry look in his eye.

"Don't be makin promises ya know I ain't gonna keep, Slim." He accused darkly.

"Cyclops, their bodies." Storm interjected.

Cyclops looked at the dissolving corpse but turned to Wolverine to say something back when Mizuki felt the hair on the back of her neck raise. An angry roar split the air as the Zoanoid Cyclops shot earlier landed next to Wolverine. Wolverine barely evaded the frenzy of attacks before leaping back. Mizuki stood transfixed staring at the body of the Zoanoid. It too was a Ramotith, but the area where Cyclops shot him, the fur was burnt away leaving charred skin underneath. The fur surrounding the patch of skin was a little scorched and the fur was standing… straight up? Mizuki paused as she saw the fur and then realized the air was filled with static electricity. The Ramotith let out another roar before a lightening bolt streaked out from the sky and struck the Zoanoid. He fell lifeless to the roof. Cyclops looked around the melting bodies, his earlier comment to Wolverine forgotten. He turned toward Mizuki and Natsuki.

"Maybe it would be better if you came with us after all."


High above the rooftops of New York, a gliding figure watched the battle unfold beneath him. Citiciss watched with surprise as his three comrades were dispatched with such ease. Not to mention that lightening blast nearly singed his feathers. Apparently the targets they were assigned to capture and return with had some reinforcements lying in wait. Citiciss flapped his wings to build enough momentum to keep him airborne as he circled the building once more. The five humans conversed for a few minutes then Citiciss had to dive out of sight as a highly stylish yet remarkably quiet jet appeared out of no where to land on the roof. Once all the humans were aboard, the jet lifted off the roof effortlessly without even an engine whine, faced the direction it wanted, and then shot off at an impressive speed. Citiciss followed as best as he could, but the mysterious plane was too much for him and he knew it would soon over take him and be beyond hopes of following. Still he followed putting all the strength he possessed into his wings and almost kept up for about the better part of fifteen minutes. All the while the jet began to shrink in size as the distance between them increased. Just when Citiciss thought he lost its trail, he glanced down just in time to see the smooth form of the jet sink underneath a basketball court in what appeared to be a mansion. Citiciss glanced around to get his bearings. He was over West Manchester, New York. He dove down toward the street sign near the mansions gates and then pulled up into a steep climb, a tight sinister grin etched on his face. The address was 1407 Graymalkin Lane. He had to tell his superiors about this.

To Be Contiued...


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