Title: Dirty Puzzleshipping Jokes
Joke: Pregnant
Part: 6
Author: DaakuKitsune
Warnings: Dirty Jokes ((XD)), Teenage/adult humor, either mentioned or actual sex scenes, pervertedness all around, MPREG, Shota-con (which is actual boyxboy, not teenxteen, or manxman), shounen-ai and yaoi
Genre: Humor/Smut
Pairings: YxY ((XD))
Overall Rating: NC-17 ((cuz I says so))
Disclaimer: Own nuttin.
Description: Various dirty jokes I have heard at one place or another that I have improved into puzzleshipping.


In a second grade class, little Yuugi Mutou raised his hand. When the teacher called on him he asked, "Teacher, can my mommy get pregnant?"

"How old is your mother, dear?" The teacher asks.

"Forty." Yuugi replied.

"Can my big brother get pregnant?"

"Well, sweetie, how old is your brother?"


"Oh yes, your brother can certainly get pregnant."

"Can I get pregnant?"

Smiling, the teacher decided to humor little Yuugi. "How old are you, dear?"

"I'm Seven and a half."

Still smiling, the teacher replies, "No, honey, you can not get pregnant."

Then, little Yami (who was sitting behind Yuugi) poked Yuugi in the back and said, "See, I told you we had nothing to worry about."