There comes a point in every party when it's just two guys with a bottle. So it came down to Chas chewing on some twizlers and your truly looking intently into a pint glass with foam in the bottom, the whole place around uswas covered with broken glass, crushed cans, beer spills and cigarette butts.

"What do you see in the foam, John?" Chas asked.
"I see... A guy with a hangover you couldn't believe, having a good puke on the bathroom floor in the morning..."

He looked at the window that saw his final break up with Angela and saw golden light coming through.

"Hey, it's morning."

"Yes it is, new day, new beginning." Chas said.

"Thanks for the evening, Chas. I really needed it."
"No problem, if your going to live till you is fifty, I'll be sure to introduce you to John Lennon and George Harrison."

"That'd be cool!"

"So how do you feel about being forty?"

"I'm off to a weird start, Y'Know? I've had Angels, ghosts, psychics and demons to celebrate it with me. Who knows how the rest of the decade will be like? But really, it doesn't feel that different. I don't think that now that I'm forty I'll meet Miss Right and start living like a normal person. I've had one fucked up life, and I'll continue living it till I bite the big one, but at least I can say, there is never a dull moment."

"Listen John. After I got my wings, they taught me about your life. I know you fucked up plenty back in the day. You're a maverick, John. A Hellblazer. You suffer the consequences."

"You gave better pep talks as a human."

"I won't tell you everything, but you life is about to plunge into REAL madness, you can't change it. You're in for the big one; the last forty years were truly just orientation into the madness your life is going to become."

"You're one weird angel."

"You're condemned to hell, but you do have friends up there, John. Me, Azrael, Micheal, even Gabriel seems to have gotten fond of you. We'll be watching over you. Good morning and Good luck."

Chas disappeared, just like that. I was left all alone, and I realized I was about to fulfill my prophecy of spending the morning on the bathroom floor.