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MegaMan X: Maverick Hunter Zoey


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Summary: The first MegaMan X/Mew Mew Power crossover that's turned into a series! What if during MegaMan X, (The first game.) X and Zero had some help? What if the person to help was Zoey from Mew Mew Power? And what if anime characters get sent to the MegaMan X timeline to help X and Zoey take on Sigma and his Maverick armies? Find out! X/Zoey and other pairings.

Disclaimer: I do not own MegaMan X, Mew Mew Power or any anime show I put in this fic and I never will.

Chapter 1: It Begins.

"Eight Mavericks? This'll take a while..." MegaMan X, the leader of the Maverick Hunters sighed, "I wish the wars against the human race would end..."

"Well," Zero, MegaMan X's best friend, responded, "We can make that happen, X. We just have to show Sigma what's what. Then this'll be over."

"True, but Zero, we have to hurry, and with eight Mavericks in the way, it'll be a little difficult. Not only that, but we have no idea where Sigma's fortress is!"

"I'll see what I can do about finding Sigma's fortress. Why don't you go and handle the Mav's?"

"Why do I have to be the one to do the fighting?"

"Because, X, you're a better fighter than I am."

"No I'm not! I hate fighting, and you know that!"

"You'll be doing this to end the wars..."

"Fine. Where's the first of them?"

"Chill Penguin is on that one mountain where there always seems to be snow around. You know where I'm talking about, I hope?"

"Yeah, I do. See you later Zero."

"Good luck X!"

"Same to you!" X answered warmly, and then teleported away to find the first Maverick.

Elliot, What's going on? Why am I being called here without the other Mew Mews?" Zoey Hanson, a girl who is a waitress and a Mew Mew asked her boss and the man who gave her and her friends powers, Elliot.

"Because, your powers and fighting skills are needed elsewhere." Answered Elliot.


"No 'buts.' I know that you might not like the idea, but you are needed. You're the strongest of all of the Mew Mews and the only one whom I can trust to send to the time that you will soon disembark to. Now, transform."

Zoey held out a gold pendant with a heart on it and called out "Power Pendant, Metamorphis!" There was a flash of pink light and then she had transformed into her altar ego, Mew Zoey.

Instead of her summer cloths that she was wearing, she now wore a pink tutu like dress with red boots and gloves, a pink waist band on her right arm, and to top it all, she has pink hair and black cat ears and a tail with a red ribbon and a gold bell on it.

"What is it that I must do, Elliot?" Mew Zoey asked.

"When you arrive at the place where I will send you to with this machine," Elliot pointed to a machine that looks like a door. "You must find the ones known as the 'Maverick Hunters.' They need your help, even if they do not yet realize it. The leader's name is MegaMan X, but he is often called just X. Help them to defeat their enemies, the Mavericks, and the leader of the Mavericks, who is known as Sigma. There are only two Maverick Hunters remaining from the recent battles with Sigma: MegaMan X and Zero. The others have been destroyed or captured. In fact, some of them even joined with Sigma for various reasons. Here take this." Elliot handed her a communicator.

"We'll be in touch with this communicator. Step though the doorway Zoey, and good luck."

Elliot presses some buttons and the doorway glowed a bright light.

Mew Zoey motioned toward the doorway and felt herself being teleported through time and possibly space, or both, or just space. There was no way of being sure until she reached her destination.

X had reached a strange capsule-looking thing that he pondered at for a long while. He got closer to it, and a holographic image of an old man appeared. It was his creator, Dr. Light.

"So you've come..." Dr. Light said, "X, I gave you the ability to choose your own path in life, and I hoped the world would allow you to choose a peaceful one. But now it seems that you are destined to fight, or you wouldn't have stumbled upon this capsule. Because I thought the world might need a new champion, I have hidden capsules like this one. If you find and use them you will be able to increase your powers greatly. Step into this capsule and receive an acceleration system to boost your speed. Good luck, X."

X knew that Dr. Light had passed away years ago, and he must have programmed this capsule before he died to get a message through to X. So X did as he had been told, and stepped into the capsule.

Light glowed all around him, and his metal blue boots changed to white, gold, and blue. He tried out his new boots by running, and he was amazed to see how much his speed had been improved. But he still needed to find Chill Penguin, so he moved on.

He searched, destroying various robotic enemies that attacked him, and eventually came upon a steel door that slid open when he touched it. He went in and found that he was in a hallway made of metal covered in ice. On the other end of the hallway was another door that was identical to the one he had come through.

The door behind him latched shut.

Having nowhere else to go, he went through the next door. When he did, it also latched itself. He was now in a room with no exit other than the door that he had come through. On the ceiling was a pull-lever, but, of course, had no idea what it would do. There were blocks of ice all over the room, and there was snow everywhere. Then he noticed on the other side of the room, a fat penguin stood glaring at him. Chill Penguin.

"MegaMan X." Said Chill Penguin, "I had a feeling that you'd come here."

X raised his right arm, and his hand moved and went into his arm. A gun barrel replaced it. It was the weapon that he was programmed with, known as the X Buster

"So, you think you can defeat me?" Chill Penguin asked, obviously amused.

"No, I don't think that. I know it." X answered confidently, "But, if you agree to come back to HQ peacefully-"

"Not a chance!"

"Fine then." X fired a blast of golden energy from his X Buster, and it hit Chill Penguin on the stomach. And so the battle began...

(Mew Zoey's point of view.)

I appeared standing somewhere in the snow. I looked around, and concluded that I was in a room that apparently had been frozen. I started to walk around the block of ice that was in front of me, but I immediately jumped back behind it, for there were two others in this room with me: a very stout, fat penguin and a boy who seemed about my age dressed in what looked like light blue armor.

I peeked around the block of ice and watched the battle. I would have jumped in to fight as well, but I had no idea for what reason they were fighting or whose side was the right one to aid. So for the time being, I only observed.

The penguin was firing blocks of ice at the boy from his beak, and though the boy was dodging most of them, he took quite a few hits. Then the penguin gave up with that and slid on his belly towards the boy, his sharp beak straight ahead.

But the boy jumped and used his feet to kick-jump up the wall that he was against. The penguin crashed into the wall, and it took him a moment to stand up.

While the penguin was busy trying to recover from the impact, the boy's right arm, which I had now realized was a gun, had begun to glow with a green light. The light's color changed to blue, and he fired. An enormous blast of blue energy hit the penguin directly on the back, causing him to fall over.

"That's it!" The penguin shouted in fury, "I've had it with you, MegaMan X! You die now!" From the penguin's beak came frost that struck the boy and froze him in a block of ice.

I gasped as I realized what the penguin had called the boy: MegaMan X. It was the same name that Elliot had said belonged to the leader of the Maverick Hunters, the ones who I was here to help. So of course, I had to help him.

"Heh, you'll be in there for all eternity. I'll make sure of that." The penguin laughed.

"Oh no you won't!" I shouted, now standing on the block of ice that I had been hiding behind.

I jumped from the ice with my Rose Bell in hand, and gave the penguin a good hard kick in on his side (I had been aiming for his head), and I had heard my foot make that 'twang' sound that it would have made if I had struck metal. This penguin was obviously robotic. However, I had left a very decent sized dent to go along with the ones that had already been there from the damage that the boy had done to him.

"Who the heck are you?" The penguin shouted, "How did you get in here?" He seemed both bewildered and angered that I was here.

"I'm Mew Zoey, and I'm here to destroy you. Mew Mew style, Mew Mew grace, Mew Mew Power in your face!" I said my line, realizing how embarrassing it is. Then I narrowed my eyes fiercely, and demanded, "Tell me who you are."

"Not that it is any of your business, but I am Chill Penguin, one of Lord Sigma's eight loyal Mavericks. And I think that I'll be the one to destroy you."

He jumped extremely high and grabbed a lever on the ceiling. Wind began to violently blow around the snow in the room, and the mere force of the wind knocked me over. I was extremely cold in my dress, and now wished that the Mew Mew dresses were a little less skimpy.

But the wind was so strong that the block of ice that MegaMan X was encased in slid across the room and smashed to pieces against the wall. Chill Penguin stopped the blizzard immediately, probably feeling foolish to have done what he had.

(X's point of view)

"What just happened?" I asked, standing up. Then I noticed Chill Penguin and a girl around my age in a battle-ready stance. I nearly laughed hysterically at what she was wearing. It was certainly beautiful on her, but if she were going to fight she'd need a lot more protection than a tutu like dress.

I then notice the strange looking weapon that she held, and the serious look on her face. She was obviously more than she seemed to be if she was able to wield a weapon like that, and from that serious look, she was definitely not as childlike as I would expect from her clothing style.

"Are you MegaMan X?" The girl asked me.

"Yeah, are you a Maverick?" I answered her. I needed to know, and if she was I'd have to do my duty as a Maverick Hunter. She shook her head no, but I still wasn't sure if she was telling the truth.

Chill Penguin had taken this opportunity of distraction to fire a block of ice at the girl. She noticed it right on time, however, and kicks it back at him with her foot. It was a direct hit.

"I don't think that I like you very much," the girl shouted at Chill Penguin, "So I'll see to it that I'll never have to deal with you again! Rose Bell, full power!" She used her bell to create a blast of gold and pink energy that struck Chill Penguin and caused a massive explosion. The whole attack occurred in complete and total silence. When the smoke cleared, Chill Penguin was in pieces. I have to admit, I was very impressed, but who wouldn't be? That technique was deadly.

I walked over to Chill Penguin (or what was left of him) and made my X Buster change back into my hand. I touched a part of him with that hand, for I was very interested in learning his technique of shooting ice. In a moment, I had gained the ability to use the very same attack. I transformed my arm into my X Buster again and tested out my new power by firing at one of the blocks of ice in the room, and then returned my attention to the girl that was there, keeping my X Buster ready.

"Who are you?" I asked her suspiciously. I was still unsure of whether or not she could be trusted.

"My name is Mew Zoey. I have been sent here to help you, MegaMan X." She smiled at me after saying this, as to assure me that she was being truthful. But I was still unsure.

(Mew Zoey's point of view)

It was obvious that he didn't know whether or not he could trust me. I didn't blame him. Why should he trust a total stranger who claims to be here to help him and gives no reason why and no explanation about knowing that he needed help?

"Who sent you?" He asked me, still watching my every move. I noticed that his arm was tense and ready to rise and fire if I made any sudden attempt to attack.

"Elliot, my boss and the one who gave me and my friends the powers of the Red Data Animals." I answered him. "There are five of us, and we are a team that helps to ensure peace on Earth and to maintain justice. Elliot sent me here with instructions to find the Maverick Hunters and aid them in their quest to defeat Sigma and his Mavericks. I promise you that I come to you peacefully."

He still eyed me (and my Rose Bell) suspiciously. He became slightly less tense and said,

"Then I'm sure you wouldn't mind dropping your weapon and coming back with me to my headquarters. If you truly come to me peacefully then you will do as I say until I learn to trust you, correct?"

I smiled. I was very impressed by his words. He was smart.

"Yes, I will come with you, but I cannot leave my weapon here. It is extremely important to me. I can, however, do this." I held up my Rose Bell and made it disappear into my subspace pocket.

"Very well." He answered, approaching me cautiously, "So you promise me that you will come back to HQ peacefully with no attempts to attack or escape?"

"You have my word." I still smiled sweetly at him, making sure that he would believe me.

He tried to open what appeared to be a door at the other end of the room but it wouldn't budge. He walked up to me and said,

"I need you to hold my hand for a minute."

He held out his left hand, and I took it, deciding that I could trust him if Elliot had sent me here to help him.

There was a red jewel on his helmet that I hadn't noticed until now, and it started glowing. Then we began glowing with a bright light and I felt a familiar sensation of swift levitation. He was teleporting us somewhere, probably to his HQ.

To Be Continued….

Next time: Zoey meets Zero and explains to X and Zero about why she's here.

Update 2011: Special credit to StarFlash for inspiring me to write this story based on her Maverick Hunter Sailor Saturn, sorry it took me a long time to put it in here, StarFlash!