"Remember when we saw you in Toronto?" Troy asked that summer. Gabriella and her mom had just tranferred back to New Mexico yesterday. She was promised that that was her last transfer.

"Yeah, I remember," Gabriella said thinking back.

"I thought you were like a freak," Troy said.

"Ouch," Gabi said.

"Not for that reason, I mean everywhere I went, you would disappear," Troy said.

"I guess," Gabi admitted.

The couple were watching Troy Jr. shoot hoops outside.

"If you ask Chad, he'll tell you that my grades dropped when you left," Troy admitted.

"Awww..." Gabriella said kissing him on the lips.

They started to make out until a basketball hit them on the heads.

"Oops," Junior said running to get his basketball back.

"Here buddy," Troy said handing him his basketball.

But instead, Junior hopped on to the swing, and sqimmered into the space between Gabriella and Troy.

"Guess what Mrs.Kizel told me," Junior said.

"What?" Troy asked.

"She said that I should play in the NBA," Junior said proudly.

Troy laughed and ruffled his son's hair and said,"You would make a very good player and playmaker."

So there it is, the last part...but dont worry, I just posted up the sequel, so check it out. It's called "Nothing's Going Right." Don't forget to read my other fan-fictions! (Added two more, including the seq.)