Drabble Collection: Digimon Tamers
-by Ajora Fravashi
-Disclaimer - I do not own Digimon, nor am I in any way linked to Bandai or Toei.
-Note: This is a collection of drabbles of various ratings, pairings, and content. All warnings will be given in the header at the start of each drabble. Any offensive content can be skipped over.


Title: Burning Lights
Pairings: None
Character: Makino Rumiko
Rating: General
Word count: 258

Hers was a cutthroat profession. Little mistakes were forgiven only if she was pretty enough, photogenic enough, perfect enough to have them glossed over.

Step out onto the runway. Ignore the pinching shoes and the hot lights that made her makeup feel like an oily mask. For the moment she's the queen of the world and all eyes and cameras are on her.

She sacrificed boyfriends to get here. The first one left out of jealousy, the second was a vapid male model and she couldn't stand him, the third left because he wanted her to sacrifice her career for him. Gone, all of them, and good riddance. Only her mother and daughter remained.

Strut, flaunt those clothes which no normal woman in her right mind would spend hundreds of thousands of yen on, let alone wear. Reach the end of the runway, pause and pose.

She had fought to keep her baby girl, even when the modeling agencies had threatened to cut her contracts short. Why did they not cut the cokehead free, or the drunkard, or the model who slept with everyone? Because they're not pregnant, they said. She begged for a hiatus, just a couple of months, and only reluctantly was it granted.

Smile pretty now! You're the queen of the world! Flashbulbs pop as she gives a smile that won her several contracts, and it's time to strut back up the runway.

She just wished that she had something in common with her little girl, and that Ruki didn't act like she hated her.