Drabble Collection: Digimon Tamers
-by Ajora Fravashi
-NB: The following is a trio of closely related drabbles and are therefore bundled up in one "chapter" on this site.

Title: Comfortable
Characters: Ryo, Ruki
Rating: PG-13 for innuendo
Pairing: None. Actually a friendship drabble. ZOMG!
Words: 300
Note: Originally posted 2006/06/20


Theirs was a relationship of old habits and comfortable sniping.

Ruki checked that thought and snorted. Everyone expected them to end up in a romantic relationship. Both their names started with R, they were the Digimon Queen and King, and they could take as much as they could dish out. Four years later and people regularly confused their outings for dates.

The only problem was that they understood each other too well and knew that anything more than this would result in disaster. That, and he wasn't really her type. She wanted stability, and that was the last thing Ryo could offer. And then there was that other thing...

His eyes wandered the nearly-empty cafe, lingering a little too long on several scrawny, bespectacled men from the local university who seemed to fit a specific type of his. Typical.

"I hear you've been hanging around Jen more often," she said from behind a glass of bubble tea.

Ryo paused in the process of sucking up (and blowing down) a tapioca bubble with an overly large straw, and tore his eyes from one of the men to look at her. She bit her lip to refrain from calling attention to his "new" skill. "I hear the same thing about you and Juri, but you don't see me making insinuations."

"You don't need to. I don't play that way and you know it."

"Pity. I bet Takato would like to wa-"

Ruki couldn't help but grin viciously as he yelped and reached down to rub his freshly bruised shin. Those steel-toed boots were a great investment.

There was no resentment in his voice. "You get off on that, don't you?"

"No, but you open yourself up for it." With a smirk, she pulled away to rise. "You're paying the bill this time."

Title: Singles' Night
Characters: Ryo, Ruki
Rating: G
Pairing: None.
Words: 300
Notes: Matsumoto Hideto, a.k.a. hide, was the lead guitarist for X Japan from 1987-1997. He was found dead on May 2, 1998 via strangulation by towel and a doorknob, and there are conflicting ideas about how he died. Some consider it suicide, but members of X Japan and some friends and colleagues consider it an accidental death while practicing a technique the band used to relieve shoulder/neck pain. Japanese Valentine's Day generally involves women giving men in their lives chocolates, even at work or school. This gave rise to the existence of "giri-choco," or "obligation chocolates.
Note 2: Originally posted 2007/02/14.


"I hate this day," Ruki snarled as she yanked the chair back to sit at her usual table in the tea shop. Unfazed, Ryo just looked up at her and slid an untouched glass over to her side.

Hazelnut mocha with coffee jelly beads at the bottom, the way she liked it. Ryo looked innocently at her when she glanced suspiciously at him and resumed sipping his purple taro drink. Not to be outdone, she crossed her arms and glared. "What do you think you're doing?"

"Buying tea for a friend on a day I know she hates," he said casually. "Those gossiping students and teachers must be a headache, especially if she does what I expect her to and refuses to buy chocolates for anyone. Way I figure it, I should do something nice for her."

With a snort, Ruki grabbed the drink and sipped. Of course Ryo would be nice for the sake of it. "I'm still not getting you anything."

"Not expecting it."

Ruki kicked his shin under the table. It was more of a familiar gesture than one done out of spite. "You're insufferable. I should hang you."

"Do it with a bath towel and a doorknob and I'll be bigger than Matsumoto Hideto," Ryo shot back with a grin. She kicked again and changed the grin to a wince.

Comfortable silence fell until they were down to the last of their drinks. Ryo spoke again. "Since we're both single on Valentine's Day, are you up for a movie marathon? We can make fun of bad monster movies! It'll be great!"

Ruki looked up in surprise. If this was anyone else asking her, she would have thought it a date proposal. Thankfully, neither of them had romantic interest in the other. "Sure. You bring the popcorn."

Title: The Bet
Characters: Ryo, Ruki, Hirokazu (Kenta)
Rating: G
Pairing: None, despite Hirokazu's active imagination
Words: 296
Topic: Misunderstanding
Note: Originally posted 2007/12/27.


Hirokazu was a man with a mission, with a tip from Juri that cost him several valuable cards. Okay, so he was sixteen, but that counted as adulthood in some countries!

Regardless of little details like that, his mission was pretty simple. He had two friends he liked, but they really weren't suited for each other that way. They fought too much. Hirokazu knew pretty well that when a girl and a boy spent a lot of time together, they were An Item. He didn't really know if there were mushy things like flowers or chocolates involved, but realguys never pay any attention to that!

The tell-tale flutter of a red scarf caught his eye and he left his post to follow the couple on their way to the movie theater.

"You owe me for this," Ruki said. "A Masked Rider movie anda Supersentai movie?"

Ryo seemed to be smiling at her, even with his mouth covered by that scarf. "I figured you needed a laugh after that test."

"Ugh. If the posturing doesn't kill me, your stupid crushes on guys in spandex will."

Hirokazu blinked at that. Wait, did-

"Hey now," Ryo admonished, though he was too good-natured for it to have any sort of impact. "I never say anything about yourtaste in guys."

Ruki made another disgusted sound, but it sounded more teasing than usual. "You so owe me. Artsy, depressing movie matinee at my place tomorrow. Bring ice cream."

As they entered the theater and debated ice cream flavors, Hirokazu remained behind, confused. He had been so sure that they were a couple on the verge of breaking up that he put money on the matter. How was he going to pay off Kenta now, who insisted they never were?