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It was a beautiful sunny day. And a girl woke up from her sleep. She had blonde hair with a bit of brown in it and green eyes. She got out of bed still half asleep. She walked down stairs to see her mom making breakfast. With her brother at the table waiting to eat.

She sighed and walked outside.

"Another boring day". She muttered to herself.

"Hi Kura your up earl today". Her Father said walking up to her.

"It's been a long time since I saw you dad". Kura said in bored tone.

"I know it as". He said patting her on the head and walking in side.

Kura sighed and walked in to. She walk pass the kitchen and back to her room.

"Hey sis aren't you happy that dad's back"? Her brother asked. He was older and had the same color hair as her but his eye were blue with bit of gold in them. He ware a black trench coat with a red symbol on it. She had one too but in white.

"Yeah. Matsu. I'm happy that his back I'm just in a bad mood". Kura told him

"I can see that". Matsu said with a smile.

"Whatever. I'm going to get dress now. Can you leave"? She asked him as she got up.

"Yeah. Oh and before I forget father says his going to take us some were today". Matsu told her as he left the room.

Kura got dressed in a white t-shirt with jeans and put her white coat on.

"Hmm. I wonder were. His taken us". Kura thought. Meanwhile. In a town not far from there.

"Finally our plan is coming together. We just need a bit more power now". Said a young girl. With brown hair. Hazel eyes. Her skin was a bit pale. She wore a black shirt with a medium black skirt with skulls around her waist.

"Yes. Good thing we found an alcamist". Said a little boy with short red hair. Dark gray eyes and his skin was also pale. He wore a back t-shirt and black pants.

"I told you before. I'm not alcamist I'm a demon not an alcamist. Well almost a full". He muttered the last part. He had brownish white hair with dog ears and golden eyes. He wore a plan green shirt and jeans.

"Sorry. I'm so used to seeing alcamist that I sometime forget that you're a demon. Anyway. Is the portal ready yet"? He asked.

"Yes it up and ready. We just need my sister. Full Metal's kids and my uncles and every thing will be perfect". He told him.

"I'll get full metal kids you may go after your sister and the rest". The boy said with an evil smile and disappeared.

"Everything is going in cording to plan". The boy with dog ears said with an evil smile. Meanwhile.

"Damn I lost his sent". Inu Yasha said annoyed.

"You lost his sent didn't you father"? A young girl asked. She had short black hair with golden eyes and dog ears. She wore a light green kimono with a phoenix on it.

"Miya I told you to stay with your mother". He said crossing his arms.

"Yeah. I know but I really want to help". She told him looking down.

"Yeah I know you do. But your mother needs help since she going to have another baby". He told her.

"I know. I'll go back to the village". She told him.

"Good. I'll head back to its getting late". He said as he walked back to the village followed by Miya. They entered the village and went into a hut.

"Your guys are back. Any luck with Juro"? She asked.

"No not yet. I lost his sent". Inu Yasha told her.

"I see". She said looking down. Sadness in her eyes.

"Don't worry mom. Well find him". Miya told her.

"I hope so". She said with a small smile.

Inu Yasha sat down next to her. Out side the village.

"Finally. I'm here at my old home". Juro said with an evil smile.

"Dose it bring tear to your eyes knowing that you are going to destroy it"? The girl asked.

"No it doesn't. Now Lilith I told you I don't need help from you homunculi". Juro said with anger.

"Yes. I know but Aaron said you might hold back with them. They are your family after all". Lilith told him with a smile.

"I won't hold back. Now don't you have a job to do"? He asked.

"Do you plan on killing them"? She asked.

"Yes but not now first I need my sister. Oh and if I herd right mother is going to have another baby". He said with a smile.

"Yes right now Aaron is getting Full Metal's kids and when we have them all we can bring any one who as died back to life". Lilith said with an evil smile.

"Yes and I know how to get my sister alone". He told her with a smile.

"Hmm. All right you get your sister and I'll get your uncles kids". She told him and disappeared.

"Hmm. Good everything going to encoding to my plan". He said with an evil smile. Meanwhile. In the west. Sesshomaru just came home to his castle. It was a big castle with a gate around it.

"Your back it took you long enough". Came the voice of Kagura with a baby in her arms. It had white hair with red eyes and a crescent moon on her forehead but it was red.

She looked at him with puppy eyes.

"Aw. She wants her father". Kagura said as she put her in his arm.

"Kagura. Were is Katana and Mamoru"? He asked her. As the baby pulled his hair and put it in her mouth.

"There out side in the garden with Rin". She told him.

"I see". He said as he give the baby back to Kagura. She started to cry.

"Hana still wants you". She told him.

He sighed as she put Hana back into his arm. She stopped crying and pulled his hair again. He walked with her to the garden followed by Kagura. The halls were made out of cherry wood and also the floors. They enter the garden. Witch was beautiful. It had green grass with flowers everywhere and lots of trees and a lake in the middle.

"Oh father your back". Said a boy with brown white hair amber eyes. A crescent moon also on his forehead. Same color as his father. He wore a black and green boy kimono with armor similar to Sesshomaru but in red and silver.

"It's been awhile father". Said a girl sitting in a tree. She had brown hair with amber eyes with a bit of red in them. She also had a crescent moon on her forehead but in black. She wore a light blue kimono with a white dragon on it. With Black and gold armor on.

"Oh lord Sesshomaru your back". Came the voice of Rin who was a teen now. She had a brown kimono on with flowers on it.

"So. What are all of you doing out here"? He asked.

"I'm training". Mamoru told him.

"I was helping Rin pick flowers". Katana told him.

"It's true". Rin said with a smile.

"Hmm. It seems we have a guest". Sesshomaru said looking up. As a Lilith came down in front of them.

"Hello. My name is Lilith and I'm here to take away your kids". She told them with a smile.

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