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"Anyway. Maybe we can help each other out. If we can stop fighting". Ed said with a sigh.

"Like that every happen" Koga muttered. Crossing his arms.

"Shut up. You stupid wolf"! Inu Yasha shouted at him.

"What did you say mute"? Koga asked glaring at him.

"I have no time for this". Sesshomaru said handing the book back to Ed and walking away.

"Wait Sesshomaru maybe we can help each other find our kid's". Kagome shouted at him.

"Yeah and I know were they are". The girl from the train said walking up to them. She keeps on glaring at Ed.

"I knew I smelled a human". Inu Yasha said crossing his arms.

"Who are you"? Kagome asked.

"My name is Fetira Juso. I know were those homunculus took your kids" she told them.

"How do you know were they are"? Ed asked. She gives him a death glare at he backed away a bit.

"I followed a boy with red hair. He was in the town that I was in and I remember him from the train so I followed him but I go caught and was brought here but I know were they are. I was looking around this cave and I say them there was a girl holding a baby and a boy with dog ears". Fetira told them crossing her arms.

"So then show us already". Inu Yasha said crossing his arms.

"Fine. I'll show you". Fetira said walking away.

"I'm coming too". Kagome said.

"No your not. You might get hurt or worst the bay could get hurt". Inu Yasha told her.

"But"… Kagome started.

"No buts. You should stay here and rest". Inu Yasha told her.

"Fine". Kagome said with a frown.

"Don't worry we will get them back" Inu Yasha told her looking at her.

"But what if they come back to try and kidnap Kagome"? Ed asked.

"Don't worry me and Aki well stay here and protect her". Koga told them.

Juts then a gust of wind came and Kagura came down.

"Kagura what are you doing here"? Sesshomaru asked her.

"I wanted to help find our kid's". She told him crossing her arms.

"I told you to stay at the castle". Sesshomaru said with a bit of emotion in his voice.

"I couldn't just sit by and do nothing". Kagura muttered to him. Sesshomaru sighed.

"Go back to the castle. You're still hurt". He told her.

"But I feel fine". She said but just ten he knees gave way and she began to fall. Sesshomaru caught her before she hit the ground.

"You're still hurt". Sesshomaru said holding her.

"She can stay here with me, Koga and Aki". Kagome said looking at Sesshomaru and Kagura.

Kagura sighed.

"Fine". She said closeting her eyes.

"Very well". Sesshomaru said bring her in the hut and laying her down on a bed.

"Sesshomaru please get them back". Kagura said looking away.

Sesshomaru never seen her like this before. She looked really sad. Sesshomaru kissed her gentle on the lips.

"Don't worry I will get them back". Sesshomaru told her looking in her red eyes.

"I know you well". Kagura said with a silt smile. Sesshomaru walked out of the hut and stared at everyone.

"Shall we go". He said plainly as he started to walk away.

"Right follow me". Fetira said walking off. Inu Yasha, Ed and Sesshomaru followed her.

"Be careful guys". Kagome said walking in the hut with Koga and Aki.


"Finally it's ready". Juro said with an evil smile on his face.

Miya was be hide him her eyes now black.

"I shall get the rest ready". Lilith said holding Hana who was still sleeping.

"Good do that then". Aaron said taken Hana away from her.

Lilith disappeared.

"Damn it we have to get out of here". Matsu said hitting the wall with his hand.

"That won't work". Mamoru said crossing his arms.

"There got to be a way out of here". Matsu said thinking hard just then there herd screaming.

Both Matsu and Mamoru looked around hearing the screams.

"That sounded like my sister". Matsu said gong to the wall.

Mamoru pressed against the glass trying to break it.

All of a sudden a shrunken hit the wall and it broke in half both Matsu and Mamoru looked at each other.

"Hey. You two don't just stand there. Come on we have to get you guys out of and fast". A young man with blonde hair said with blue eyes. He wore an orange suit and he had a headband on his head with something on it.

They both looked at him. Then back at each other.

"First tell us who are you"? Matsu asked.

"I'm Naruto Uzumaki and me and the rest of us that are on this mission are here to find out what happened to Gaara-same". Naruto told them.

"Who else is here"? Mamoru asked.

"Well my son here with my wife and some other guys with there kids but I'll tell you guys that later lets get out of here". Naruto told them.

"I'm not leavening with out my sister". Matsu told him walking the way he herd the scream. Mamoru followed.

"Fine well get your sister and leave". Naruto said walking with him.

"How did you even get here". Matsu asked.

"Well. My and my comrades saw this cave with a light in it and we walked in it then we were here". Naruto told them.

"I smell my sister sent". Mamoru told them walking to another part of the room. There saw that Katana and Kura were fighting with the girl who kidnapped then.

Kura clapped her hands together and made a sword. She inherited that from her dad.

Matsu can do that as well. She swings at her but it didn't seem to hurt her when she got hit.

"You know we can't die that way". Lilith told her with a smile and kicked the sword out of her hand. Naruto used his Multiple Shadow Clone Technique.

Lilith looked around and saw many Naruto who all attacked but she used.dark mist. All the naruto stopped and fell to the ground and disapered Naruto fall to the ground and coughed uo blood.

"Neat trick you got there but that won't save you". Lilith told him with an evil smile on her face.

"How can we beat her. If she keeps on healing herself like that"? Mamoru asked himself ths.

Kura and the rest of the kids went down in pain.

"Good everyone I need is here. Now its time". Lilith said snapping her finguers and they disapered

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