The Soul of a Warrior

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Chapter 1: Through the stars.

Rag'nar sat crossed legged in his room. His eyes closed listening to the orchestra of smells, feelings and sounds that signalled the life on board ship. He could feel the subtle pulse of the ships great engines, pulsing with energy as they propelled the ship through the void of stars, onwards towards the ships destination. Rag'nar's hearing, which was better than most Yautja, brought the echoes of the jehdin jehdin sounds from the kehrite area. The young bloods were working out there tension before the kainde amedha chiva, and preparing for themselves to face the greatest prey the universe had to offer. The smell from the food storage area told Rag'nar that some of the other blooded warriors were eating and enjoying some C'ntlip before the upcoming trial. Returning his senses to his room, Rag'nar focused on his body and the steady beat of his heart. His thoughts drifted back to the day his trial against the hard meats, and the fear mixed with pure battle lust that racked his body when he had come face to face with them. He had taken many skulls that day including his most prized skull earned against a warrior hard meat in hand to hand combat.

The peaceful meditations of Rag'nar were disturbed by the sudden shouting coming from the kehrite area. Rising from the floor, Rag'nar stretched out his legs and caught a glimpse of his huge frame in a reflective bulkhead. Rag'nar stood at an impressive 7 foot 10 inches, his dreadlocks hung just past his broad shoulders, his skin a combination of creamy beige through to dark greens, spotted and striped with light and dark browns. Rag'nar's strength was well known and it showed reflected in the bulging biceps, broad shoulders and chest, which was as thick as some trees, and his long powerful muscled legs. Running across his chest from his left shoulder to his right hip, was three scars the marks left by the warrior hard meat's talons that had gouged his flesh. Striding from his room, his yellow eyes glowing, Rag'nar strode down to the kehrite area to beat some sense into the hot headed young blood that has disturbed his meditation. Rag'nar's mandibles clicked as he muttered "C'jit, a leader's job is never done".

Entering the training room he saw several of the young bloods standing round the edge of the training mat looking upon the two yautja in the middle. The first of the young bloods was lying on the floor, unconscious with his left arm at an angle that indicated it was broken, and broken badly. Standing over him was the hot headed youth Ma'lok. Ma'lok stood at just over 7 foot with light brown and green skin with yellow mottling and yellow amber eyes. Ma'lok was shouting "ok whose next! Who wants to take on the might Ma'lok...come on what you waiting for who wants to be like this pauk!". Rag'nar shook his head in annoyance, 'why has this youth not gotten himself killed yet? He has too much arrogance bottled up in that thick skull' as the thought crossed his mind Rag'nar, in a loud commanding voice, spoke "Ki'dte, enough! What's going on here?". Rag'nar stepped up to the training mat and looked down at the unconscious youth then brought his eyes to bear on Ma'lok. "Ma'lok, why have you caused serious injury to J'dan? You are supposed to preparing yourself to face the kainde amehda chiva! Not crippling your fellow hunter". Ma'lok raised his head to face the great hunter Rag'nar, "J'dan insulted me! He refused to fight me merely because I said he was not worth to take the kainde amehda chiva". Rag'nar clicked his annoyance. "By what write does a lowly c'jit barley into adulthood, think he has the power to decided who does and who does not take the kainde amehda trial!" said Rag'nar, his voice echoing in the kehrite room. Ma'lok with a daring look upon his face, looked up at Rag'nar and spoke barley holding the anger from his voice "my sire is the gre…..". Cutting his words short Rag'nar's fist came crashing into his gut knocking him back and with a stumble, to one knee. "I know who your sire is; you dishonour yourself and your sire by bathing in his well earned honour! Now go back to you rooms all of you and prepare. We are not far from the trial planet." Catching his breath, Ma'lok looked up at Rag'nar and was about to leap at him and strike down this yautja c'jit, when his two friends came two his side and grabbed his arms before he could do anything more stupid. Ma'lok, with his two comrades, turned and left the room followed closely by the other young bloods in the room.

As Ma'lok and the other young bloods left the room, Rag'nar signalled two of the young bloods who came to stand in front of him. "you two pick up J'dan and take him to the healers then get back to your rooms and prepare" the two young bloods moved to the unconscious form of J'dan and picking him up the carried him from the room. Standing there in the now empty room Rag'nar shook his head and clicked his mandibles in disgust. 'That Ma'lok is a border line bad blood, the dishonour he brings to his clan by using others honour instead of earning his own' as the thought passed through his head Rag'nar made his way to the healers to find out how bad a beating J'dan had received.

In the healer's room, J'dan was lying on a medi slab with an older yautja healer with a scanner walking around him checking the damage done to the young blood. As Rag'nar entered the healer's room, he spoke in a slightly loud voice "so how's the young J'dan fairing from his beating, No'den?" Turning his head from his scanner and his patient, No'den looked up at Rag'nar and in a deep guttural voice "he will live, but he wont be ready for the trial. Who did this? Was it that hot head Ma'lok again? " Rag'nar nodded his head "aye, it was that c'jit again! He believes he's a leader and he has the right to decided who hunts and who don't" "The gods, I think, will not miss that particular young blood, should he not return from the trial." came No'den's reply. "Patch J'dan up it will be his choice to face the trial or not" and with that Rag'nar turned and walked from the room heading for the bridge.

On the bridge. Rag'nar entered the high tech room which guide this great ship through the cosmos from planet to planet, hunt to hunt. Seated at the helm was a veteran Yautja warrior, Mo'di. "So which young c'jit got broke this time?" spoke Mo'di, with out turning his head. "J'dan." came Rag'nar's response. "Who?" said Mo'di simply. "Three guess's, but you will only need one" said Rag'nar. With a slight hint of anger in his voice "Ma'lok again!" said Mo'di. Mo'di raised himself from the helm and turned to face Rag'nar. Rag'nar looked at his old friend standing before him. Mo'di stood just shorter than Rag'nar at a still impressive 7foot 8inches. His skin darkened with age, was an assortment of light and dark greens with the occasional patch of yellow, all decorated with brown spots and stripes over the top of his chest. Mo'di's forehead, the same as on Rag'nar's forehead, bore the clan symbol, two claw like curves set to look like a T. Mo'di's yellow brown eyes looked up slightly to Rag'nar's eyes and he spoke "May be the hard meats might knock his arrogance from that thick skull and save us the trouble. Any way we are less than 6 hours from planet you may want to go and prepare yourself". With that Mo'di turned and sat back down at the helm with out a further word. Rag'nar clicked his mandibles in reply and turned to head back to his room.

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