Title: Exotic Light
Authoress: Pikadaj
Summary: Gaara is a dancer, a stripper, and Neji is always there to watch him dance. NejixGaara, SasukexNaruto

Chapter 12: And Then There Was That Echo

Naruto hums lightly to himself as he washes one of the clean cups in the bar, the Music throbbing in the background. It's already nearing closing time, so most people have left as the dancers have stopped dancing nearly an hour ago by now. However, even if the clock is already showing that it's well in the early hours of the day, Naruto doesn't seem too bothered and, plainly put, still wide awake.

The drunkards have already been escorted out of the room by various bouncers, leaving only the people who either don't want to go home due to problems and the people that don't want to go home yet due to having no one waiting for them. He idly notes that the dark haired and eyed boy at the counter is probably one of the people in the first group. Heck, a guy looking like that, there's no way he's still single, right?

Wait, he knows that guy. A grin blossoms on his lips as he leans on the bar, shoving his face near the other's too close for comfort. "Hey Sasuke-kun!" He greets cheerfully as he tilts his head to the side. "Didn't recognize you there for a second what with how dark this place is!" He laughs.

"Naruto." Sasuke greets, leaning back slightly as he brings his glass to his lips, yet not saying anything else just yet as his eyes stick on the blonde. He actually thought the blonde just completely forgot about him already, even though they had lunch together a few days ago. 'Of course he remembers me.' He thinks to himself, taking a sip of his drink. 'We're meant to be after all.'

"Hey, we should go and grab a bite to eat again soon, what do you say?" Naruto comments, completely oblivious to the silence of the other, silence that would normally cause people to stop talking, though Sasuke doesn't really mind that Naruto decides to speak instead of staying quiet. No, the Uchiha doesn't care at all…

"Sure." Sasuke shrugs lightly, placing the glass down on the bar, quite close to where Naruto's hand is, skin almost touching skin.

"You had a beer, right?" Naruto comments, motioning towards the glass that is nearly empty. At the Uchiha's nod, he grins once more and grabs the glass from the pale hold it is in, taking it from the other. "I'll give you a re-fill." He comments before winking at Sasuke as he moves to the tap, filling up the glass again. "It's on the house~"

"Thanks." Sasuke comments as Naruto places the glass down in front of him again.

"No problem, no problem~" Naruto laughs before going back to washing the glasses waiting for him. "You should probably leave after you finish that glass, though." He points out. "The club is going to be closing soon." He comments, grinning lightly.

Sasuke shrugs lightly before nodding as he raises the glass to his lips and takes a sip of the drink, falling quiet once more.

Naruto hums cheerfully as he walks through the darkened alleys, eyes on the sky that is lighting up ever so slightly at the horizon in the distance. In the end, the Uchiha took nearly 15 minutes to finish his glass and didn't say much to Naruto's comments, except for an occasional "Hn." Or giving the blonde a slight shake of his head or a nod.

A grin grows on Naruto's face. 'Damn, the guy is pretty damned se- No! Wait! Sakura will kill me if I finish that thought!' He thinks to himself, shaking his head wildly, even pausing for a few seconds to do so before continuing on his way again. Granted, he's dated some guys in the past, but at the moment he is quite happy with his current girlfriend, so he shouldn't be thinking about other people.

He blinks, pausing once more as he realizes that he can hear someone else walk as well. He glances around, noticing that the person stopped at the exact same time as he did, before shaking his head lightly. "I'm probably more tired than I thought…" He mumbles under his breath before snorting slightly. After all, he's walking in an alley, of course there would be an echo of his footsteps…

Once again he starts walking, whistling as he does so, not noticing that while his steps are being echoed. After all; while Uchiha Sasuke is a master at copying someone's actions and can walk at exactly the same pace as the other does, he just can't whistle…

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