Drabble Collection: Digimon Adventure
-by Ajora Fravashi
Disclaimer - I do not own Digimon, nor am I in any way linked to Bandai or Toei.
Note: This is a collection of drabbles of various ratings, pairings, and content. All warnings will be given in the header at the start of each drabble. Any offensive content can be skipped over.


Title: Anatomy
Pairings: ... Not exactly. Warning for possible m/m, just in case.
Characters: Jou, Koushiro
Rating: General
Word count: 233

Too light to tickle, the touch that traced along his arm was almost a caress. It skimmed along a faint blue path with a very specific purpose.

"Basilic vein, branching off into the median cubital, median antebrachial, and basilic. Cephalic vein." Then the touch went to his hand. "Palmar venous arches, digital veins."

It went to his clavicle. "Subclavian, branching into the jugulars and vertebral veins. From there we go to the common carotid artery, which originates from the aorta. From the aorta we get the subclavian and brachiocephalic arteries, and-"

Jou's voice droned on and on, listing veins and arteries as he came across them with the single-mindedness of a medical student. Koushiro did not squirm, despite every fiber in his body wanting to get up and go do something interesting, like playing datapacket ping-pong with another hacker. But Jou was his friend, he reminded himself, and their friendship was quieter than with, say, Taichi. It stabilized over the years, and even though they had their own spheres of interest, there was a comfortable peace with another studious introvert that was missing with the others. This kind of solitary get-together had become normal.

Yet, when Jou asked him to help him study for his anatomy test (all while telling him how perfect his skin was), Koushiro had thought he meant something else.