Drabble Collection: Digimon Adventure
-by Ajora Fravashi

Title: Love Is
Character: Mimi (Jou, Koushiro, Sora, Miyako, Hikari)
Rating: G
Pairing: Mention of Jou/Koushiro
Words: 300
Original LJ posting date: 2008/09/21

Mimi loves boys. Muscled or scrawny, suave or awkward, flirty or oblivious. They are a mystery, and yet sometimes she intuitively knows what they want.

Mimi loves girls. They're softer than men, easier to understand, and often much prettier. Girls are more likely to go shopping with her or stay up all night with her while they paint each other's nails. But some are even more mysterious than boys.

Her girls are her best friends, and sometimes she wonders if she should nudge for a little more than platonic sleepovers and gossip. How would Sora react, or Miyako and Hikari? Would they prefer to settle down with one person or be open to multiples? She knows she couldn't possibly love only one person and wonders why anyone would want to limit themselves so.

Mimi loves her boys especially, because they know her and put up with her shenanigans. There's Jou, who's flaily like her, but much more dedicated to studying for his future. She admires that, because she doesn't have quite the enthusiasm for her studies. She's still a teenager and adulthood seems so far away! And then there's Koushiro, who's oh so socially awkward and buries himself in his programming because it's what he's good at. She could never focus as intently as he does on something so boring. But he tolerates her pranks and attempts for his attention. She once wondered what it would be like if he just focused that attention on someone real.

Sometimes, when she sees her boys together and so caught up in each other that they notice no one else, she doesn't have to wonder about them. She knows that they will always be her favorite boys, even if they only have eyes for each other. They're her closest human friends.