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"Blah" Some one talks.

'Blah' Some ones thoughts.

Blah Journal write.

Blah Flashback lines.

Blah Lyrics.

Since water of the womb
I knew I'd have to face you
The colour of my bites
Yes they remind me of you

It was like any other day. A day of school, boring teachers and freedom at the days end. She woke up and got up from her dark green bed. Still wanting to sleep, she rubbed her eyes and stared ahead. 'Another day.' she thought. The girl rose up from bed and walked to her bathroom. She continued to rub her jade green orbs and then looked at her self from the mirror. She combed her hair out of her face and glared at her self. 'No wonder they don't like me.' she thought. She picked up a small piece of her hair and glared at it. 'Pink.' she thought. 'I hate pink.' When she was done glaring at her self at the mirror she brushed her teeth and cleaned her face with water and soap.

She walked out of her bathroom and walked to her closet. She quickly chose her outfit at random. Sakura wasn't really a fashion freak like the other girls in her class. Instead of revealing her body, she covered as much skin as she could. She wore a blue shirt that had small black patterns in the front. She wore her jeans and black sneakers. Sakura put on her dark blue hoody to keep her self warm even if she was never cold.

Sakura quickly picked up her book bag. She put in her textbooks that she took home yesterday and her notebooks and papers. As always, she left early from school and had to take her books. There was always a choice to buy extra textbooks to use at home but she always refused. Due to all the home work she got from her teachers, she had grown strong arms and could handle a good amount of pain. Sakura quickly took her keys and opened the door.

"I'm going!" she yelled throughout the house. She waited for a moment in silence.

"Have a good day at school!" some one yelled back. As always, her mother never walked her out. It was always like this. She knew that her mother was working hard to pay for Sakura's education and needs. Her mother was an only parent since her father left them when Sakura was young.

Sakura sighed and walked out of the house. She slowly waked and looked ahead. As she slowly made it to the corner she let out another sigh. 'As always.' she thought. 'Another boring day.' Sakura waited at the stop. She didn't go on the school bus anymore, for it seemed that the school began to charge for transportation and to save money, she had to go on the MTA with her school metrocard.

She saw the bus coming and took out her card. Looking down at it to see which way to put it in, she didn't notice that the bus was already there. She looked up and went on the stairs, waiting till she could put her card in. As she slipped it in she stared at the empty seats. 'Always in the back.' her mind thought. Sakura took her card back and sat in the back away from the people.

Sakura wasn't so social as the other girls in her class were. Hell, she only had one friend in the class! Her teacher was always concerned about her loneliness.

In your blood I write
I am not afraid
This is who I am
And I will never be like you

She didn't seem to care about being lonely since she has been for years. A class of assholes, was what she called the class she was in. Why? She called them assholes because they would judge people by how they look, by how smart they are and if you turned against one, there will be hell to pay.

"Kohona High school next stop!" the MTA driver said through the speaker. Sakura put her book bag on her back and walked to the back exit. She pressed the button to make the bus stop and waited. She glared at the outside world and thought, 'How many pain killers am I gonna need today?' As the bus stopped she pressed the yellow line on the door and the doors swung open as she walked out. Sakura already saw the school buses arriving right in front of the school. 'Hopefully not a lot.' Sakura crossed the street and walked into the school. As always she saw the teachers signing in and students heading downstairs. Her school never allowed students to go upstairs to their rooms. She sighed and walked down.

"Haruno-san," she heard and turned around. "It's good to see my best student here."

"Thank you, Anko-sensei," Sakura said. "Though I'm not really the best in your writing and reading class."

"I beg a differ," Anko said. "You are the only student who takes my classes wisely. I also find your stories and reports excellent. Maybe it's best that you already find your future as a writer!"

"Thank you Anko-sensei," Sakura said. "But I'm not sure if I'm that good. I may be well in reports but, my class participation is not very good."

"I know your shy, Sakura-san," Anko said. "But later on that will change. I do hope that you'll read the poem you wrote out loud today."

"If I am asked then I will," Sakura said. Anko chuckled. "I must be going down stairs, Anko-sensei." she was about to walk away but some one grabbed her shoulder.

"You can come upstairs with me, Sakura-san," Anko said. Sakura paused at first but then nodded. She looked down the stairs and saw students glaring, at her.

"I find this a silly rule, to go to that loud room then your own," Anko said as they walked through the halls. "Just thinking of it gives me a headache."

"You should be there," Sakura said. "It's much worse then thought." Anko chuckled. "I thank you for bringing me to the class, Anko-sensei." Anko waved her hand.

"It's no problem," she said. "Just make sure that you read that poem. I know how good you are. You just have to break through your shell." Sakura nodded and went to her room. Sakura quickly turned the lights on and went to her usual seat. Just like any school like hers, the class consisted of six rows with five desks in each. Sakura sat on the last row next to the wall, where the windows were located. She sat on the pre-last seat and got out her notebook.

I do not kneel
All Im asking
Is nothing sacred anymore?

Dear journal,

The classroom is quiet. Thank god. I haven't been able to think properly for a while. For some reason, my head has been feeling slightly dizzy and out of no where I get a headache. It's been a while since I have written in you. Probably because I'm so busy dealing with the assholes in the class. I thank my mother for getting me the release form, so I could leave the school after classes and not stay a minute longer. My mind is in thought. I don't know why but, a new idea just hit my head.

What can people describe in their own feelings?

They are usually speechless.

Why are they so?

That's what I would like to know.

They can never tell their emotions.

Why so why?

Is it all a mystery?

A one thing no one can describe.

A person never knows their feelings.

They never know how they feel,

So is it real?

What can a person describe in their own feelings?

A question I may ask,

But never be able to know.

"What the hell are you doing here?" Sakura heard some one ask. She looked up and turned her head. "It's against the rules to go here early," Zaku said. "Answer me, pinky." Sakura kept her mouth shut and closed her book.

What are you doing now, Zaku?" another voice said. It was clearly a female.

"Just asking the bitch what's she doing here before eight, Kin," Zaku answered. Kin sighed and shook her head.

"Why the hell would you talk to her any way?" she asked. "It's gonna be her own damn fault if she gets into trouble." Sakura turned back to her book and closed her eyes. 'Always the assholes.' she thought.

"If you two are done talking, can the rest of the class get through?" another voice asked. Sakura closed her eyes even tighter. 'Pain killer. Where's a pain killer when you need one?' she thought.

"Whatever," Kin said and stepped aside. The classmates walked to their desks and unpacked their books. Sakura felt a book bag hit the desk in front of her and opened her eyes. 'Great.' she thought. 'I'll defiantly will be needing that pain killer.' In front of Sakura sat Sasuke Uchiha, the leader of the assholes as she liked to say it. He may be handsome, smart, and talented but he was a complete jerk and cold hearted basterd. She looked down at her book and just stared at it, her mind in deep thoughts. She hoped the bell would ring soon for class, maybe she could show her smarts today. She was brought back to reality when she heard some thing fall to the ground. Sakura looked down and saw that one of Sasuke's books fell. She quickly picked it up and placed it on his desk.

"What is that?" Sasuke asked in his usual glare.

"Your book," Sakura answered. She sat back down on her desk and opened a book on the side of her desk. She felt a glare through her book, like if trying to burn the book and her right through. Sakura ignored him and continued to read her book, word by word.

Sakura looked behind her and smiled. It was good to sit next to your only friend.

"Hi Ino," Sakura said with her smile. Ino smiled back.

"What's up?" she asked.

"The usual," Sakura answered. Ino sighed. "Dealing with the assholes, home work and that type of crap."

"The usual," Ino said and Sakura nodded.

"How about you?" Sakura asked. She watched as Ino brought her hands to her lips and smiled. "I'll take that as something good." Ino squealed. "Some thing really good."

"My mom and dad are letting me throw a party on Saturday!" Sakura's smile faltered a bit. This did not go unnoticed by Ino. "I'm sorry to be talking about fathers and all." Sakura shook her head.

"It's not that," Sakura said. "You know well that I'm not a people person."

"Sakura," Ino said. "You can't hide from people forever. Come on, get some more friends. Enjoy yourself!"

"If only it was that easy," Sakura mumbled.

"Ino! Ino!" some one yelled and Ino turned around. Temari and Hinata stood two rows behind.

"I better go talk to them," she said. "Think about it, it'll be fun." Sakura nodded and then sighed. If only she was social. She wasn't popular like Ino or any of the other girls at that. She turned around and looked down at her desk. 'If only it was that easy.' she thought. Sakura stayed quiet in her seat and waited till the bell rang. Maybe a party won't hurt at all.

Sailing through the flood
Why did he keep two of you
Splinter in your mind's eye

"Good morning class," Anko said as she entered the classroom.

"Good morning Anko-sensei," the class chorused as they stood up.

"Sit down now," she said and the class obeyed. "Get your home works out immediately." Sakura shuffled through her papers. She knew that Anko would choose her and as usual, Sakura might choke or just plainly refuse. "I will be asking some people to read their poems out loud. No one will be able to refuse this," she said and Sakura froze. "First will be Temari." Temari stood up with her paper and read out loud. Sakura stood frozen place. No refusing. She had to read her poem. Her stomach churned and did flops. Her hands shaking and sweating a bit. "Good Temari," Anko said. "Please read your poem, Sakura." Some people laughed and mumbled to others.

"Like if that bitch can write."

"Pinky? Reading? Ha! What a laugh!"

"I bet forehead girl can't even say it without choking." Sakura gets up and takes her paper with her. 'Break the shell.' her mind said. 'Show those assholes what you can do.'

"Skeleton grin."

"A tear falls down her face.

Her smiles are like a mask.

She never reveals the truth,

Hiding behind the skeleton grin."

"A tear falls down her face,

Her mask breaks down.

Red tears fall to the ground.

Her tears, red like blood."

"She hides behind her mask,

Shielding the pain with a skeleton grin.

A grin that no one cans see.

Maybe her happiness was just not meant to be."

The whole class remained quiet. Sakura stood still. 'Their going to make fun of me, judge me again.' she thought. Sakura turned as she heard Anko applaud at her.

"Excellent!" Anko said with her grin. "It's about time I hear your work out loud! I expect to hear more of this Sakura!" Sakura nodded and quickly sat back down, the class still speechless. Sakura looked down and remained quiet for the whole class. When the bell rang Sakura got ready for her next class. Ino had gone out of her class room to talk to her other friends. When she looked down her desk to get the rest of her books they fell other on the top. Sakura looked up.

"Well, well," Zaku said with his evil grin. "It seems that you actually have some smarts."

"Some," Kiba said and his dog, Akamaru, barked.

"Point made," Gaara said behind the both of them. Sakura kept her mouth shut. Any word can end up in pain.

"Why won't you talk?" Zaku asked, hie evil grin still there. He pinned her to the wall behind her. She shut her eyes. "What a bitch you are. No wonder you have no friends." he let go of her wrists and backed away a bit. "Kiba, Gaara, you can only do it once." The other two nodded. Kiba, Gaara and Zaku were some of the bullies in her class. Though it was Gaara who told who what to do, Zaku was allowed to take charge. Sakura closed her eyes and stayed still. 'Don't.' she thought. 'Don't hurt me.'

"She doesn't even have any one to defend herself!" Kiba snickered. Sakura felt a small pain on her shoulder and then another pain on her cheek. She touched her face and felt no pain. The three quietly walked away as if nothing just happened. No one would defend her at all. She looked down and picked up the book that fell to the ground, her journal. As the bell rang Sakura was prepared but didn't notice that some one was watching her and witnessed what previously happened before.

"Will someone tell me what 2 radical 5 times parenthesis 2 radical 2 plus 8 radical 10 close parenthesis is?" the teacher asked. Sakura sighed. All these easy problems. The teacher, which was Kakashi who came twenty minutes late, decided that it was about time that the whole class would review old equations for the upcoming exam. 'Exams, exams.' she thought. 'Can't they ever change the year schedule? No wonder students are leaving the school before the end of high school!' sakura remained quiet and looked down her notes. Sasuke, as usual picked up his hand and answered. 'Smart ass.' she thought.

"Sorry to interrupt," Iruka said as he walked into the classroom. "But I have a small announcement to make. The principal, Tsunade-sama, has requested that there will be a poetry contest. Since all the poems were read today, Anko, the judge, already decided who is in." Sakura drew in a sharp breath. 'No.' she thought. 'Don't choose me.' Her eyes were wide and she stared down. "The people in this class are Sasuke, Temari, and Sakura."

"Well, isn't that nice," Kakashi said and looked at the pink haired student. "Maybe a small applause will do." Everyone quickly obeyed but Sakura remained frozen.

"It seems that you actually have some smarts."

"What a bitch you are. No wonder you have no friends."

"She doesn't even have any one to defend herself!"

"Just make sure that you read that poem. I know how good you are. You just have to break through your shell."

"What shell?" Sakura mumbled to herself. "There is no shell, it's just me." Sakura closed her book and picked up her hand.

"Yes, Sakura?" Kakashi asked.

"Kakashi-sensei, I'm not feeling well," Sakura lied. "Can I go to the nurse?"

"Yes you can," Kakshi said. "Sasuke, go with her. After all, you know this subject well enough." Sasuke grunted and got up. Sakura got up and girls glared at her. She turned and saw Ino mouth 'Feel better.' Sakura smiled and nodded. She walked behind Sasuke out of the classroom. 'Maybe I wasn't lying.' she thought. 'After all, my head does hurt a bit.'

My Phoenix rises to swoop
Still floating in the gray water of your womb

"Hurry up," Sasuke grumbled in front of Sakura. She remained quiet and looked down. Sasuke shook his head a bit. 'She weird.' he thought. 'It's still surprising that she is in the contest. Though, her poem was good.'

"I'll go by myself," Sakura said. Sasuke stopped walking and turned his head slightly to her. "It will be better that way any way." Sakura quickly brushed pat him and to the office, leaving a grumbling Uchiha. She entered the room a bit and waited till she heard the footsteps go back to her room.

Sakura held onto her head as she walked to the office. 'Shit.' she thought. 'Since when can my head hurt so much?' Sakura wobbled a bit and then stood still.

"Are yo alright?" the nurse asked.

"Not really, Shizune," Sakura answered. "My head just really hurts."

"Let me feel your head," Shizune said as she walked closer to the pink haired girl. "You have a small fever. Rest here for the next two classes. Which ones do you have?"

"Another math and then social studies," Sakura answered.

"That's good," Shinzune said. Sakura rose a pink brow. "You won't be yelled at because you missed science. Orochimaru is a fierce teacher."


"I'll wake you up when it's time, alright?" Sakura nodded and laid down on the bed. She closed her eyes and let her body rest.

"Sakura?" she heard some one call. "Sakura? Come on sleepy head, get up!" Sakura opened her eyes and was met with a smiling Ino. "Science class is next! I can't have you miss it!"

"Alright," Sakura said. "I'll get up. Just don't yell."


"Okay," Sakura said. "What happened this time?" Ino squealed. "Something good I take." Ino jumped up. "Twice in one day, it's the end of the world."

"Not me," she said. "I'm happy for you!" Sakura rose a brow.

"Why?" she asked.

"It's for the social studies project. Sensei told us to do a project with the partner he picked and guess what?" she asked.

"I don't wanna know," Sakura said.

"Your partners with Sasuke!" she nearly yelled.

"I said I didn't wanna know," Sakura said. "Now I'm stuck with the leader of the assholes."

"Oh come on!" Ino said. "He's not that bad! I mean, he's smart, athletic and cute!" Sakura ignored her friends rambling and thought, 'But that's just it. He's just a cold basterd. He hates to be social even if he is without a thought.'

"I think that's enough, Ino," Sakura said. "I get your picture. Come on, we'll be late for class."

Take the edge of my thumbs
Bury the nails deep into your eyes

Maybe then you'll see my light

"Can some one please tell me what the smaller parts of the atom are and where are they exactly in the atom?" Orochimaru asked the class. Sasuke picked up his hand as usual but Orochimaru went against it. "Would you like to answer my question, Sakura?" Sakura picked her head a bit and quickly said the answer. "Have you been studying, Sakura?" Orochimaru asked.

"Yes," Sakura answered. Orochimaru formed his lips into a somewhat smile.

"It shows," he said. Sakura nodded. As Orochimaru continued with the class, Ino oked Sakura in the back and she turned a bit.

"Good job," she said. "Maybe you should be more attentive then before everyday." Sakura only smiled. 'But I hide behind the skeleton grin.'

She hides behind her mask,

Shielding the pain with a skeleton grin.

As the bell rang Sakura got up. 'Last period.' she thought. 'Thank god.' Sakura quickly took her things with her, packing everything. She looked at her notebook and held in her hands. Sakura quickly said her good bye to Ino and was ready to walk out. She watched as Zaku, Kiba, and Gaara made their way to her. She decided to brush through them before they even touch her but a voice stopped her way.

"Your not leaving," a harsh voice said. She looked to her side and saw Sasuke glaring at her. "The project's due on Monday. It should be done today." Sakura saw the group approach her even closer.

"Whatever," she said. "I'll be downstairs." Sakura ran out of the room, but what was stopped by the three.

"Where the hell do you think your going?" Zaku asked. 'Think Sakura.' she thought.

"Away from you," she answered and hit his foot. He let go of his grip on her and she ran out. Sakura quickly went down the stairs and waited out the gates.

"Please show your forms," the guard said. Sakura sighed and took out her form. Sasuke showed his as well. "Your allowed to go. Just sign yourselves out." Sakura nodded and quickly signed her name. Afterwards she quickly handed Sasuke the pen and waited till he signed his name. As they walked out of the gates Sakura walked across the street.

"What are you doing?" Sasuke asked.

"Taking the bus," Sakura answered.

"We're riding in my car," Sasuke said. Sakura nodded a bit and walked behind him. As they got inside Sasuke started the engine.

"Do you have a phone?" Sakura asked.

"It's in the car," he answered. "You can use it." Sakura nodded once more and quickly dialed the number. She waited a bit till a voice finally picked up.

"Hello?" a female voice asked.

"Mom," Sakura said. "I'll be a bit late, okay?"

"Alright then," her mother said. "Should I make you some lunch? And were are you going?"

"There is no need to make lunch mom," Sakura said. "I have a project due on Monday so that's why I'm not gonna be home like usual."

"Alright then," her mother said. "Just be careful alright?"

"Yes," Sakura said.

"By the way," her mother said. "How was the poem? When you read it to me, I found it amazing! I hope you read it out loud."

"I did," Sakura answered. "Anko said that no one can refuse. She said that I did good."

"Just good?" her mother said, her voice sad.

"No," Sakura said. "Excellent. Now I'm in the poetry contest in the school for this."

"Congratulations!" her mother said happily. There was a small sound of rumbling in the back. "I'd better continue working. Goodbye, see you later."

"Goodbye," Sakura said and pressed the button to turn off the phone. She sighed and leaned back in her seat. Sakura took her notebook and a pen. She quickly wrote something and turned to Sasuke. "So where are we gonna go exactly?" she asked.

I'd rather crawl, drooling with the beggars
They've got more to say

I do not kneel
All Im asking
Is nothing sacred anymore?

"My house," Sasuke answered as they entered in the car's gates.

Her smiles are like a mask.

She never reveals the truth,

Hiding behind the skeleton grin."

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