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"Blah" Talking

'Blah' Thoughts

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Blah will always now be lyrics or a poem

He was out of whack by then.

Simply because of this little female next to him, Sasuke Uchiha was so out of it that there was no humor. There were no chuckles with his actions. Not a giggle or even a cackle.

What he was doing now simply laced people with concern.

Sasuke Uchiha was a cold-hearted bastard and he knew it. He cared for himself mostly and that was how it was supposed to be. He was supposed to be an alpha male. He was also supposed to have a large stick up his ass but well where did that go?

Yes. Where did that rather large stick go?

The answer was Sakura Haruno. The pink-haired female had removed it without even touching his ass. Like many people would say, she had, in a cliché moment, melted that ice cube he called a heart.

Sasuke Uchiha was not angry with his. In fact, he was just lost. He was so lost that he froze. He was stuck in a mind of his own and did not know what to say. Whatever Sakura was saying fell on deaf ears. Even as she moved and touched his shoulder, he did not respond.

Sasuke Uchiha was lost in his own thoughts; so busy calculating with what he should do next. Sadly, his heart was screaming something else. His heart and mind where opposites.

While his mind screamed to back away and shove that stick back his ass, his heart soothed him with words if love and a possibility of a female presence that will make him happy.

"Go out with me."

His heart had clearly won the battle this time. His heart, though soft now and rather soothing, reached his larynx first. His mind was instantly regretting with his choice and decided to smack itself.

Sasuke scowled; he felt a headache come on.

Now it was Sakura who froze. She stopped with her questions, nearly gasping at his words. Her lips opened and she was gaping at him like an adorable pink fish. Her emerald eyes were large.

She was simple speechless.

Sasuke had spoken in command and was probably going to take yes as the only answer. If that was the case then why bother to even ask her to begin with? Or, perhaps he had just spoken these words without a second thought. They had slipped out his body before he could control his tone and expression.

Because, after he said it, she noticed him scowl. She noticed his expression change from something akin to pain to confusion and now disgust.

Being the girl she was, she could only reply with:

"What did you just say?"

Sasuke cleared his throat and blushed ever so slightly. He had regained some of his old bearings and realized who he was. He realized that even if he had indeed like Sakura Haruno so much he would maintain his old attitude. He would not lose himself or his cool when asking a girl out.

Even if this girl was the ever so amazing Sakura Haruno who he was finally noticed after so long. The same girl who probably had fallen in love with him and vice versa. The same girl who stuck out like sore thumb, emotionally and physically. The same girl who was brilliant, beautiful, caring and ever so awesome.

Sasuke Uchiha repeated himself, fixing his scowl instantly. He opted for a small smirk, his eyes glinting with mischief.

"Go out with me."

His sentence was only four words long but behind it, Sakura saw something else.

For one thing, she noticed the look he had. She noticed how cocky he suddenly got and really, what he was meaning.

If she would go out with him, this would mean that they would both be happy. This would also mean that she was out with THE Uchiha Sasuke. The same Uchiha Sasuke that once broke her heart and carefully glued the pieces together. The same boy who she had accidentally slept in the same bed with and made her blush so many times that she already lost count.

This was the same boy she wouldn't mind kissing till her lips hurt. She wouldn't mind possibly making out with him in public, in her house, in her room or anywhere else.

He was after all, THE Uchiha Sasuke. Even Uchiha Sasuke knew who he was and what position he held in any area. Uchiha Sasuke, the man who was very cocky, knew what happened to the girl he decided to court. He knew what this female would be entitled to.

Let's just mark out the part where he had never actually dated anyone. Pretend that there was some other girl that he had dated and she had either died in some tragic accident or she just moved away somewhere far far away.

Sakura Haruno blushed at his request, unsure on what to say. It wasn't as if she didn't want to date Sasuke Uchiha. Hell, she was more then delighted to do so. There was no issue with dating Sasuke really. Her mother approved the relationship, her friends would be ecstatic and she would be able to make out with the Uchiha lad without a simple pause.

Sakura Haruno smirked. Sasuke Uchiha watched her with curiosity, a shudder running down his spine. He was patiently waiting for her answer. After all, it wasn't like he was telling her to marry him and help reproduce adorable pink haired Uchiha babies. For now, he was not going to ask her to do so. After all, they were only teenagers and he had to wait till they turn eighteen to do that.

"I'd love to," she replied, her smirk slowly spinning into a smile. She forgot what she was going to ask prior but that didn't matter. After all, she was just asked out by Uchiha Sasuke in her own home.

The next question was what to do next. Yes, what are they going to do? Are they just going to drop onigiri and proceed to make out in the kitchen? Or, perhaps, would they eat the rice meal first and then make out?

Really, Sakura Haruno, what was it with her and kissing? Why couldn't he just kiss her and get it over with by now. They've gotten too close too many times and not kissed. He's kissed her on the cheek and forehead but not her lips.

Sakura licked her lower lip, taking hold of the rice ball he had in his hands. She took a small bite, munching on the perfectly made meal. Sasuke, in return, glared at his now pink-haired girlfriend. His arm reached for the rice ball but before he could take it from her, Sakura ate the rest.

"You did not just eat my rice ball," he said, his voice in a warning tone. Sakura nodded, licking her lips again, nearly moaning in delight. His onigiri was delicious and she wouldn't mind having another one.

"I think I just did, Uchiha Sasuke. Is that an issue?"

He wrinkled his nose, trying to keep the Uchiha posture. It was hard after all. Sakura Haruno knew how to break him down regardless if he wanted it or not. She knew what exactly to do that could make him blush or make him react in ways he never has before.

"Yes. That onigiri was mine."

"Well, now it's in my stomach. Nothing you can do to get it back."

Sakura smirked in victory, knowing full well that Sasuke could not do a thing. He could only scowl before returning to work, struggling to make an even better onigiri. Sakura opted to watch him instead of making her own.

"I'm not sharing mine," he warned.

"I'll eat them regardless," she replied back, leaning against the counter and watching him work. Her voice was playful, eyes bright.

Both were happy in their position now. Finally, after much deliberation, Uchiha Sasuke had asked Sakura Haruno out. She had gladly accepted and now they moved to their original positions. As of this moment, it still hadn't hit them that they were officially dating.

It only took a few hours later for Sakura to realize that Sasuke is her actual boyfriend. In that very moment, they were just sitting on the couch, homework done and the TV on. Sakura was leaning against the armrest, her head pressing against the soft material. She was staring at the TV with an expression of pure boredom.

Sasuke, on the other hand, held the remote in his hand, looking at the TV with much interest. Sasuke was sitting in a normal fashion, leaning back ever so slightly against the cushions. He, unlike Sakura, wanted to watch some show called Monsters Inside Me*. It was disgusting and educational at the same time.

If she wanted something of that matter, she would have opted for a horror movie. She would have preferred to watch The Bride of Chucky at that moment since the Sci-Fi channel decided to play all of the Chucky films.

Sitting there, feeling comfortable and almost ready to nap, the thoughts finally hit Sakura.

She jumped, falling off the comfortable couch with a hard thud. Groaning, she slowly sat up, meeting her boyfriend's gaze. The girl blushed, biting her lower lip. Sasuke, on the other hand, tilted his head to the side.

"Are you alright?" he asked before slowly lifting her off the wooden floor. She nodded, fingers running along her pink locks. "What's wrong, Sakura? Girls don't just suddenly fall off couches."

"I realized something."

"Hn. And that is?"

"You asked me out."


"And I said yes."

"Why wouldn't you?" he said, his voice full of manly pride. Sakura rolled her eyes, sitting next to him on the couch. He glanced at her, his voice just a tad smaller, "Are you regretting it already?"

"Well, no. It's not that. If we are dating, why does it feel so normal? Why does it feel like nothing changed?"

Sasuke shrugged. He was at a loss with that question too. Why did it feel so natural for him to be dating her? Granted, they weren't officially dating just yet. He had yet to hold her hand, kiss her and just treat her like he was courting her. But, it felt normal.

This wasn't where he would leave off to see her the next day either. He was staying in her house and sharing a room with her. They would be with each other for a very long time.

"Is it bad, Sakura?" he asked. This time, she shrugged.

"I don't know. But, I think not. At least now we won't be shy about it, you know?"

He nodded. Sakura smiled softly, pouting her lips. Her hand reached out, lacing her fingers with his. Sasuke seemed to freeze for a second; unsure on what would happen next.

"So does that mean I can do this with you anytime I want?"

Right, he had forgotten to explain the benefits she would receive when courting the Uchiha Sasuke.

"Maybe," he replied. Sakura nodded, waiting for him to give a better reply. This was not what she wanted to hear. Sasuke glanced at her, seeing her patience. He tilted his head upwards, squeezing her small fingers.
"We can show off to others if you want it so much."

Her words were out before she could actually control them.

"I want to make out."

Sasuke jerked his head, staring at Sakura with a light blush. She blushed too, shaking her head. She did not mean to say that out loud. She didn't even think it was time to even do such a thing. Despite the fact that Sakura did want to kiss Sasuke so much, she wouldn't mind waiting.

"I'm home!"

The awkwardness escaped as Sakura slowly stood, going to her mother to greet her. Sasuke joined soon after and they all settled, ready to chat about their day and so on. When it was time for bed, Kira meant it. She ushered the two teens into two bathrooms to take a shower.

The mother in her made sure that they brushed their teeth and were well dressed for bed. If they were only a bit younger then she would have no problem with reading them a bedtime story.

Instead, she set Sasuke in his futon and Sakura was in her comfy warm bed. She bid them goodnight and closed the door behind them, leaving the two teens to sleep in the dark.

The awkwardness had leaked back in and both could not say anything. Both were undecided with their current position.

"Sakura," Sasuke said after sitting up and making his way to her bed. He pushed her ever so slightly, making himself comfortable in her bed.

"What are you doing?" she asked, gaping at him. He smirked.

"Taking the bed. You took my onigiri and I want revenge."

She glared at him.

"This is so much more worth it then a god damn onigiri, Sasuke."

She nearly yelped as he lifted her up and tossed her onto his futon. The Haruno looked up; glaring at Sasuke as he closed her eyes, ready to fall asleep.

"Get off my bed, you chicken-butt haired man!" she whispered. Sakura knew better then to wake her mother. Her mother, if woken up before need be, was super cranky. Unless this was an emergency, she should not be bothered.

Sasuke opened his eyes, staring at her. He smirked.

"Make me."

Ten minutes later, both had decided that wrestling was the perfect option. This ended up in an awkward position; Sakura lying on top of Sasuke, using him as a perfect pillow. Sasuke, on the other hand, was using her pillows for comfort. He had a strong grip around the girl, preventing her from struggling any further.

"Sleep, Sakura."

She was going to reply but Sasuke quickly silenced her with a small kiss to the forehead.

"Tomorrow," he said, hoping that this bribe will work, "I will make out with you as much as you want."

Sakura then smiled, nodding.

"I'll hold you to that, Sasuke Uchiha."

They had fallen asleep with ease, perfectly comfortable in each other's arms.

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