Brothers of the Blade

By: Ferahgo

Hello all, and welcome to my second Fanfic, but my first Naruto story. It follows the real timeline, but is slightly AU. It starts after the Wave Mission, but before the Chuunin exams and the only other significant change (other than the story itself) is that Mizuki didn't get the opportunity to tell Naruto that he carries the Kyuubi. ENJOY!




"Kenjutsu Moves"


It was a bright sunny day in Konohagakure no Sato. Team seven had no missions or meetings, as their lazy, silver haired jounin sensei, after making them wait for two hours before showing up, gave them the day to "train at your own pace," which basically meant do whatever you want. Sasuke had gone into the village, claiming that he needed to do something; Sakura had said she needed to do something in town (A.K.A stalk Sasuke), and our favorite blonde ninja had taken to the training fields.

"Kage Bushin no Jutsu (Art of Shadow Replication)!" cried Naruto, as four clones appeared around him in formation. They (the shadow clones) charged the wooden training dummy closest to them. Each shadow clone threw a series of punches and kicks, and destroyed the training dummies completely.

"Yes! "Shouted Naruto, proud that his skills with his favorite jutsu had improved greatly.

He looked at the remaining training dummies, numbering about fifty in all, spread in all directions. With a cry of "Taijuu Kage Bushin no Jutsu (Art of Mass Shadow Replication)", and the formation of a single hand seal, fifty shadow clones popped into existence with a large cloud of ninja smoke. Simultaneously, all of the clones rushed towards the training dummies, and smashed them into firewood.

Naruto stood panting as his clones poofed back to where ever they came from. "Whoa, that took a lot of chakra, but I must get stronger so I can beat Sasuke-teme, and prove to Sakura-chan that I'm better than him!"

He regained his breathing quickly, and started going through some simple Taijutsu that Kakashi had taught him. Suddenly, a rustling noise in the bushes caused him to whip out a kunai, and throw it into the trees, much in the same way he had in wave country. A man moved out from the underbrush, and the trees; he had the thrown kunai held blade first between his index and middle finger. He was completely garbed in black; from the black muscle shirt her wore, to the black pants, to the black ninja sandals he wore. He also had on black armor, similar to that of the ANBU's. He wore the standard kunai holster on his right thigh, and had a large, sheathed katana hanging from his waist.

"I admire your skill with Kage Bushin," said the man, flicking the kunai back to Naruto, "but your kunai skills need some work"

"HEY! Who are you to tell me that my skills need work?" shouted Naruto, "I'm gonna be the Hokage someday! Believe it!"

"Hrmph, some Hokage you'll be. The Hokage needs to know more than just one move; they need to master over a thousand jutsu. Also, The Hokage needs to be level headed and calm, which, I'm sorry but, you are not "

"Hey, I bet I could beat you!" shouted Naruto, who was by now getting very angry with this man, "bring it on!"

With that, Naruto charged towards the man, each hand drawing three shruiken from his holster and equipment pouch. With a cry, he hurled them at the man, who was still standing still. The man smirked, and in the span of a few milliseconds, drew his katana and settled into a perfect kenjutsu stance. He easily deflected every shruiken, save one, with his katana. The unblocked one sailed by him, grazing his cheek, and leaving a small cut.

"Ha ha ha! I hit you!" said Naruto, "I guess your not as good as you think you are, eh?"

"Overconfidence," said the man calmly, as if he was reading from a textbook, "is the first step towards losing a battle"

"Oh yeah…well take this! Kage Bushin no Jutsu (Art of Shadow Replication)," yelled Naruto forming the over used hand seal. Ten shadow clones appeared in a puff of smoke, and circled around the man, "charge!"

The man chuckled and rolled his eyes. He shifted his stance to meet the oncoming attack. "Dragon Style: Dragon Whirlwind!" Focusing his charka into the blade of his sword, he whipped the blade around in a complete circle. The blade released a wave of green chakra that rushed out and struck each clone as it was closing in, causing them to disappear simultaneously.

"Second step to losing a battle," said the man, in a lecturing tone, "predictability"

"Hey…your pretty good, but no-one can beat this, "Taijuu Kage Bushin no Jutsu (Art of Mass Shadow Replication)!"

With that, one hundred shadow clones appeared around Naruto, and collectively shouted, "you can't win now!" Then, the shadow clones rushed towards the mysterious Kenjutsu master. With a sigh, the man uttered "baka" under his breath and shifted into an offensive stance. He charged chakra into the blade, and shouted "Dragon Style: Dragon Slash!" He swung his blade in a cross slash, and released the green chakra outwards in a wave. The wave extended out, striking every clone, causing them to disappear, and the wave still had enough energy to hit Naruto in the chest. The wave hit Naruto hard, throwing him backwards into a tree several meters away.

The man sheathed his katana and walked over to where Naruto's un-moving form lay. He lifted the un-conscious boy on to his shoulder and walked towards the village.

The man walked through the streets of Konoha with Naruto slung over his shoulder. He stopped a passing pink haired girl that was following a young raven-haired boy.

"Excuse me miss, can you tell me where this boy lives?" he asked, motioning to Naruto with his free hand.

"Hey! Leave me alone! I have to stalk Sasuke-kun…oh, that's Naruto, he lives in apartment over in that direction," said Sakura, pointing east, "Hey, what happened to him?"

"He over-trained himself, said something about needing to beat some Sasuke guy. I found him passed out a training area on the outskirts of the village"

"Naruto will never be able to beat my precious Sasuke-kun!" said Sakura, and started to run after Sasuke, but stopped on an afterthought, "Hey, who are you?"

"My name is Yamato"

Sakura then resumed chasing after Sasuke, and Yamato continued his walk to Naruto's apartment. On his way, he noted the hateful glares of the villagers that were directed to the unconscious boy he was carrying. One of the villagers even had the nerve to run up to Yamato, and ask him if the demon was dead. Yamato scared the man away by releasing a wave of killing intent at the man.

After navigating through the many streets of Konoha, and experiencing the hateful glares of the villagers, Yamato made it to Naruto's shabby, run-down apartment. He deposited Naruto gently onto his un-made bed and sighed. The apartment was a complete dump. The floor was cracked and scuffed linoleum. The walls were covered in shabby, peeling paint, which was bright orange in color. There were a couple of spots that looked newer, the paint only looking to be about two to five years old. Yamato had a bad feeling that the walls were repainted to hide something, so he made a few quick hand seals, and his eyes changed from brown to blood red. He gasped at what he saw hidden under the new paint, "Die Demon!" "Monster Child!" and "Die, Demon Brat" were slathered allover the walls. Yamato sighed, wondering what type of childhood Naruto must have had.

He took a quick stock of Naruto's possessions. He had an extra kunai holster, an extra brace of kunai and shruiken, several orange jumpsuits, a picture of himself and the Hokage, his team photo with Sasuke, Sakura, Kakashi, and himself, some expired milk, and ramen, lots and lots of ramen, and in so many flavors, there were miso, beef, chicken, pork, shrimp, and many other flavors.

He sighed at Naruto's choice of clothing. Didn't he know that bright colors would get him killed? But, on a second thought, this must have been the only thing that the villagers would sell him, probably hoping that the color would make him an easy target.

He looked at the unconscious form of Naruto lying on his bed, and noticed some small facial changes. He wondered what was going on in Naruto's sub-consciousness.

Inside Naruto's sub-consciousness mind…

Naruto stirred as he awoke, and realized he was in an unknown place, so he used his senses to discover as much as he could about his surrounding without opening his eyes, like he was taught in the academy. He determined that there was no smell, and there was the sound of light breathing, mixed in with a growl every few seconds.

"Kit, I know you're awake, so you mine as well get up"

"W-w-who are you?" stammered Naruto, as he picked himself up. All he saw was two glowing red eyes, behind a large steel cage, with a piece of paper on it.

"I am the almighty Kyuubi no Kitsune," said the voice behind the bars.

"H-h-how did you get here? I thought the Yondaime killed you twelve years ago!" stammered Naruto.

"I was sealed inside of you when you were a small baby by your Yondaime when I was provoked into attacking your village, your Yondaime made the seal so that our chakra would slowly mix and if you died, I would die as well" said Kyuubi slowly.

"YOU! You're the reason all of the villagers hate me and beat on me! You're the reason they all glare at me! WHY? Why did the Yondaime seal you into me?" yelled Naruto.

"You were the only baby born that day, I heard a rumor from one of the shinobi who was attacking me say that the Yondaime was going to use his newborn son to seal me away"

Oh…does that mean that the Yondaime is my father?"

"I don't know Kit, it was only a rumor that I heard"

"Wait, you said you were provoked into attacking Konoha, by who?"

"It was a man who smelled like snakes, later, during the fight I heard a Shinobi utter under his breath that he wished Orochimaru was here to help with his snake summons, I later realized it was him who provoked me"

"How did he provoke you?"

"He came to my lair, with a group of shinobi all bearing the Hitae-ate of the leaf, so I assumed that it was an attack on me, I defeated them, and then attacked Konoha. Kit I am sorry for all that I've put you through"

"Kyuubi, umm…can you come out of the shadows so I can see what you look like?"

The Kyuubi waited a moment, and then emerged from the shadows. What Naruto saw took his breath away. Before him stood a woman. She stood at five foot seven inches; she had silky red hair down to her chest, and was put into nine ponytails at he back. M She was dressed in the most beautiful kimono he had ever seen. It was pale gold in color, with nine red fox tails emerging from where her tailbone would be. One tail went straight up her spine; the first pair went around her ribs, and over her un- humanly large breasts. The second pair curled around her ribs and ended over her stomach. The next set curled around her waist, and the last pair went over her thighs.

"Y-y-you're a girl…I thought the "Great Kyuubi" would be male," stammered Naruto.

Kyuubi sighed, "What is it with humans and thinking that anything that is powerful is male? No, I am a female fox, but I chose to take this form to make you more comfortable"

"Okay," smiled Naruto, "thanks"

"Now, Kit, down to the important stuff. That man who beat you senseless with out using hardly any power? I sense great power within him, try to keep on his good side, remember if you die I die too. Also, if you are ever in danger, call, and I will grant you some of my chakra"

"Ok, I'll keep that in mind"

"Now, wake up, that man is watching you"

Naruto awoke with a start. He found himself lying in his own bed. He sat up with a start, "how did I get here?" he thought.

"Naruto, glad to see that you have regained consciousness. I would like to apologize, as I never meant to use that much force on you," said Yamato quietly.

"Hey…you're the guy who I was fighting, who are you? How do you know my name? What village are you from? Did you bring me back here?" shouted Naruto.

"I am Tsurugi Yamato, I was watching you train for a few hours, I am from Kazegakure no Sato (Village Hidden in the Wind), and yes, I carried you here," said Yamato.

"Why were you watching me train?"

"I am looking for a student or two to take on, to teach them my kenjutsu style Dragon Style, or one of the variants, as there are many variations, like the Inferno Dragon style, or the Freezing Dragon Style, which combine different elemental Justus with the kenjutsu style"

"So, do you want me to be your student? Huh? Huh?" asked Naruto quickly.

"Yes Naruto, I do wish to take you as my student, but I will also take another to come with us, so you will have a sparing partner. Now, quickly pack your things, and I will return tomorrow for you"

"Hai Yamato-Sensei"

With that, Yamato disappeared in a rustle of leaves and Naruto began to pack.

There, that is the first chapter of my new story, "Brothers of the Blade". If you like it, please read and review. Constructive criticism welcomed, as well as any plot ideas (even though I might not use them). I'll try to update as soon as I can. Also, if any of the characters seem OOC, please, tell me.