Brothers of the Blade

By: Ferahgo

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"Kenjutsu Moves"

"Kyuubi Talking"

Last time…

"Ready to go boys?" asked Yamato.

"Hai Yamato-sensei!" shouted the two boys in unison.

"Turn around, and take a good look at Konoha, as it's the last time you'll see it for a while"

Naruto and Sasuke both turned to look at the village. After a few minutes, they turned and looked at each other, then nodded.

"We're ready," said Sasuke for the both of them.

"Good, then we're off!" shouted Yamato, running down the path leading away from the gate and Konoha. Naruto and Sasuke both turned to look at each other, and after a few seconds, turned and ran full speed after Yamato, each genin intent on out lasting the other.


It was about noontime, and Sasuke and Naruto were still racing to see who could catch up with their sensei first, who had stopped about 500 meters away. Yamato turned to watch his students charging towards him. He smirked; the two were both dead even. The simultaneously put on a last burst of speed, and reached Yamato at the exact same time, speeding by him. After the two boys brain's registered that they had caught up to their sensei, they immediately started to slow down, but then their brain's went into 'ha-ha-I-beat-you-mode'.

"Haha teme," shouted Naruto, "I beat you by a mile!"

"You wish Dobe, I beat you bad!" yelled Sasuke.

"I won!" shouted Naruto.

"No, Dobe, you didn't, I did!" said Sasuke coolly.

"I won!" shouted Naruto.

"No I won Dobe'


"No, Me!"


"No Me"

"Enough'; shouted Yamato, who was sick of the bickering, "it was a complete tie! A frigging tie! Now shut up and keep walking"

The trio walked for the rest of the day, stopping at nightfall to make camp for the night. Naruto used Kage Bushin no Jutsu (Art of Shadow Replication), and sent some of the clones out into the forest, each team of clones with a set task. Team one returned with drinking water from a local stream, team two returned with firewood and dry leaves, which Sasuke lit with Katon: Gokakyuu no Jutsu (Fire style: Grand Fireball), and the third team came back with about a half dozen fish, and some green willow twigs to cook the fish on. The clones set up the fish around the fire, saluted to Naruto, glared at Sasuke, and then disappeared.

After about fifteen minutes, Yamato took each fish and chopped it up with his katana. He then gave two fish to Naruto, two to Sasuke, and kept the last two for himself.

The trio dug into their fish with gusto. They wolfed down their fish, and then got out their sleeping bags.

"Sasuke," said Yamato, "you have first watch, I'll take the second watch, so you and Naruto can get a full, un-interrupted sleep, and Naruto, you can take third watch"

"Hai sensei," said Sasuke.

"Sure Yamato-sensei!" said Naruto enthusiastically.

"Boys come here," said Yamato, pulling some things out form within his bag and throwing them to Naruto and Sasuke, "these are training weights my family uses…put them on"

Sasuke and Naruto quickly attached the weights to their wrists and ankles. Yamato formed several hand seals, and Naruto and Sasuke both visibly sagged.

"Yamato-sensei, how, how, how much do these weigh?" asked Naruto, who was struggling to keep himself up.

"Each weight is exactly twenty pounds each, so the two of you are both wearing about eighty pounds, which will increase over time," said Yamato with a grin on his face.

"Eighty pounds!" shouted both boys.

"Yes, eighty pounds, that's what I said wasn't it? I could have started you with around four hundred pounds like some trainers do (A/N I hate authors that do that, they start a six-year old Naruto with like six hundred pounds, its so un realistic)"

"Thank you Yamato-sensei," said both boys, who were now feeling very grateful.

"You're welcome, now, Sasuke, its your turn for watch. Naruto, you and I will sleep now. Sasuke, I'll come and tell you when your watch is up, and I'll wake you Naruto when it's your time to get up, now, goodnight," said Yamato, who then into his sleeping bag, which Naruto then mimicked.

Sasuke sat down between the gently crackling fire, deep in thought.

"I wonder what kind of techniques and jutsu he'll teach me?" wondered Sasuke, "I've only seen two moves from the entire style, the technique that ignites the blade, and the Dragons Breath technique. But more importantly, I must learn more about Itachi from him! Where did they meet? And what was this deed my brother did?"

Suddenly, Sasuke felt a hand on his shoulder. Instinctively, he reached for his kunai holster, but a firm hand stopped him. He looked up to see Yamato's face above him.

"Sasuke, your watch is over now, go get some rest," said Yamato.

Sasuke silently got up, and walked over to where his sleeping bag was rolled out. He climbed into it and immediately was taken by sleep.

Yamato then took Sasuke's place near the fire. He prodded the burning wood for a few minutes with a stick, looking into the bright orange flames. He then took out his black-sheathed katana. With one quick, fluid motion, he drew the blade from the sheath, and set the sheath beside him. He withdrew a piece of green cloth from behind his cloak and began to clean his sword. The sword in question was a true beauty of a sword. The total length was exactly four feet, or forty-eight inches long, which was around nine inches longer than the average katana. The blade was exactly thirty-nine inches, while the hilt was nine inches. The blade was pure steel, and as sharp as the day it was forged. The blade reflected the moonlight, and Yamato looked at his face reflected in the blade. Etched in to the blade, in an incredibly amazing work of craftsmanship, was a dragon that flowed up the blade, being about four inches long, and black on the gray steel. The dragon also had small details etched into it in red. The hand-guard was black, with a dragon circled around the blade. The hilt was black, with a red grip. The end of the hilt was black, with a red stone set in the middle.

Yamato gave the blade a few quick wipes with his cloth. He stared at the dragon etched into his sword, and memories flooded his mind. The clanging of steel on steel, laughter, happiness, joy, triumph, then failure, sorrow, and despair.

"Damn that Uchiha-teme," thought Yamato angrily, "damn him, damn him, damn him! I will train Naruto and Sasuke to the highest level, and then the can exact their own revenge against the people who hurt them, and in doing so, they will aide me in my own!"

"They will both be excellent Kenjutsu masters, they will rip through their enemies like paper. They will be bringers of destruction," whispered Yamato.

Yamato then sunk into a state of meditation, emerging when it was Naruto's turn for watch.

"Naruto," whispered Yamato, "It's your watch now"

"Wha…oh, ok," said Naruto, rubbing the sleep out of his eyes and getting out of his sleeping bag.

Yamato went over to his sleeping bag and climbed inside. He lay there with his eyes closed, but not actually sleeping. As a Jounin, he could go at least a couple of days without sleep. Naruto seated himself near the fire, and threw a couple of sticks on the fire,

"I can't wait until we get where ever we're going," thought Naruto eagerly, "I want to learn some cool new jutsu and how to use a katana like Yamato-sensei does! But most of all, I want to pound Sasuke-teme into the ground!"

"Hey Kit!"

"Kyuubi, is that you?" said Naruto, slightly confused.

"Yes kit, it's me. I have decided to help you in your training along with your new sensei. I'll teach you some demonic jutsu," said Kyuubi, in Naruto's mind.

"ALRIGHT!" shouted Naruto, incredibly happy at the prospect of learning some new jutsu.

"Kit, kit, stop talking out loud! If you think it, I'll be able to hear you. So stop shouting!"

"Sorry Kyuubi," thought Naruto.

"Good. Now kit, the demonic Jutsu I'll teach you tonight is called 'Demonic Soul Eye'. It will allow you to see the emotions of the people around you-"

"Aww, but I wanna learn a combat Jutsu," whined Naruto.

"It will allow you to see the emotions of the people around you," growled Kyuubi, annoyed that he had interrupted her, "a useful tool during interrogations, or diplomatic situations. Each person, unless they are dead, with have an aura around them when you look at them with this Jutsu. The aura, depending on what the target is feeling, will be a different color, and the strength of the emotion will determine the size. For example, Yellow is happiness and joy. Black is despair. Red is anger, and vengeance. However, in order to use these demonic Jutsu, you'll need some of my demonic chakra, so ask and I will provide you some, now, hand seals,"

The Kyuubi sent the mental pictures of the demonic hand seals to Naruto's mind.

"Now, look to your teammate and Sensei, try to see what they are feeling"

Naruto preformed the two required hand seals, and whispered "Demonic Soul Eye". He turned to Sasuke, and saw that Sasuke was surrounded by a faint gray aura.

"Kyuubi, what is gray?"

"Gray? Gray is fear"

"Ah, ok, thanks"

Naruto figured that Sasuke was having a nightmare. He turned to Yamato, and gasped at what he saw. Yamato was surrounded by a brilliant red aura that extended a few feet away from him.

"Jeez, I wonder what Yamato-sensei is mad at…"

"Kit, I have no idea. Now, I think it's time to increase your education about your own world, so I'm going to teach you some stuff"

"Like what?"

"Like the countries, their shinobi villages, their Kages, and some other stuff you will find useful"

So, for the next three hours, Naruto learned about the shinobi world.

Three hours later, Naruto's head was still buzzing from all of the information that Kyuubi had packed into his head, as he woke Sasuke and Yamato. They got up, ate some breakfast, and then got on the road again. They moved at a slower pace then the day before due to the extra eighty pounds each boy was wearing. Yamato had them jog up ahead of him for a few minutes, and then walk for a while, to get them used to their weights. They did this all day until they reached a small village, where they checked into the local inn for the night.

In the village, Yamato took Naruto and Sasuke to clothing stall and bought them new cloths. For Naruto, to get rid of that horrid orange jumpsuit, he bought him an orange sleeveless t-shirt, a pair of black pants with cargo pockets for extra scrolls and equipment, a pair of black, plate forearm guards (like the one's the ANBU wear), a pair of black sandals, a pair of black fingerless gloves with an orange Uzumaki spiral on them, and a floor-length black vest with another Uzumaki spiral on the back.

For Sasuke, he left the navy blue shirt, and bought him a pair of black cargo shorts, black sandals, black forearm guards with blue lining (the same ones he's wearing, except the white is now black), and the same vest that he bought Naruto, except this one had an Uchiha fan on it.

"There you go," said Yamato to the shopkeeper, handing him the large amount of money.

"Thank you," said the shopkeeper.

"Thank you Yamato-sensei," said Naruto and Sasuke, who were wearing their new clothes.

"You're welcome," said Yamato.

"Sensei, how far is it to…where was it? Kazegakure?" asked Naruto.

"We'll be there tomorrow night, and we'll be staying at my family home"

"Cool!" shouted Naruto.

"And at my family home, you two will get your blades," said Yamato.

"ALRIGHT!" yelled Naruto.

"Excellent," said Sasuke, grinning.

They returned to their inn room, to rest for the next days travel. Naruto could barely get to sleep, for excitement at the prospect of receiving his sword. Eventually, fatigue took him and he slept peacefully through the night.

The next morning, they got up bright and early, ate a light breakfast, and got back on the road. Yamato decided to make it easy on Sasuke and Naruto (or so he thought), and told them to do a light jog for the whole day for training. This was hell for Naruto and Sasuke. They would jog for an hour, then walk for fifteen minutes, then jog for an hour, and so on. This wouldn't have been that bad, except for the fact that they were each wearing an extra eighty pounds! By mid afternoon they couldn't move, so Yamato allowed them to remove their weights and walk. Naruto and Sasuke found that they were much faster now, and that they had a lot more muscle mass.

They arrived before the large gates of Kazegakure around mid evening. Yamato turned to face his students with a grim look on his face.

"Sasuke, Naruto, before we enter, I must warn you. Due to a certain event in the history of this village, this won't be anything like Konoha, or any other shinobi village," said Yamato grimly, "are you ready?"

"Uh…sure…" said Naruto, worry creeping into his normally cheerful voice, and there was a nervous look written on his face.

"Sure," said Sasuke, with the same look on his face.

"Okay," said Yamato, who then turned back to the gates, opened them, and beckoning Naruto and Sasuke to follow him.

Naruto and Sasuke entered Kazegakure with a worried look on their faces. But after a few minutes of walking through the village, the look left their faces.

"This isn't any different from Konoha," thought both boys, "there aren't any hideous monsters running around in the village, why did Yamato-sensei say it would be different?"

They followed Yamato through the empty streets, until they stopped in front of a large property surrounded by forest. There were trees everywhere, but no house.

"Kai (dispel)," said Yamato calmly, forming the tiger seal.

With the dismissal of the Genjutsu, a large mansion appeared in the trees. Both Sasuke and Naruto gasped; for Sasuke, it was because this mansion was bigger than the Hyuuga complex, which was the biggest property in Konoha, for Naruto, it was simply because he had never seen a house this big before in his life.

The two boys followed Yamato into the mansion through the front doors. When they reached the front lobby, Naruto's curiosity got the better of him.

"Yamato-sensei! Why did you say that this village is different than Konoha and the other hidden villages? It doesn't look any different than Konoha!" shouted/asked Naruto.

"Naruto, didn't you notice the lack of people on your way here?" said Yamato bitterly.

Now that Naruto and Sasuke took a moment to think about, they remembered only seeing a few people on their way here.

"Didn't the two of you notice the absence of Chuunin guards at the front gate?" said Yamato, still talking in that same bitter tone.

Again, Naruto and Sasuke both realized that they hadn't even seen any shinobi on their way here, in a hidden village.

"Why are their practically no people here, civilian or shinobi?" asked Sasuke, "this is a hidden village, it should be crawling with civilians and shinobi, but it isn't. So far, there have been a couple of civilians and no shinobi. What happened to them?"

"The reason for that Sasuke," began Yamato, "is because two years ago, almost the entire population of this village, was completely wiped out"

The effect of this news on Naruto and Sasuke was instantly shown on their faces.

"WHAT! H-h-how, how did this happen!" shouted Naruto, a look of shock dominating his face.

"Well, two years ago, a group consisting of nine S-ranked Nukenin attacked our village. They were searching for something, or the wear about of that something. The villagers didn't want them to find this something, so they tried to stop them, shinobi and civilians alike. These criminals were after this villages treasure, its most sacred possession. The criminals slaughtered every single person that got in their way, be it shinobi, or civilian. Only a few people, some of which you saw on the way here, survived the attack. At the time, I was a newly promoted Jounin, and was away on a team mission with some other Jounin. We returned to find the village in ruins. I rushed to my home, and found that every single member of my clan lay dead, his or her corps' piled up in the foyer of my home. Sound familiar Sasuke?"

During the end of Yamato's tale of the destruction of his own village, Sasuke stood in a daze, as he was reliving some painful memories from his past.


There was Itachi, his older brother, standing over the bodies of his slain mother and father, his ANBU katana stained with his own family's blood.

"Why brother?" screamed a seven year old Sasuke, tears in his eyes, "why did you kill everyone!"

"Because, little brother, I needed to gauge my strength and power, and by killing my own clan, only leaving you, I have done so," said Itachi darkly, "now, Tsukiyomi (Grasping Moon!"

Instantly, Sasuke was transferred to the world of the Tsukiyomi.

"Now, little brother, I will force you to watch the death of our clan, for three full days!"

And so he did. Sasuke was forced to watch and re-watch the demise of his clan over and over again, for seventy-two hours straight, before he was released from the Tsukiyomi world.

In reality, only three seconds had passed in the real world. Quickly, Itachi leapt to the window, and turned to Sasuke.

"Remember little brother, hate me, seek revenge upon me, do anything to gain power, hunt me down, and hate me," said Itachi, who then leaped out of the window and was gone.

Sasuke still stood in his shocked state. His older brothers words still echoing in his head, burning themselves into his mind.


Those words to this day are still etched into Sasuke's mind, even five years later.

"Who were these people who did this?" asked Naruto, "did you ever find them Yamato-sensei?"

"Yes Naruto, I did. After I saw what had happened, I immediately stormed out of the village, hell bent on making whoever did this pay dearly. By following rumors and small bits of information, I tracked down a pair of the criminals. I waited until the two separated, and then I attacked! I was winning with my superior strength and speed, and I was about to land the killing blow, when his partner showed up, and stopped me from landing my blow. I then fled, knowing full well that I couldn't beat the two of them together, and I went back to the village"

By then Sasuke had a shocked look on his face, because he remembered something that Yamato had told his during their previous fight, when they first met.

"That was Itachi wasn't it?" stammered Sasuke, "he wiped out this village with those other criminals you mentioned didn't he?"

"Yes Sasuke, he did. Uchiha Itachi once again wiped out another entire clan save one member, mine! For this I will always hate him. But, putting it aside for now, I want to give you a tour of my home"

So, for the next half hour, Yamato showed his two students his incredibly large home. He showed them the enormous kitchen, with its many cupboards, stoves, ovens and counter space, the large dining room, which had about two fifty foot tables in it, the library, with many racks of scrolls, and floor-to-ceiling bookshelves that contained many an ancient tomes, several large tables and some couches and arm chairs, the main room, which was a large room with couches, and chairs, and a piano, and the many bathrooms scattered about the house. He also showed them the large indoor dojo, and the outdoor training grounds. The whole top of the floor was dedicated to the sleeping quarters of the house. There were so many bedrooms, single rooms, double rooms, ect.

Yamato told the two Genin to each pick a room, to set up their stuff, and then find their way back to the main room. They stored their stuff in each of their rooms, and tried to make it back to the main room, but they got lost several times. Eventually they got to the main room, where they found Yamato sitting on an armchair, reading to be what looked like to be a mission scroll.

"Ah, so you two finally made it," said Yamato, his eyes not looking up from the scroll.

"Yamato-sensei, is that a mission scroll?" asked Sasuke.

"Ah, good eye Sasuke, yes, it is a mission scroll"

"But Yamato-sensei, I thought that you told us the villages shinobi were all wiped out, how do you do missions?" asked Naruto.

"Do you remember how I said that I returned with a group of Jounin? Well, we, along with the remaining civilians cleaned up and repaired most of the village. We then found a wondering group of Chuunin and Genin who were wounded in the battle and had managed to escape. We then re-organized the village, and started taking a few missions again, and after a few months we stabilized the village. The shinobi had income, which meant that the villagers had some income, which would be spent at other villager's shops. Due to the lack of population, we practically only have one of each kind of store, one weapons shop, one tailor, one restaurant, ect," said Yamato, putting the scroll away.

"Will we be doing any missions while we're here and not those boring D class missions?" asked Sasuke, with a hint of eagerness in his voice.

"Yes Sasuke, after a few weeks of training, and after you earn to use your weapons properly, we'll be taking some C and maybe a low B class missions, where you'll get some real life battle training," said Yamato, "now, both of you follow me"

Yamato then arose from his chair, and led the two boys over to a seemingly blank stonewall. Biting his thumb, and drawing blood, he wiped the blood on a darker part of the stone. Upon the blood touching it, the part of the wall receded to reveal a stone staircase leading into a dark, damp looking room.

Yamato strode down the stairwell, Sasuke and Naruto following after him. They reached the bottom, to see Yamato lighting a few small lamps. Naruto and Sasuke gasped, they were in a bedroom-sized room, but there were about ten passages leading out of the room.

"Yamato-sensei, what's all of this?" asked Naruto.

"This boys, is the hidden part of my family home. Consider yourselves lucky, not many non-clan members have ever seen these rooms before. Before I tell you what all of these rooms are for, you need to know some of my clan's history first. Long ago, about a hundred and fifty years ago, my clan formed this village, Kazegakure. We were a clan of samurai turned into shinobi. We are a divided clan, but not like the Hyuuga of Konoha, with their Main and Branch houses. At the age of seven, this villages Academy entrance age, the children of this clan are given the chance to enter the academy or not. If they choose to enter the Academy, they begin their training in one of the clan's Kenjutsu styles of their choice, on top of their Academy training. However, if they choose not to enter the Academy, they began to train as blacksmiths. They were instructed in how to make kunai, all manners of shuriken, katana, zanbatos, and all types of shinobi weapons, which they supplied the shinobi part of the family, and sold in our large shop in the village. However, after a few years of this, they were instructed in how to make the special swords used in the clan's Kenjutsu. Katanas, for Dragon Style, Wakizashi for Inferno Dragon Style, Long swords for Freezing Dragon Style, Zanbatos for Shocking Dragon Style, and Tantos for Shadow Dragon Style. These special swords look like very basic swords at first, but they have a special power, but I wont tell you what it is, you'll have to find out yourself."

"What are all of these rooms for?"

"Each of these rooms has its own purpose, whether it be to melt steel, pouring the steel into molds, or sharpening the steel," said Yamato.

Yamato then led Sasuke and Naruto into a different room, this one with a steel dragon above the door. The room, except for the wall that held the door, was completely covered in swords.

"Naruto, go, pick one," said Yamato quietly.

Naruto hesitantly walked over to the wall, while Yamato and Sasuke hovered in the doorway. Naruto stared mat the wall, looking each of the swords over. After a few seconds, he reached out and grabbed the hilt of a sword.

Upon Naruto's hand touching the hilt of the sword, there was a brilliant flash of light, which left Naruto and Sasuke momentarily blinded.

"Naruto," said Yamato, "bring that one hear"

Naruto took the sword of the hooks set into the wall, and, still slightly blinded, took it over to Yamato.

"Hey, wait, it looks a little different…" said Naruto slowly, his vision returning, as he handed the sword to Yamato.

"Exactly," said Yamato, drawing the sword in a flash.

Sasuke and Yamato gasped, and Yamato grinned; the basic looking sword wasn't so basic looking any more.

The blade, which was pure steel, had a silver tint to it and glimmered in the candlelight. There was an orange nine-tailed fox running up the first four inches of the blade, with small details etched in black. The guard was black, with a ying-yang etched into it. The hilt was black, with an orange grip to it, and an Uzumaki spiral on the hilt. On the black sheath, there was an Uzumaki spiral and orange designs twisting around the first ten inches.

"Whoa…" said Naruto and Sasuke in unison.

"Naruto, this sword is yours now. It is completely customized for you, and no-one else can use it," said Yamato, "this is what our family is famous for, its sword forging skills"

Yamato then led Sasuke and Naruto back the way they came, and into a different room, where pairs of Wakizashi hung on hooks set into the cold, stone walls. With a nod from Yamato, Sasuke walked over to the wall and picked up a pair of the swords.

Once, again, there was a brilliant flash of light, and Sasuke brought both swords over to Yamato, who, with a grin, drew them.

The two Wakizashi's blades were black as a moonless night, and sharp as a razor. There was a red eye at the bottom, near the hilts, that had three tomotoes circling around a black pupil; a full, normal Sharingan eye. The hilts were black, with a red grip, the colors the inverse of Yamato's. Finally, there was an Uchiha fan at the bottom of the hilts, as well as on the two black sheaths, which were also trimmed with red.

"There you two, you have your blades. They will always be with you, so take care of them; they are yours and only yours. Now, off to bed as we begin training tomorrow"

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