Notes: After a strange discussion with my family, I'm writing a Katamari Damacy fic. What do you know? On obvious terms, I don't own the rights to KD so what ever. A humor fic. POV of random guy in the city.

DAY 1: Today started off normal enough. I was walking around the park with my cat, Tony, just enjoying the day. Though while I was at the park I saw this weird little bumpy ball roll by. A tiny green man was pushing it. I thought I was seeing things but no, it was real. I immediately left the park afterwards.

DAY 2: I finally had the guts to go back to the park and there he was again. Plus, this time his ball was larger and all sorts of stuff stuck to it. Must be using crazy glue. He rammed into me a couple times. I'm not sure but I think he was trying to stick me to the ball. How weird.

DAY 3: I was at work when I saw something pretty large roll by the window. I looked out there and I saw that little green man AGAIN! His ball was enormous now. Almost 3 meters in diameter I suspect. I avoided going close to him sense I saw that there were other people attached to him and…Tony! My poor cat was stuck to the ball being smothered by all sorts of things. Though I was too afraid to go save him so I guess bye Tony.

DAY 4: My car was gone! I didn't know where it went and then I saw it. That little green man had picked it up with that accursed ball! He was ripping plants and things from people's lawns as he rolled his ball on. I got my first good look at his face and he looked very stressed. It must be hard for a guy who is hardly a centimeter high to push a ball that large. After a minute of marveling at his massive sphere, I ran inside in fear of joining it.

DAY 5: Terror has taken over the city. And what, you ask, is causing all the chaos? That little green man and his humongous ball of stuff, that's what! I'm homeless now, thanks to him and that damn ball. I've been tempted to just run over there and step on him but the thought of joining every one on that ball is enough to send Superman into hiding. The little green man showed no remorse though. He just kept shoving that monstrosity around.

DAY 6: Curses! I am one of the few left untouched by that…that THING! I keep waiting for the little man to tire out but he just keeps going! I don't know how I'm still alive. That sphere has to be at least one thousand meters in diameter! Oh, what am I to do?

DAY 7: I gave up and now I'm stuck to this ball. The short while that you're on the surface is pretty painful but once something gets attached to you it's not so bad. I've got to thinking while I'm stuck here. Why is he collecting all these things? What's his plan for us?

DAY 8: It seems like he's finally finished rolling us sense we suddenly came to a stop. I hear a man talking but through everything atop me I can't understand it. Oh, and on a brighter note, I found Tony alive and well. At least something good has come of this. I wonder, what is going to happen to us?

Epilogue: The man and other things joined many other wads of garbage as a star. We're not sure, but we suspect it was a painful process. After all, stars are flaming balls of gas.


( Short and kind of odd but hey! It's funny!)